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29 Amazing Ideas to Decorate Your Front Porch for Christmas

You’re going to love these simple and festive ideas to decorate your front porch for Christmas: the first place your guests will see!

We’ve got a confession…

The very first place we ever decorate for any season or holiday?

It’s our front porches.


It’s the very first place anyone ever sees!

Even if they never make it inside our homes, people will see our front porches.

So if we have our porch looking festive, people assume the rest of our house is decorated too!

Because in real life?

Sometimes it takes us a little longer to get the rest of our homes looking festive.

After all, the holiday season is busy!

We’ve both got multiple family birthdays, then there’s Thanksgiving, and don’t forget regular day-to-day life.

Even though we’re decor bloggers who are supposed to be on top of our decorating game, sometimes we’re running behind.


If our front porch or entry is decorated?


It’s almost like everything is festive, right?

Today, we’ve teamed up with some of our favorite bloggers to share tips, tricks, and ideas for decorating your front porch for Christmas!

You’ll find ideas that make you smile.

Tips that save you money.

And inspiration to get your front porch and entry looking amazing!

This is day 2 of the 10 Days of Christmas.

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10 Days of Christmas

Decorating My Porch For Christmas | Cottage on Bunker Hill

A front porch decorated for Christmas with a tree and sled covered in twinkle lights at night time.

Have you ever found something special that sparked your creativity?

That’s exactly what happened when Jen from Cottage on Bunker Hill found an adorable retro-inspired sign.

She hung the sign on her porch and then used it to inspire a non-traditional Christmas color scheme.

These changes gave her porch a completely new vibe, and she’s sharing all her budget-friendly tips.

Learn how to give a space a brand new look for less this year!

3 Easy Ways to Create a Simple Christmas Porch | Cottage in the Mitten

Making your front porch look festive for Christmas doesn’t have to be a lot of work.

Kim from Cottage in the Mitten is sharing how she used simple items to give her porch a Christmasy vibe with a traditional red and green color scheme.

Not only does she add some tree farm vibes, she also makes sure all her guests feel welcome from the moment they arrive.

Have you ever tried wrapping your door to look like a package?

Kim’s got all the tricks to get this look, even if your door is wider than most wrapping paper!

5 Christmas Farmhouse Porch Ideas | The Ponds Farmhouse

If you love the modern farmhouse style, then you’re going to adore our friend Rachel’s home!

No matter the season, her front porch is stunning.

But at Christmas?

Well, it truly shines!

Rachel is sharing all her secrets for getting that modern farmhouse look on your porch for Christmas.

Wait until you see her hack for hanging garland, her gorgeous porch swing, and her tip to get the perfect mood with lighting!

Creating a Welcoming Christmas | Robyn’s French Nest

Our friend Robyn lives in Florida and she and her husband have worked hard togive their builder-grade home so much old world charm.

Robyn has such a giving heart and knows how to make everyone she meets feel so special!

So naturally, it’s important to her to give her home a welcoming feeling during the holidays, starting at her front door.

You’re going to love her tips that you can incorporate into your decorating this Christmas!

Holiday Home Tour: Entryway, Living Room, and Dining Room | She Gave it a Go

If you love natural-looking Christmas decor with lots of greenery and texture, then Brendt is the girl for you!

She has a knack for making her home so cozy and inviting for the holidays.

You’ll learn how to get her look without breaking the bank as she shows you around her entryway and living room.

We love how she mixes modern and vintage pieces for a really organic style.

Christmas On Our Steps: An Evening Tour | The Tattered Pew

Do you love driving around and looking at Christmas lights?

So do we!

Our friend Kelly is giving you a peek at how she lit up her home for the holidays.

Who knew you’d get to take a little trip to Colorado today?

We’re absolutely loving all her fresh greenery, wreaths, and trees!

Plus how she incorporated her signature plaids in a fun way to create an inviting front porch.

Classic Red and White Outdoor Decor | Thistlewood Farms

Our friend KariAnne is proof that you can, in fact, go home again!

She moved into her childhood home and we love hearing the stories about her house as she makes it her own.

But Christmas is all about tradition, and she’s sharing how she recreated the way her house looked when she was growing up.

Her classic red and white color scheme is so cheerful!

And nostalgic.

She’s got a few Christmas decorating tricks up her sleeves that you’re gonna love!

7 Easy and Festive Ideas to Decorate a Small Porch for Christmas | Simply2Moms

We’re partial to classic Christmas colors when we decorate our homes.

With lots of neutrals and greenery so it doesn’t feel like a Christmas tree exploded! LOL

AnnMarie is sharing how she mixed some new pieces with some vintage classics from her youth.

Somehow our old stuff all qualifies as vintage now…

Whether you have a large or small porch, you’re going to love her tips for getting a classic Christmasy look to welcome visitors and dress up your home for the holidays.

Winter Gardening With Outdoor Planters for the Front Porch | Stacy Ling of Bricks’n’Blooms

Do you want to learn an affordable way to dress up your front porch for Christmas?

Look no further!

Stacy, our friend who happens to be a master gardener, is sharing all her insider tricks for creating a stunning winter garden container.

We love that you can dress them up with some Christmasy details like red berries, then strip them down to just the greenery for something that looks awesome through winter.

Her hack for making them last is genius!

More Outdoor Christmas Decorating Inspiration

Love decorating the outside of your home for Christmas? Check out these simple ideas from Simply2Moms to dress up your home this holiday season.

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