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How to Make a Farmhouse Coat Rack in 5 Simple Steps

Easy to follow steps to make your own simple DIY farmhouse coat rack. Rustic name slot hooks and a stained board easily go together to create this coat rack.

farmhouse coat rack hung on wall in bedroom

I have a long list of project goals this year. 

Some are bigger projects but…

Some are small like this simple DIY farmhouse coat rack! 

I’ve been looking for a row of hooks for my son’s room for a while now but haven’t found anything I love. And since I wasn’t in a rush I figured I’d get one when I found what I really liked.

While he’s away at college his room is also used as a guest room. When we had family here for Thanksgiving I realized that we really needed someplace our guests could hang a bag, coat, towel, or whatever. 

My other son’s bedroom has a fun coat rack but I just couldn’t find another I liked so…

Why not make my own farmhouse coat rack?

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1. How Do I Make a Farmhouse Coat Rack

I was hoping to use a piece of scrap wood we had left from my daughter’s pallet wood headboard project but they were a bit too small.

So off to Lowes Home Improvement I went to grab a 1in x 6in x 6ft whitewood board for around $6. 

lumber aisle at home improvement store

The nice employee at the store even cut the board for me to the length I wanted, which was 34″. 

Super easy!  

2. How Do You Stain Your DIY Coat Rack Board

I quickly sanded the board’s edges by hand so they weren’t as severe.

hand with sand paper sanding edge of wood board

And then the fun part…


I stained the board with Minwax stain in espresso I had on hand from previous projects…

can of minwax stain sitting on wood board

I like to use old t-shirts when staining. 

They are soft & lint-free so perfect for applying the stain. 

I quickly added a coat of the espresso stain and wiped off the excess since I didn’t want a solid color as I was going for a more rustic look.

staining wood board with tshirt rag

After staining with the espresso I decided to add a second stain color in gray which adds some more dimension to the board.

close up of stained board with two colors of stain

Can you see how adding the gray stain over the espresso added some more depth?

Just love how it looks!

3. How To Attach the Farmhouse Style Name Slot Hooks

I had bought the farmhouse name slot hooks on sale at Hobby Lobby. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a link but here are hooks on Etsy that are almost identical to the ones I used.

The hooks I bought didn’t come with any decorative screws so I was able to find these antique brass screws at Lowe’s that match perfectly.

hands with screwdriver screwing decorative farmhouse hook into wood board

First I measured out where I wanted each hook on the board and then I just screwed each one in by hand.

Super Easy!

4. How to Mount a Farmhouse Coat Rack to a Wall

I was able to attach the board right to the wall using wall anchors so that it would be super-duper secure.

close up of mounting coat rack to wall with screws and anchors

Since we didn’t want to mess with cutting keyhole hangers in the back of the coat rack I was happy that we were able to put the screws in the middle of the name slot which would get covered in the next step.


5. Making Name Cards for the Slot Hooks

Using my computer & printer made easy work of creating name cards for the name slot hooks.

name tags on paper trimmer

I used the Bradley Hand font and printed the words out on white card stock.

Then just trimmed each label to size for the slots.

I wasn’t super creative with the names I used for the hooks. 


But really you could label each hook with whatever you choose.

view of farmhouse coat rack in bedroom

This farmhouse style coat rack is the perfect addition to our son’s bedroom.

The total cost for this project was only $16.

  • whitewood board $6
  • decorative screws $2
  • name slot hooks $2 x 4 = $8
  • stain, anchors, and other supplies I already had on hand

A simple DIY project in 5 easy steps!

Who couldn’t use an extra row of hooks?

This coat rack can be used in the bedroom, bathroom, mudroom, laundry room, office or closet…the possibilities are endless.

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