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How to Create Extra Garage Storage with Fleximounts

Is your garage overflowing with stuff? We have a simple idea for you to create more space with Fleximounts overhead garage storage rack.

This post is sponsored by Fleximounts. All opinions expressed are our own based on our experience with the products and the company. Thank you for supporting the brands that support our blog!

How’s your garage?

Is it organized or is it a mess like mine?

I think for many of us we have a lot of stuff to store in our garage.

Lawn equipment, tools, sports gear, beach supplies, coolers, holiday decorations and more.

We were out of storage space and our garage had become a disorganized mess.

But with the help of my new Fleximounts overhead garage storage rack, my garage is neat again.

Before I get into all the details of why & how, I want to share an awesome deal with you!

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Now, let’s talk about how I organized my messy garage…

How to Organize a Messy Garage

disorganized shelves in garage before photo

Wire shelving and bins helped to keep some of our smaller stuff organized.

Small lidded plastic bins hold winter hats, scarves and gloves.

Budget- friendly plastic clothes baskets store sports gear.

But the real problem was how to store all our big bulky stuff.

wire shelf in garage with large cooler on top shelf and disorganized items on shelves

On the top shelf of our wire racks, we stored our coolers, but they’re super heavy!

As you can see in that photo above, the weight of the coolers actually bent the metal shelves.


Not sure of the weight limit of these shelves, but I’m pretty sure we’re over with that huge cooler.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the other side of the garage, but believe me it’s a wreck!

We have a few wall hooks that all of our soccer & beach chairs are hanging haphazardly from.

It’s not fun getting out of the car and squeezing by all the big stuff that’s not properly stored in our garage.

We need better storage system for all the large items!

How to Add Extra Garage Storage

large box with fleximount overhead shelving for extra garage storage

Fleximounts to the rescue!!

Anne already had storage racks in their garage and loved them, so I knew the would be they perfect solution to our messy garage.

We received the 4×8 adjustable overhead ceiling storage rack from Fleximounts in just a few short days.

The large size holds up to 600lbs and the height is adjustable from 22″ to 40″ from the ceiling.

How to Install Overhead Garage Storage

man on ladder adjusting supports for Fleximount overhead garage shelf

The overhead garage racks come with a template that guides you through step by step instructions for easy installation.

My husband, Chris did all the hard work for me.

He installed the overhead garage racks while I took photos of the process.

Fleximount provides longer ceiling brackets and vertical supports, which makes the racks more sturdy.

First, Chris assembled all the pieces for the ceiling brackets and wire grid frame.

Then, he installed the ceiling brackets into the studs over our garage door opener.

It’s necessary to install the brackets in studs for optimal sturdiness.

man standing on ladder installing overhead garage storageshelves

After the ceiling brackets were all properly installed, Chris attached the integrated wire grid to the frame.

Having the brackets integrated with the grid frame provides the more stability.

Review of Fleximounts

overhead garage shelf door to left and window to far wall

We are really happy with our new overhead garage storage rack from Fleximounts.

The extra garage storage space allows us to store large bulky items we don’t need to have access to very often.

And because the storage rack holds up to 600 lbs., we’re able to store both of our big, super heavy coolers out of the way without worrying about them breaking the shelves.

Our new overhead garage storage rack stores more than we thought possible…coolers, beach chairs, boogie boards, camping equipment and more.

overhead garage shelves above garage door hanging from ceiling provide extra garage storage

Now that you’ve seen how amazing this overhead garage storage rack is and just how much we were able to store up and out of the way, be sure to order yours!

Click this link and add it to your cart today, then purchase between November 26-29 to get 15% off!

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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