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How to Install a Custom Interior Wood Door

Replace your builder’s grade doors with a custom interior wood door. Follow our easy instructions to learn how to install a custom wood door.

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Our laundry room is the first room we see when we come into our home from the garage.

And we always come in through the garage!

The room is fine…it’s a dedicated space just for laundry which is great but it isn’t super pretty. I like to call it builder’s grade basic. LOL

So after 12 years we finally decided to give our laundry room a much-needed makeover!

I started this project with an inspiration board for my new laundry room so I could see my ideas come together in one place.

A modern farmhouse style laundry room calls for a new pretty door don’t you think? Especially since it’s the first thing we see every day and you know what they say about making a good first impression!

I’ve always loved the look of doors with glass windows for laundry rooms and pantries. So when we started working with Woodgrain I knew exactly what kind of door I wanted.

image of custom interior wood door

I ordered my new door directly from Woodgrain since we were collaborating with them on this project. But you can order custom doors at one of their dealer locations.

When ordering your door you can choose the exact size, style, and wood you want. They have so many wood choices and door panel styles you can create your perfect door. Woodgrain also has many glass finishes if you want to add glass to your door too.

I ordered my door the exact size as our old laundry room door so that we didn’t have to remove or refit the door frame.

Easy Peasy installation!

My door is solid oak with 2 raised panels at the bottom and a clear glass window at the top. The door came unfinished and I finished it with stain before installing it.

Supplies To Install a Custom Wood Door

You’ll need just a few tools to get this DIY project done right!

Scroll to the bottom of the post for shoppable links for all tools used.

Tools Needed:

  • cordless drill
  • square
  • sawhorse with adjustable clamp
  • router
  • wood chisel
  • wood door lock installation kit
  • door latch installation kit
  • door hinge template
  • hammer

You’ll also need some supplies to finish your door. Stay tuned for a blog post with all the details on how I finished my custom wood door.

Supplies Needed:

  • door (I used Woodgrain #559 in oak)
  • hinges
  • doorknob
  • sandpaper
  • paintbrush
  • rags
  • paint or stain

Removing the Old Laundry Room Door

open laundry room door from hallway with another door to right of it

We replaced the boring builder’s grade interior door with a brand new custom wood door from Woodgrain.

Just wait until you see it hanging in my new laundry room!

The closed door in the photo above is our garage door and the open door leads to our laundry room.

woman using drill to remove screws in door hinge to remove old door

Removing the existing door is easy to do with a cordless power drill. Just remove the screws to unsecure the door from the hinges.

Custom doors are different from doors that come ready to hang as they don’t have the holes cut in them for the doorknob, door latch, or hinges.

Use Old Door as Template

If you’re replacing an existing door using the old door as a template allows you to be absolutely sure you install the new door correctly.

Line up the doors being careful to put the correct sides back to back.

You don’t want to find out later that you cut the holes for the door knob in the wrong side of the door.

We used old towels to protect the door since we were working outside on my driveway.

old and new doors laying on their edge held together with sawhorse clamp

Holding the old and new doors together with a clamping adjustable sawhorse helped keep them in place while we worked on the door.

hand holding pencil tracing door latch with square

Once the doors were secure and perfectly lined up we were able to use the old door as a template for the new custom wood door.

Using a small square I measured the door latch from the old door and traced it onto the edge of the new door.

women bent down tracing door knob hole from old door onto new wood door

Then I traced the hole for the door knob through the original laundry room door onto the wood door.

Creating the Doorknob and Latch Holes for Installation

man drilling holes with cordess power drill in side of wood door

This was a super fun group project!

Anne’s husband Kevin had all the tools from preparing their new custom laundry room door so he came over to help Chris and I get our door ready to hang. And Anne took photos of each step.

We attached the door lock installation jig with screws so that it would stay put while we drilled the holes in the wood door.

woman drilling hole in wood door for door knob

I used a cordless drill with the door hole saw attached to drill the create a hole needed for a door knob.

You’ll need to do this on both sides of the door as the saw isn’t thick enough to go through the entire width of the wood door.

door on it's side with hand drilling hole for latch plate

Next we used the smaller hole saw that come in the kit to create a hole for the door latch.

door latch jig on edge of wood door after drilling with sawdust shown on jig

You can see how easy the door installation kit is to use and get your custom door ready for installing a doorknob and latch.

finished wood door with hole for door knob installation

These tools aren’t expensive but are necessary to accomplish this project if your door doesn’t come ready to hang.

After the holes for the doorknob and door latch are done it’s time to notch out a spot for the door latch plate.

man holding hammer in one hand and door latch plate jib in other against edge of custom wood door with glass window

A door latch installation kit will be needed for this step.

Once the jig is lined up and attached to the door edge you can score the wood using a hammer.

after view of edge of door after using door latch jig

Here you can see the the wood is scored and ready.

Isn’t that so cool!

hand using small chisel to carve out spot for hing on door edge

After the wood is scored we used a wood chisel to carve it out.

This makes a spot for the door latch plate to fit.

Preparing the Wood Door for Hinges

door hinge jig on edge of wood door

Now it’s time to get the wood door ready for hinges.

Attach a door hinge template to the edge of the door where you previously marked your door against the old door.

man and woman using router to install hinges on custom wood door

With the door hinge template in place use a router to remove the wood.

This creates the space to attach a door hinge.

after view of edge of door after using router to create spot for hinge installation

The door hinge template comes with a router bit and guide stop to make sure you carve out the exact depth needed for your hinge.

You’ll repeat this step for all three hinges on your door.

two men using cordless drill to make pilot holes in custom wood door for hinge installation

Then you’ll want to attach your hinge to your new wood door to be sure it will fit perfectly.

view of finished spot to install hinge

By attaching the hinge you’re also creating pilot holes for when you’re ready to hang your wood door.

Hanging Your Custom Wood Door

man holding wood door while woman uses power drill to screw in hinge

Now comes the fun part when you actually get to hang your custom interior wood door!

I stained my door before hanging but you can choose to hang first and then stain or paint after.

This is a two person job…one person holds the door up and the other attaches it to the hinges.

Starting with the middle hinge & screw helps to secure the door and balance the weight as you’re installing the wood door.

Continue with the other two screws on the middle hinge.

Then you can screw in the middle for both the top and bottom hinges.

stained oak custom wood door

Once your door is hung on the hinges you can install your doorknob.

We bought new hinges and doorknobs in matte black which looks perfect with the stained door.

And before you know it you’re all done!

The door is hung, your hardware is installed and you’re grinning from ear to ear while you admire your new gorgeous custom wood door.

wood door with glass window opened into laundry room with light on in room

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Tools Needed to Install A Custom Wood Door

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