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Friday Favorites: Amazon Finds to Throw a Super Fun Wine Tasting Party

Host a super fun wine-tasting party with these affordable finds from Amazon. Gather your friends for a fantastic get-together.

We know we say this All. Of. The. Time…

But how is it Friday already…again?

These days are just flying by and we’re wishing they’d slow down just a little bit.

Our college kiddos are officially finished with their fall semesters and home for the holiday break.

AnnMarie and her crew left on a three-night cruise to the Bahamas today.

She can’t wait to get away from it all and enjoy some quality time with her family.

Oh and the warm sunny weather will be amazing too!

How’s the weather where you are?

It’s been really dreary here for like the last two weeks.

If it’s not raining it’s been cloudy and totally yucky.

It’s looked like it’s going to snow but it’s not cold enough for snow yet in North Carolina.

We’re not used to such gloomy weather for so long here in the south and we’ve got to be honest…it’s pretty depressing.

But we’ve been powering through and working hard on the last of our blog content for 2022 as the year winds down.

You aren’t gonna believe how many posts we wrote!

What’s New on the Blog?

AnnMarie started a room makeover right before Halloween and finished in time to host Thanksgiving last month.

It wasn’t the best time for a DIY project but she was determined to get it done.

Wait until you see how she transformed her dining room and updated a traditional look with a little decorative wood trim and paint.

Now she has a modern and sophisticated space she loves!

Several months ago we joined some friends as a guest on a blog series called Thrifting with the Gals.

If you’ve been around a while you know that we love to hit up our local antique mall for an afternoon of hunting for treasures.

We’ve both come to love adding vintage decor to our homes to create a comfortable and unique aesthetic.

Anne shared a look back at all the tricks of the trade from 2022 with all the hosts of Thrifting with the Gals in this blog post you don’t want to miss.

This week is also our virtual supper club and the theme is a wine and cheese party.

We’re sharing it with you early this month so you can host a party of your own for the holidays if you need an idea for a get-together that doesn’t take much time to plan.

AnnMarie shared simple ways to throw a super fun wine tasting party.

Anne was busy in the kitchen making some recipes you’re gonna wanna try!

Like this super easy side dish.

We both love salad, no matter what time of year, and just wait until you taste this Winter Salad with Roasted Pears and a Champagne Vinaigrette!

It serves six and we’ve both been enjoying it for lunch this week.

Anne’s Christmas Home Tour on YouTube

We’re still pretty new to YouTube, but we’ve started spending more time on our channel.

Anne shared her 2022 Home Tour and it’s gone a little viral!

Go check it out here:

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Fun Wine Tasting Party Must-Have Items

twelve wine bottles on bar console table decorated for the holidays

Since we’re bringing you ideas about throwing a wine and cheese party we thought it would be perfect to keep our Friday favorites with the same theme.

All of these items are from Amazon so you can order what you need online and get them delivered to your home quickly.

So text a few friends and plan to celebrate the season with a wine tasting party.

And if you’re way too busy or stressed to even think about hosting then be sure to pin and save these ideas because wine is in style any time of the year!

Wine Glasses and Carafes

These wine glasses come in sets of 12 (six red and six white) and have great reviews on Amazon.

The sets are pretty affordable so you can grab a couple of boxes if you’re hosting more than six at your party.

Wine glasses with stems are a bit more traditional and you’ll need this style if you’re using an appetizer board as we did at our wine tasting party.

The stemless versions of the wine glass set would give a more casual vibe to your get-together plus they’re a little less expensive too.

Carafes are another option for a wine tasting party.

You can get plain carafes like this set of six.

Or you purchase these awesome carafes on a wood and chalkboard tasting board.

How cool are they?

set of plastic disposable mini wine glasses with stems

If you have a larger group you may want to opt for disposable wine glasses.

These plastic glasses only hold 2 oz. which is the perfect size for a sample.

Wine Bottle Openers

You’ll need to open the bottles of wine you’re tasting unless, of course, they have a screw top. lol

A rechargeable electric wine opener would be handy to have if you drink wine often.

This multifunctional tool not only opens bottles of wine with its wing corkscrew but it’s also a regular bottle opener.

Wine Aerators and Stoppers

With a wine aerator, you’ll get a perfect pour each time.

Then after your bottles are opened you’ll want to use a wine stopper to preserve it until your next glass.

This set of eight wine corks is a budget-friendly option for a wine tasting party since you’ll have multiple bottles opened at the same time throughout the event.

Wine Glass Charms and Markers

Keep up with your wine glass during the gathering with charms or markers.

A set of 26 letter bead charms are perfect for wine glasses with a stem.

But if you’re serving in stemless glasses then these wine glass markers are the way to go.

Wine Tasting Party Supplies

Here are a few extras that would be fun for your party.

No time to make a personalized DIY banner?

Then grab this inexpensive “Wine Time” gold banner to hang above your sampling area.

Instead of having the wine bottles in view for your guests, you can order a set of numbered burlap bags for a blind wine tasting.

That would be a neat twist we may do that next time!

You could probably make your own custom scorecards but these two options may be a bit easier.

Rate your wine scorecards come in a pack of 25 which is probably enough for two parties.

And these wine tasting placemats give you room to take notes on each wine sample your guests try.

We hope you found some great things that although aren’t necessary to host a wine tasting definitely add a fun vibe to your party.

What have you been shopping for this week? Have you found anything amazing?

We’d love to hear about it….just leave a comment below!

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