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The Ultimate Modern Farmhouse Style Laundry Room Plan

Check out my plan to take my builders-grade laundry room to a modern farmhouse-style space. Sharing the details on an inspiration board.

Our family always comes into our home through the garage and guess where the laundry room is?

Yup…it’s the first room we see when we walk in the door every day!

And guess what?

It’s NOT pretty!

I mean I tried…a little bit…a looong time ago!

But it still isn’t great.

The color I chose isn’t the greatest.

It’s actually kinda awful!

The lack of windows and fluorescent lighting doesn’t help the room either.

view looking into laundry room from open door washer and dryer on left side of room with wire shelfing above and on wall straight ahead wire storage shelves  with towels and bins on left side of room

Here she is in all her minty glory!

When we moved in there was one wire shelf over the washer and dryer.

We needed more storage space plus a spot to hang dry clothes, so I added another wire shelf for storage with a hanging rod below.

I also added a free-standing wire storage shelf for even more storage space.

view of laundry room with artwork on leff side with storage shelves on right beyon washer

For laundry room “decor” I hung some cute handprint artwork the kids did when they were younger.

Our laundry room was functional but it wasn’t really pretty.

For years, I thought it was fine…just fine!

I mean I could always close the door if I didn’t want to look at the room, right?!

But the thing is we NEVER close the door.

Our dog bowls are in the laundry room, so we leave the door open all the time for the dogs to be able to get to their water.

It’s finally time to give this space a makeover because I’m so ready for an upgrade!

Laundry Room Inspiration Board

inspiration mood board for laundry room

I’m so excited to bring a bit more of the modern farmhouse style I love so much into our home with this laundry room makeover.

Isn’t it so pretty?

I can’t wait to get started!!

I really like to create a mood or inspiration board to see how things look together.

It totally helps me visualize the space.

How to Update a Boring Laundry Room

The biggest changes in our laundry room will be to our door, floor & walls.

Remember how the first thing you see when you come into our house is the laundry room?

Well, the plan is to install a brand new custom wood laundry room door which will provide a welcome entry to our home.

image of wood door with glass window on top half of door

I plan to replace the builder’s grade door with this custom wood door with a glass window from Woodgrain.

Then I’ll stain the door in a pretty rustic color.

Maybe someday I’ll even add a “Laundry” word decal to the window.

image of brick flooring in a herringbone pattern

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We have vinyl flooring in our laundry room and it’s been great since it’s so easy to clean.

But I plan to update the boring vinyl flooring to this beautiful brick flooring laid in a herringbone pattern.

Won’t that just be amazing in the new laundry room?

view of mdf painted board

And I think the biggest change in the room will be to the walls!

I’ll be creating a shiplap feature wall and I just can’t wait to see the transformation.

Using painted MDF boards will help make this part of the makeover go faster since the boards are already cut to size and primed.

Then, I will paint the entire room a pretty white color to create a bright fun space.

How to Create Storage in a Laundry Room

Storage is super important in my laundry room so I’m planning to install unfinished wood cabinets above the washer and dryer.

I’ll purchase cabinets preassembled at my local home improvement store and then paint them a neutral greige color.

Black hardware as shown in the inspiration board will be a perfect finishing touch to the cabinets.

two floating wood shelves

I’m excited to build a couple of floating wood shelves for additional storage in the room.

Chris and I purchased a miter saw last year and are looking forward to being able to put it to use again for this project.

Can you believe we bought our saw for a simple DIY ornament craft project? LOL!

We’re not exactly avid DIY’ers but want to start doing more and teaching ourselves how to improve our home on a budget.

Since we don’t have a ton of tools, we figured we needed to start getting some more and bought that fun miter saw.

I can’t wait to style the open shelves with industrial-style wire baskets and other accessories to create the perfect modern farmhouse vibe in our new laundry room.

How to Style a New Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room

image of sphere shaped light fixture made of wood with metal interior candleabras

Although the room doesn’t have any natural light since there are no windows, I want to replace the fluorescent light with a new modern farmhouse-style light fixture.

I’ll make sure to use LED bulbs so that it provides enough light in the dark room.

This wood orb with black candelabra lights will look great and tie in the other wood and metal elements in the design.

image of snake plant in pot

Adding some plants in different containers to the laundry room will bring some texture and life to the space.

Faux plants are the only way to go in a room with no windows!

Finally, I’ll add some fun laundry room-themed artwork to the walls to complete this modern farmhouse laundry room makeover.

Update: Finished Laundry Room Projects

And Anne is also recreating her laundry room in a French Country style!

It’s going to be super fun to see both of us complete all these DIY projects as we makeover our builder’s grade spaces into the laundry rooms of our dreams!

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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