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How to Repair Old Christmas Window Swags

Do you have outdoor holiday decor that has seen better days? Learn how to repair old Christmas window swags in just a few minutes.

I’ve always loved the look of wreaths or swags with a simple candle in each window at Christmas time.

Is there anything more classic?

If I’m being honest I really love wreaths but they’ve got to be hung from the top of the window from a ribbon!

Well at least that’s the only way I love them. LOL

Since our current house doesn’t have double hung windows a wreath wouldn’t be as easy to hang as a window swag.

And since I’m all about easy…window swags are what we’ve done for the past 12 years on our home.

But ours have seen better days!

I mean seriously it’s been 12 years!

So this year I finally decided to repair them.

Let’s Fix this Old Christmas Window Swag

window swag made of greenery and berries laying on wood table burlap bow on bottom of swag

See I told you my window swags were looking a bit rough!

A few years ago I replaced the red velvet ribbon that came on the swags when I bought them with a burlap bow.

And they looked great for a while until they didn’t!

So I made new bows this year. Be sure to read to the end to see them!

I also shared step by step instructions for how to make super easy Christmas bows here.

hand holding faux berry stem next to window swag

The first thing I did was remove all the loose pieces on the window swags.

The red berry stems had a wire end on them so I simply secured the stem back onto the greenery.

two faux leaves on wood table next to greenery with berries

The faux leaves that were mixed in the greenery were loose and some were falling out.

They add some different texture to the usual Christmas greens so I wanted to reuse them.

hand holding faux leaf with spool of floral wire on wood table

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So, I just grabbed my spool of floral wire to fix the leaves!

I use floral wire for so many craft projects or repairs so it’s always a great thing to have around.

After cutting a piece of floral wire I just pushed it through the faux leaf.

Ok so maybe I didn’t just push it through…it needed a good shove to get it through but that’s a good thing right…then it won’t rip!

hand attaching faux leaf onto window swag

Next, I wrapped the floral wire snuggly around one of the points on the window swag.

hand holding floral wire around Christmas window swag laying on wood table

I made new bows for the window swags since the burlap bows had seen better days.

I used floral wire on the new bows and left it long enough so I could easily attach the bow to the middle of the widow swags.

Then I fluffed the greenery and boom….it’s ready to be hung on the window!

christmas window swag with berries and a big bow in middle laying on wood table

Isn’t that ribbon so pretty?

I’m really drawn to plaids this year…maybe I’ll need to add more next year!

I love this updated plaid in classic colors of black and red.

Beautiful “New” Christmas Window Swags

holiday greenery hanging on bottom of windows on house

I’d love to get new window swags but when I priced them they were more than I wanted to spend.

I’m so happy I was able to give these old guys new life without spending a fortune.

I was able to repair all 13 window swags for the cost of a couple rolls of wired ribbon.

christmas greenery hanging outside of window on house with stone

Now that’s a budget-friendly repair!

Have you done any fixer upper projects on old Christmas decor?

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