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How to Create a Gorgeous Hanging Door Basket for Fall

Wow, your guests with a gorgeous warm welcoming entrance! Get all the details to create a gorgeous fall hanging door basket. A beautiful alternative to a traditional door wreath.

Last year as I was walking through Target when I spied with my little eye something amazing!

It was the wildly popular and impossible to find hanging basket with a leather handle!

OMG…I was so excited to find one!

image of threshold basket with leather handle from Target stores

I wanted a new look this fall after giving my front door a makeover this past spring.

You have to go see the simple changes I made to update the door!

Did you see it?

Gotta love the power of paint!

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Anyway back to this amazing hanging door basket.

I decided to ditch the wreath I’d had for a few years since it had seen better days and pull out my hanging door basket.

But now I had to create a fall flower arrangement. Uh-oh

To be honest with you I’m not so good at arranging flowers and stems.

I usually keep it simple and super clean looking by using several of the same stems in a vase or basket.

But Anne is great at flower arranging so I asked for her help.

And she was happy to help me since that’s what good friends do for each other!

Where Can You Buy Fall Floral Stems?

floral stems on floral holders in michaels stores

Anne and I headed to Michaels to pick out the fall stems for my hanging door basket.

Why Michaels Stores?

Well, it was really a toss-up between Hobby Lobby and Michaels because they’ a’re both about the same distance from us.

But florals were 50% off that week at Michaels. Score!

S2M Tip: Always check which craft store is having a sale on what you need before heading out to shop.

They had a great selection and I was immediately drawn to these pretty yellowish tiny leaf stems.

And those yellow puffy spiky flowers reminded me of thistles with lots of long green leaves mixed.

I pulled them out and held the two styles together. Perfect!

Maybe I could actually do this flower-arranging thing after all!

But Anne informed me that I need to add more stuff!

Well, I thought I was done but nope…we needed more variety.

We both kept looking for some more fall stems and gathered so many fun options.

Since there were some empty shelves in the store we decided to lay everything out to see how they went together and narrow our selection down.

hand holding a mix of fall stems in michaels stores

Seeing them all laid out on the shelves helped me decide which I liked best together.

Then holding the stems together helped me visualize how it would look in my hanging door basket.

Let’s Style a Hanging Door Basket

fall stems laid out on bench on front porch

I paid about $25 for the fall stems from Michael’s.

Which I didn’t think was too bad since I’ll be able to reuse everything again year after year.

Well except for maybe the preserved leaf stems because they are super delicate.

But look how many one package had in it so I’m okay with buying them again next year.

I also added an extra yellow wheat-style stem that I had from last year…you can see the yellow fall stems here styled on my fireplace mantel.

Laying all the stems out on my bench helped me see which ones to grab first when putting together the floral arrangement.

black front door with empty hanging basket on door hanger cornstalks on either side of door

The first step was to hang that amazingly awesome basket with a simple over-the-door hook.

Don’t worry you’ll barely notice that hook once your flower arrangement is done!

woman holding fall stems in hands on front porch next to door with hanging basket and bench behind her

Next, I picked up a bunch of the stems that would go toward the front of my hanging door basket and spread them out in my hands as directed by Anne, aka my floral designer.

S2M Tip: Be sure to open up and fluff the fall stems to get the fullest look.

woman placing fall stems in hanging door basket on front door

Then, I placed the fall stems in the basket on the door.

At first, I arranged the stems in the basket inside on my kitchen table but it didn’t give me the full look I wanted because I had them pushed too far down in the basket.

I found it easier to arrange the flowers right on the door to get the look I was going for.

I was able to add the preserved leaves in and step back to see any empty spots that needed to be filled in with the leaves.

After adding all the extra preserved leaves I stepped back one final time and…

Ta Da!

front door with corn stalks on stone house hanging door basket with fall floral arrangement

Doesn’t it look amazing?!

I’m just super excited about how it turned out!

Thanks to Anne for all her help with this project.

She’s the bomb!

close up side view of fall stems in hanging door basket on door with cornstalks behind

And here’s a view from the side because it’s just so darn pretty!

Keep scrolling for a super cheesy overly posed picture of me with the most amazing hanging door basket for fall…


woman standing with hand on hip and other hand on doorknob with door slightly open hanging door basket with fall flowers
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