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Friday Favorites: Beauty Products, Jewelry, Sandals and More

Check out our Friday Favorites and see what we’re each shopping for this week! Beauty products, jewelry, sandals and more.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here.

AnnMarie’s daughter graduated from high school last weekend and she shopped for a few last minute things to wear.

While Anne is sharing some fun beauty & jewelry finds from the week and you don’t want to miss her favorite one at the end of this post!

We work together to share simple and budget-friendly ideas for decoratingrecipesDIY projects, and tips for life with older teens (and beyond!).

It always seems like one of us or actually, more than likely both of us, are in the middle of a project.

Whether it’s a room makeover, testing a new recipe, or planning an event.

And the more we work the less time we have to browse around a store and shop in person.

To get all the things done each week we both do a lot of online shopping.

We shop for décor items, kitchen supplies and everything in between.

And since we already love to share budget-friendly ideas with you, we thought it would be fun to show you what we’re shopping for every Friday!

We may even share some personal favorites we love too.

An awesome outfit or makeup product we find along the way!

Now, let’s see what we’re shopping for this week…

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AnnMarie’s Faves This Week

This week I’m sharing my simple make up tip and my absolute favorite sandals.

They are seriously the comfortable!

Plus the super cute dress I found for Emma.

Tinted Moisturizer

AnnMarie from Simply2Moms applying tinted Laura Mercier moisturizer on cheek

Truth time…I kinda hate makeup.

Well, not all makeup.

I do wear eye make up…like liner, mascara, & brow pencil.

Oh and a little concealer under my eyes to cover those dark circles.

But anything on my lips…nope…just Burt’s Bees Wax.

And on my face…umm…no way!

I just hate the feeling of stuff all over my skin.

However, as I get older, I feel like a need a little more coverage so the past few years I’ve tried different things…cc cream…bb cream…powder.

Nothing worked great or maybe felt great until I found the best product ever!

It’s a tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier and it even has a broad spectrum SPF 30.

It seriously feels so lightweight and is perfect for my sensitive dry skin.

Blowfish LeeLee Wedge Sandals

Anne and AnnMarie posing for photo with their husbands wearing wedge sandals

I’ve had these wedge sandals from Blowfish for years and they’re my favorite heels!

The 2″ heel is just high enough to look great with any outfit but low enough to be able to wear all day long.

I can dress them up or go super casual, they’re so versatile.

I’ve tried to find another pair in a different color because they’re sooo comfortable and just I love the style.

The last time I wore them I ripped the Velcro closure on one of the sides. (insert tears)

I tried to glue it back together, but it didn’t work, so now I’m considering getting the Velcro sewn back on to the strap.

Helm Wedge Sandals

Simply2Mom bloggers sitting back to back AnnMarie wearing black wedge sandals

While searching for another pair of wedge sandals by Blowfish, I found this black pair at the same local boutique a couple years ago.

They’re cute and I like them a lot, but they aren’t nearly as comfortable as my first pair.

The 3.5″ heel is a little too high to allow me to wear these shoes all day long.

Don’t get me wrong they’re great for a night out because of the wedge heel but to walk around all day and night…maybe not.

Harper Wedge Sandals

AnnMarie's family at her daughters graduation ceremony. She's wearing harper wedge sandals

Anne and I went shopping at that same boutique again this spring and we both loved the new sandal selections they had just gotten in for the season.

Lots of new style options from Blowfish.

We both bought a different pair in this scotch color.

I bought the Harper and Anne bought the Heidi style.

But again, these shoes have a 3 1/2″ heel, so not as comfy as the original pair I got years ago.

Well, guess what!?!

When I was sourcing these Blowfish sandals for this blog post, I finally found the Lee Lee…my absolute favorite style on Amazon.

I was so excited, I ordered two pairs.

The same Arabian sand color as my original pair that I ripped and another pair in black.

I should have them soon.


If you haven’t tried wedge sandals from Blowfish you’re missing out.

Floral Dress

AnnMarie's daughter wearing floral green and white dress at graduation party

Emma has decided to attend the University of North Carolina – Charlotte this fall.

Charlotte’s school colors are green and white.

She wanted to wear her new custom green and white Nike blazers she bought for her graduation party but wasn’t sure what to wear with them.

I found a few cute dresses on Amazon for her so I ordered them last week.

She loved this floral green and white skater sundress.

It looked so cute with her sneakers and was nice & cool for her outdoor party.

Anne’s Faves This Week

I’ve got a mixed bag for you this week ranging from two of my favorite facial care items to my favorite wrist candy.

Then I saved my absolute favorite new discovery for last.

You need this stuff in your life!

Fuzz-Free Facial Razors

Woman using a peach fuzz facial razor

The older I get, the more my body likes to grow hair in annoying spots.

Like whiskers on my chin.

And peach fuzz all over my face.

My sister recommended a small electric razor a few years ago that I’ve loved for my mustache (gotta love those!), but it didn’t do a great job on all the peach fuzz.

So I gave dry shaving a try using these special safety razors and love the results!

My makeup goes on more smoothly, and the razors also do a nice job of exfoliating my face.

In case you’re concerned about your face feeling prickly, I haven’t noticed that at all because it’s just soft peach fuzz that regrows.

I do it about once a week.

No More Baggage by Dr. Brandt

Anne from Simply2Moms holding a tube of Dr. Brandt's eye cream

I’ve been blessed with lovely pouches of skin below my eyes.

If I don’t get enough sleep, they like to swell up and really make the dark circles look amazing!

This eye cream does an amazing job of reducing puffiness.

It’s a little pricy, but one tube lasts me almost two years, and I use it every single day.

Close up of profile of Anne from Simply2Moms after removing peach fuzz and using eye cream

Let’s ignore that nice “maturity mark” on my cheek, but you can see how smooth my face gets from the razors and how the swelling under my eyes is reduced by the cream!

Rattan Bangle Bracelets

Woman's wrist wearing a rattan bangle bracelet and reflection of wrist in a mirror

A few weeks ago I shared my set of rattan earrings that I’ve been wearing all summer.

I love wearing bracelets too, so these chunky rattan bangles pair perfectly with my earrings!

There are two bangles with different woven patterns in the set.

Two bangles feel uncomfortable on my arm, so I just change up which pattern I wear.

Natural Stone Beaded Apple Watch Band

Closeup of a beaded Apple watch bracelet band on a woman's arm

Back in college, I loved changing the bezels on my watch face to different colors to match what I was wearing, so of course, I love changing up my Apple watch band now!

This beaded bracelet band is my absolute favorite find so far.

The beads are made from jasper and look almost like wood. They’re on a stretchy band so it’s easy to take the watch on and off.

There are lots of colors to choose from, these are called Paysage Jasper if you like this look too.

They’re only $14.99 and Amazon is currently offering a 5% coupon on these bands.

Boos Board Oil and Butter

Wood cutting board and spoon with Boos Block Mystery Oil and Butter on a kitchen counter

Did you know you’re supposed to oil and butter your wood cutting boards and kitchen utensils?!

Well, I’m almost 53 years old and it was news to me.

My new cutting board was looking kind of sad after just a few months of use and it wasn’t a cheap board.

I looked it up on my friend Google and discovered it’s important to treat your wood right.

I’m loving this set that includes a conditioning oil plus a protective “butter” made from beeswax.

What have you been shopping for this week? Have you found anything amazing?

We’d love to hear about it….just leave a comment below!

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