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Bedroom Ideas

Looking for Some Inspiration for Your Bedrooms?

Well, we have some great ideas for you!

Since there are two of us here at Simply2Moms, that means you always get two homes with distinct styles every time you visit!

We love making our builder-grade homes look a little more custom, and are working to give all our bedrooms a fresh look.

Between our two houses, we have nine (!) bedrooms!

So far, only three have made it onto the blog, so check back often for more inspiration as we work our way through all of them.

While AnnMarie may lean towards an industrial modern farmhouse vibe and Anne prefers a vintage country chic style, our kids have unique tastes of their own.

We can’t wait to share all their rooms with you!

Just click on any of the pictures below for even more inspiration.

Master bedroom with black painted sleigh bed and black nightstands with wood lamps. Walls are white board and batten on the bottom 2/3 and painted gray above.
teen boy bedroom desk and dresser area
bedroom with corner of bed and mirror on wall with photo wall surronding closet door
diy walk in closet system with two rows of hanging storage on back wall and bookcases for folded clothes storage on side wall with shoe rack and two coat racks between bookcase towers
farmhouse coat rack hung on wall in bedroom
gallery wall of 9 picture frames hung over dresser in bedroom
vertical view of teen boy bedroom with industrial style ceiling light fixture

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