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How to Make a Burlap Banner in 5 Easy Steps

Learn how to make a burlap banner for your next celebration. Easy to follow instructions to create this one of a kind party decoration.

Several years ago when my oldest was graduating from high school we celebrated with a party at home since I love to entertain.

I had a lot of fun searching Pinterest for graduation party ideas and decorations.

Of course the food at a party is important but I think the decor is what sets the tone of your celebration!

Don’t you?

It’s the first thing people will notice when they walk in!

Anne made an incredible photo banner for her son, Ryan’s graduation party!

Go check it out…it’s amazing!

I used photos in a different way for my sons high school graduations with a memory letter book and a photo book through the years.

We both love using photos!

Ok so back to the burlap banner…

Although I made this burlap and ribbon banner for Jake’s graduation party way back in 2016 I was able to use it again in 2020 when Gavin graduated and I plan to use it one more time in 2022 when Emma graduates from the same high school.

Since the banner is made of burlap and ribbon it’s easy to store in a ziploc bag until I need it again.

And honestly I could use this diy congratulations banner for any type of party not just graduation!

You can follow the steps I’ll show you later to make this for any event…just change what your banner says.

It would be fun to make one that says “Happy Birthday” and be able to use it year after year!

Ok enough chatting…do you want to see what the banner looked like hanging for our parties?

DIY Burlap & Ribbon Pennant Banner

Well as you can see my photography skills have improved a bit from 2016 to 2020 between graduation parties. LOL

I had hung the banner in the kitchen because that’s where the food was for both of the parties.

And we all know that where the is food is where the guests will be!

But apparently it doesn’t make for very pretty photos strung in the kitchen.

burlap and ribbon banner hanging on wall reads congratulations

Here is an updated photo of the diy congratulations banner.

I hung it in the dining room yesterday so I could write this blog post and share how easy it is to make this super fun graduation decoration!

How to Make a Burlap Banner

completed burlap and ribbon banner on white table

It should only take you about an hour to make this burlap and ribbon banner if you follow these 5 easy steps below.

But first let’s figure out what you’ll need to create your diy graduation party decor.

What Supplies Do I Need to Make a Burlap Banner?

supplies to make banner on table including stack of ribbon spools burlap banner scissors pencil paint brush and paint

Some of the supplies needed to make your DIY pennant banner you may already have at home.

I had most of the ribbon from my etsy store where I made custom candy buffet tags.

For a graduation party it’s always fun to create the decorations in the graduates school colors.

So it was royal blue and white for us!

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Supplies Needed:

Step 1: Create the Letters

laptop open on table showing how to make letters for burlap banner

The first step is to print out your letters to create what your banner will say.

Rather than using a stencil that you are limited to the size and font by printing out the letters I was able to use any font and size I wanted.

I created the banner saying in microsoft word on my laptop and was able to fit 4 letters per page by adjusting my margin size to narrow.

If you want use the same font I used it’s Arial Rounded MT Bold and my font size was 275.

Step 2: Trace Letters onto Burlap Banner

hands tracing printed letters onto burlap banner

Using a pencil (or something darker if you prefer) you’ll just trace an outline of the letter directly onto the burlap

Do this for each letter of the word you want on your banner…but be sure to do it in order so it’s spelled correctly since each pennant is attached to the next with twine.

Step 3: Paint Letters on each Pennant

hand painting letter on burlap pennant paper plate with paint on it beside banner

Fill in each penciled letter outline with budget-friendly craft paint.

Be sure to use a paper towel or something underneath since the paint will definitely go through the burlap.

Step 4: Choose & Cut Ribbon

spools of ribbon stacked on table with ribbon pulled out and laying side by side along table

When choosing ribbons for your burlap banner you want to pick different patterns and textures to give more visual interest.

I choose a satin, sheer, and grosgrain ribbon in blue.

And a striped, gingham, and chevron patterned ribbon in blue and white.

Get creative and have fun mixing up your ribbon!

hand holding scissors cutting ribbon with ruler above strand of ribbon

I love these fabric scissors that I bought years ago for scrapbooking since they give me great precision when cutting.

They are so sharp that they are perfect for cutting ribbon.

Each of my pieces of ribbon were cut to 22″ in length.

hand holding scissors cutting end of ribbon

I trimmed the end of each piece of ribbon on an angle to give it a finished edge before attaching it to the graduation banner.

Step 5: Tie Ribbon onto Burlap Banner

close up of burlap banner and ribbon on white table

The last step is to simply tie the ribbon in between each burlap pennant using a simple knot so that the ribbons lay straight when the banner is hung.

I used three pieces of ribbon including the cheveron, solid satin, and gingham and tied them before the first letter “C” on the banner.

Then used the other 3 ribbon styles: grosgrain, striped and sheer tied together after the “C”.

Repeating each set of 3 ribbon styles in between each letter until the end of the banner.

The burlap and ribbon banner is perfect for your next party!

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congratulations banner hanging in dining room above console table and floor plant on stool

Sources: Burlap BannerRulerPaint BrushesPaintFabric ScissorsNavy and White Gingham RibbonSatin RibbonBlue and White Chevron RibbonBlue Grosgrain Ribbon

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