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Friday Favorites: Our Best New Finds this Week

Check out our Friday Favorites and see what we shopped for this week! We’re sharing a couple of our best new finds.

Happy Friday friend!

We’ve been back to work and busy beavers this week.

After the holidays we both got hit with a cold so we didn’t get much blogging done last week.

But we’ve made up for it this week and have worked together at AnnMarie’s kitchen table every day from morning until dinner time.

And Wednesday we started a little later so worked until 8:30 last night.

We’ve been getting lots accomplished but still have a ton on our to-do list that we want to get to this month.

How are you doing getting back into the swing of things after the holidays?

Do you remember that Anne and her husband bought a house several months ago that they’re fixing up to be a rental?

Well, we’re going to try our hand at learning something new this weekend over at the house so wish us luck.

And be sure you’re following us on social media because we’ll share how it’s going over in stories.

You can find us on any of these channels Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube by searching @simply2moms.

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On the Blog

two woman eating salads at table in dining room smiling

This week on the blog we shared some of Anne’s amazing healthy recipes.

We don’t know about you but we both thoroughly enjoyed the holiday season and indulging in some of the not so healthy options.

So we both are trying to buckle down and get back on track with making better choices.

We figured many of you may be feeling the same as we are so wanted to revisit some of our favorite recipes that are healthy and delicious.

We went to lunch together last week to plan our work schedule for the month and enjoyed one of our favorite salads.

It reminded us that Anne created a copycat version so we started this week out by sharing that with you.

It’s a grilled chicken kale salad recipe that even you non-kale-loving people will like.

Believe us…neither of us loved kale before trying this salad!

If you need an easy dinner idea that everyone in your family is sure to love then this Mexican Chicken and Brown Rice recipe is one you won’t want to miss.

Just throw everything in your Instant pot when you get home from work and dinner will be ready in about 30 minutes.

Or if you prefer, put the ingredients in your crockpot in the morning and it will be ready when you walk through the door in the evening.

We love simple one-pot meals during the winter and these two chili options are perfect for cold winter nights.

Try this flavorful but healthy white chicken chili loaded with hidden veggies your picky kids won’t even notice.

Anne actually made it this week and decided to blend up the beans too since her kids don’t like beans!

It turned out with a much thicker broth and she may make it this way all the time now.

Also, her kids never realized there were any beans in it.

This scrumptious all-meat chili doesn’t have any beans in the recipe and is a delicious choice for the meat lovers in your family.

And it’s low carb so those of you following a keto diet will love this dinner idea too.

We also know we’re all trying to get back to a regular schedule after the holidays and we don’t want to skip the most important meal of the day.

Try making these maple sausage breakfast muffins this weekend and you’ll have a healthy and hearty meal ready to go every morning next week.

These muffins freeze well so you can just pop one or two in the microwave for an easy delicious breakfast.

Do you have any simple healthy go-to meals you make during this time of the year?

Share your ideas in the comments below or send us an email!

Friday Favorites

Since we did a bunch of shopping before Christmas for gifts and decorating, we haven’t been out shopping much recently.

Did you score anything fun during after Christmas sales?

AnnMarie found a few deals at Target and shared them on TikTok.

Target had some great finds at 70-90% off that weren’t clearly marked as clearance so she had to scan the items to see what the sale prices actually were.

Be sure to check out your local store for deals!

Posts on Simply2Moms may contain affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission on purchases at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  You can read our full disclosure policy here.

AnnMarie’s Faves this Week

Make Space Journal by Cara Newhart

journal on wood table next to pencil and candle

Our friend Cara wrote a book and we’re so excited for her!

I recently ordered Make Space Journal from Amazon and can’t wait to dive in to start planning exactly how I want to live in our home during this next phase of life as an almost empty nester.

We had the opportunity to meet Cara last year at a blogging retreat and she’s an absolute sweetheart.

She recently moved to my home state of New Jersey and is tackling a home renovation with her best friend.

Cara is a DIY queen and you definitely want to follow her blog, Never Skip Brunch, and social media channels.

CeraVe Makeup Removing Cleanser Balm

Cerave makeup removing cleansing balm product image

I bought this makeup removing cleanser balm from CeraVe after one of my favorite fashion influencers, Retail Cheapskate shared it on Instagram.

I have really sensitive skin and most makeup removers bother my eyes so I’ve always used CeraVe or Cetaphil lotion with tissues to remove my eye makeup.

But I’m really loving this new cleanser balm!

I just need to use a tiny bit and it melts my makeup away.

I rub a bit over my eyes and then rinse with warm water and wash my face as usual.

So easy and more gentle than rubbing my eyeballs with lotion and trying to scrape off my mascara with a tissue between my fingers. lol!

Anne’s Faves this Week

Silk Pillowcase

product image silk pillow case color options

My daughter has been using a silk pillowcase for a few months now and really loves it, so she gave me one for Christmas.

I’m loving it too!

Did you know that silk pillowcases are gentler on your hair?

Because they’re so smooth there’s less friction which means less breakage, fewer split ends, reduced frizz, and fewer tangles!

Not only that, they’re the best option for color-treated hair.

Who knew?

Silk is also better for your skin’s health and can even help prevent wrinkles from forming on your face.

Something else I’m really liking is that my pillow stays cooler all night long.

Have you tried a silk pillowcase yet?

This one comes in a wide variety of colors to match any bedroom color scheme.

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Cream

product image of O'keefes working hands cream squeeze lotion bottles

My sister introduced me to Working Hands hand cream about five years ago and it’s the best I’ve ever tried.

What makes it so good?

It truly heals cracked, dry hands.

I love that it doesn’t have a fragrance, and it’s completely non-greasy.

Even my husband will use it!

There’s a tube in my purse, one in my nightstand drawer, and one in the kitchen all year long.

I prefer using it to prevent my hands from getting so dry that they crack!

If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re in for a real treat.

What have you been shopping for this week? Have you found anything amazing?

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us or leave a comment!

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