Is your front door looking a little drab? Want to make a good first impression? Come see how we updated our front entry with a simple and affordable front door makeover.

front porch with front door makeover

We’ve lived here for 12 years and have never painted our door…it was time. If that money tree in the backyard would produce some cash we’d love to replace our front door with a wood option with seeded glass. Now wouldn’t that be dreamy?! Since a new door wasn’t in the budget a simple and affordable front door makeover was in order.

Before makeover

before photo of front door

Our front door was in need of a new paint job but we really liked the black so we didn’t even consider changing the color. After removing the hardware I was really liking the clean look of the door without the kickplate at the bottom. A quick search on Pinterest was all I needed to confirm that I definitely wasn’t putting the kickplate back on. There were tons of photos of beautiful black doors and not one had a kickplate. Decision made!

front door after removing kick plate

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Repairing holes in the front door

Since I wasn’t reinstalling the kickplate we needed to fill the holes in that were left in the fiberglass door. We purchased PC Metal Epoxy Putty which was so easy to use to fill in the holes. It’s hand moldable and there is no need for mixing or application tools. Simple!

epoxy and sanding block
man filling in holes with epoxy

After the epoxy was dry we sanded the door in preparation for painting.

man sanding front door

Replacing door knocker

As I mentioned earlier we’ve been in our home for 12 years…do you want to guess how long the house warming gift my sister gave us has been sitting unopened in a box in our garage? Yup…12 years! It was time to finally replace the traditional style door knocker with the custom gift we received. Unfortunately, Pottery Barn no longer sells this exact version but they have another that can be monogrammed too.

two door knockers laying on table

We also used the epoxy to repair the holes from the original door knocker. Once all the holes from the kickplate and door knocker were repaired, I wiped down the door with a wet cloth to remove the dust sanding left behind.

door after cleaning sanding debris

Although I removed the door handle and deadbolt hardware, I didn’t remove the door from the hinges since I had decided to leave the door up while painting. Covering the hinges with painters tape and trimming with an xacto knife protected them while painting.

using xacto knife to trim painters tape covering door hinge

Painting the front door

Did you know there is a method for painting paneled doors? There is an actual order you should follow to paint doors? If you use the recommendations it helps prevent both drips and brush marks. Check out Anne’s simple steps for painting doors to get all her tips!

painting front door with small foam roller
painting front door with roller

I chose the color black 2132-10 by Benjamin Moore for our front door makeover. Using exterior paint in a low luster finish provides the coverage needed for outdoors.

paint and paint supplies on tarp on floor

As you can see removing the old door knocker left holes through the entire door.

inside of doors after holes filled in with epoxy

Once the holes that were filled with epoxy the inside of the door needed to be painted too. I had been considering painting all our interior doors black since my sister did hers a few years ago. They look so good!

inside of door showing holes where door knocer was

So now was my opportunity to at least start with the inside of the front door. I didn’t have interior black paint on hand so I just used the same exterior paint for the inside. It was just easy to keep it the same on both sides of the door. Cause I’m kinda lazy like that. LOL

first coat of front door paint

I did 3 coats of paint on the inside of the door since I was covering white. But only needed 2 coats on the outside.

front door open after painting

Here’s a fun look at how I kept our pups away from the door while I was painting. Always an adventure with pets!

gate surrounding front door as painted door dries

I’m loving the freshly painted door (no more scratches from the dogs)! And the updated monogrammed door knocker looks so pretty. Can’t believe it took us so long to hang it! LOL

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close up of newly painted door

And the clean look of the black door without the kick plate is just so appealing to me. What do you think? Are you team kick plate or no kick plate?

front porch with newly painted door

I hope you enjoyed our simple front door makeover! It really takes just a few hours to freshen up your entry for a pretty first impression of your home.

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