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How to Make a Neutral Wood Bead Carrot in 3 Easy Steps

Looking for a simple craft project? Learn how to make a neutral wood bead carrot in 3 easy steps to decorate your home for spring.

It’s almost springtime.

Only one more week of winter and then we get to enjoy a new season.

And I don’t know about you but I’m ready for it!

Well at least mentally ready because winter…ehh…after the holidays there’s not much else I love about the winter season.

So bring on some spring vibes!

Anne’s house is all refreshed for spring but my home…well, let’s just say it’s a work in progress but I’m hopeful it will be all spruced up by this time next week, so stay tuned.

Today I’m excited to be joining 17 incredible blogging friends to bring you some new spring and Easter decor inspiration.

Welcome to the Easter Decor Inspiration Blog Hop

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But that’s enough about us.

Now go grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine and let’s check out my easy spring craft idea.

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What Supplies Do I Need to Make a Wood Bead Carrot

beads in bowls and other supplies needed to make carrots

Making a neutral wood bead carrot is a really simple process that will only take a few minutes and just some basic craft supplies.

Supplies Needed:

How to Make Wood Bead Carrots

blogger cutting jute twine at table with bowls of beads

I find it easier to separate the beads by size in different bowls or containers when working on a craft so that I can work more efficiently.

Once you’ve gathered all your supplies you want to start by cutting a long piece of your jute twine.

I cut mine to about 12″ long as the finished project is about 7 1/2″ long.

hands pulling pieces of faux garland apart for craft project

The next step to make your neutral wood bead carrot is to separate two small stems from your faux mini leaf garland.

This faux greenery garland is from Hobby Lobby but if you don’t have a store local to you I’ve found a very similar version here you can purchase online.

Although it’s a bit expensive for the garland you’d be able to make a bunch of these DIY wood carrots and still have plenty of greenery for other projects.

Or you could even use one end for this craft project and then use the rest of the garland to decorate your spring home.

You only need two small stems from this 72″ garland per carrot.

hands holding and showing the bottom of pieces of faux greenery

Once you’ve separated two stems from the garland just pull off the little plastic piece at the bottom of the stem that was securing the branch to the garland.

You’ll need the bottom pieces to be small enough to fit through the beads and with the little bit of extra thickness on the end of the stem it might not fit.

hands holding greenery tied with twine

Next, tie the two stems together with your length of jute twine.

I double-knotted mine to be sure they didn’t come apart as I pull it through the beads.

end of faux greenery tied with jute twine

After the greenery is tied together take a small piece of scotch tape and wrap it around both the twine and the bottom of the stems.

This will allow you to pull the beads through more easily without the twine coming apart.

Which Way Should I String Wood Beads

AnnMarie stringing beads on jute twine

Starting with the largest wood bead you’ll string the first bead onto your twine and pull it tight over the knotted twine and stems at the end.

Believe me, this is the way your should string your beads…why you ask?

Well, let’s just say I thought it didn’t matter which way I started but it does! It’s much harder to shove the end of your greenery pieces and twine into the hole of a bead after it’s all strung.

So you want to put your largest bead on first and as you pull it down over the greenery ends it should be a tight fit.

Then continue stringing the rest of your beads to form a carrot.

I used the following pattern of seven beads to make my carrots.

  • 2 – 20mm
  • 3 – 16mm
  • 2 – 14mm

But get creative and use different-sized beads, make your carrot longer, or even change the color. We’ll chat more about that later.

hands separating jute twine at end of carrot craft

Once all seven beads were in place I tied another double knot in the twine at the end of the last bead to keep everything in place.

Then I trimmed the end of the twine and separated it a bit to make it look more fluffy.

And here is this finished project.

Isn’t it just too cute?!

How to Finish Wood Beads

I chose to leave my beads in the neutral wood tone but you can use your imagination and paint the beads any color your heart desires.

Orange of course would be fun but so would any other color of the rainbow.

Another great way to change up the look and style of these neutral beads would be to stain them with regular wood stain.

Or you can even distress them with some acrylic white craft paint to get a bit of a chippy look.

We’ve done both methods…staining and painting…when we made wood bead ornaments and you can follow the same simple steps for these carrots.

Just click here to get our easy tips to stain or paint wood beads.

How to Style DIY Wood Bead Carrots

three completed wood bead carrot craft items

Now comes the fun part (not that making these cuties wasn’t fun) styling our DIY wood bead carrots.

I made three carrots since I always like to decorate in odd numbers so thought three was a good place to start.

Although I think I’ll be making a few more because I have another idea to use these coming up soon.

Easter vignette with faux tulips and diy wood bead carrots

Since I’m in the middle of trying to get my house decorated for spring I had my bin of Easter decor already out so I created a few vignettes to show you how fun these wood carrots are to add to your home.

I styled a vignette on our wine bar cabinet with my favorite faux tulips, a candle, and a cute wood bunny.

Do you recognize that terracotta tray the DIY carrots are laying on?

It’s one of the planter trays from Walmart that went viral on social media.

Who knew a $2 tray could become so popular?!

wicker tray styled with moss bunnies, bead carrots and terracotta pots

Next, I styled a tray for my kitchen table.

I love using trays when decorating my house because they’re easy to change up for holidays or seasons.

And trays are moveable decor…this tray is simple to move out of the way when it’s time for dinner.

I grabbed some old moss bunnies that I’ve had for a while and several DIY aged terracotta pots that I made last year to create a movable vignette on this wicker tray.

I placed one of the carrots in a flower pot and the other two next to the bunnies.

It’s the perfect garden-style tray for a spring table.

How to Use the Same Decor in Different Ways

tray decor vintage bottles and wood spools with diy craft pieces

This large round galvanized tray on my coffee table was already styled with vintage books, antique wood spools, and green glass bottles.

I just made some room on the tray for this cute bunny and chicken wire cloche I picked up last week at the antique mall.

Then I placed the carrots on a stack of old books.

And now the tray is ready for Easter!

Easter decor with antique books wood bead carrots bunny and faux lavender in basket

Then I walked into my dining room and decided to style the DIY wood carrots in there.

On a small wood cabinet in the corner of the room, I created a pretty vignette with many of the same items that I had on the tray on the living room coffee table.

I styled the small black tabletop with a woven basket filled with faux lavender stems which I just love in the springtime.

The rustic cloche and bunny look great in front of the basket and the wood carrots laying on top of the stack of vintage books is the finishing touch to this area.

So tell me which vignette is your favorite?

And will you be making some of these easy wood bead carrots too?

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collage of products needed to make neutral wood bead carrot craft

Sources: jute twine | greenery garland | 16 mm wood bead | 20 mm wood bead | scotch tape | scissors | 14 mm wood bead | set of 6 sizes wood beads

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