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How to Install Wireless Wall Sconces in 4 Easy Steps

Learn how to add wireless wall sconces to your home in under an hour. No hardwiring is required for this simple DIY project.

Would you like to add charm and ambiance to your home?

Well, one way to do that is to add lighting!

You can add overhead lighting, lamps, floor lights, or even wall sconces.

And wall sconces look amazing in so many areas of the home.

Hang a wall light over a doorway.

Or above a piece of wall art.

A pair of sconces would look beautiful on either side of a mirror.

Maybe hung above your nightstand next to your bed to free up space on your bedside table.

Or what about a group of wall sconces over a gallery wall?

That’s exactly what I did in our family room and I just love the results.

Wait until you see how I did it!

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How to Add Lighting without Cords or Plugs

close up  side view of 3 wall sconces hung on wall

You may not always have an electrical source to install lights on the wall above a gallery wall.

I didn’t!

So what do you do if you don’t have electricity on the wall you want to hang your wall sconce like me?

Or you don’t want a plugin cord dangling out from your sconce?

No worries!

I have a simple answer for you!!

Now you can add a wall sconce anywhere without hardwiring or unsightly cords to plugin with this amazing trick I’ve learned.

Where to Hang Wall Mounted Lights

view of family room with stone fireplace on one wall with windows on either side. adjacent wall has canvas gallery with 3 wireless wall sconces above

I recently created a gallery wall with large canvas photo prints in our family room.

Lighting above the canvases accents the photo wall display with a modern farmhouse vibe.

They also add height to the canvas prints hung in a grid on this tall wall.

These industrial-style swing arm wall mount lights were a perfect choice to complete the gallery wall.

close up of canvas gallery wall with wireless wall sconces above

I didn’t want to pay big bucks to have an electrician hardwire the three wall-mounted lights in our family room.

Instead, of hardwiring the wall sconces I used a “magic light trick” to install them.

I originally heard about this lighting hack from Brooke with Nesting with Grace.

And guess what?

It worked like a charm!

How to Install Wireless Wall Sconces

Follow these four easy steps to add wall-mounted light anywhere in your home in under an hour.

1. Purchase LED Puck Lights

view of package of led puck light

I bought these LED puck lights on Amazon because they were highly rated and recommended by several bloggers including Brooke from Nesting with Grace.

Sorry for the crummy photo, I forgot to take a picture before opening the package.

I guess I was a little excited to get them installed and complete my project. lol

The lights come in a two-pack so now I have an extra one that I plan to use in a closet.

2. Add Batteries to Wireless Lights

three puck lights opened with batteries shown installed

The LED lights required 3 AA batteries each.

These lights come with a remote control so I can turn them on whenever I want a bit of ambiance in the family room.

But since I won’t be using these as a main source of light in the room the batteries should last quite a while.

3. Attach LED Light Inside Sconce

close up of pvc adaptor glued to led puck light

The puck lights I bought come with adhesive tape to attach the light to whatever surface you’re installing the light.

Unfortunately, the adhesive didn’t work in my lights, so I had to come up with an alternative.

I grabbed a few inexpensive PVC adaptors from Lowe’s Home Improvement to use for plan B.

Just glue the PVC adaptor to the back of the puck light.

I used gorilla glue to be sure it was nice & secure.

Once the glue is dry the adaptor can be screwed into the light just like a lightbulb.

Super easy!

4. Turn the Lights On & Create a Cozy Mood

view of gallery wall with wall sconces looking up an inside lights

The remote control for the puck lights is really helpful especially in my space because the sconces are hung pretty high on the wall above the canvases.

I like that the cone shape of these particular wall-mounted lights is deep and hides the puck lights so you really can’t see them unless you’re right under them.

I love how the new lighting looks above my gallery wall and how simple they were to install.

Now I keep looking around our house to see where else I can add a wall sconce.

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product collage of items needed to install wireless wall mounted lights

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