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How to Make Easy Wood Bead Ornaments

Learn how to make pretty wood bead ornaments with our easy to follow steps. Stain or paint your ornaments to match your Christmas décor.

Do you love decorating for Christmas?

I sure do!

It’s my favorite time of year.

There’s nothing quite like the glow from the twinkling lights on a Christmas tree.

Our main tree is a sentimental tree filled with meaningful ornaments that we’ve collected over the years.

However, I do have this pretty cashmere pencil tree that I usually decorate with DIY ornaments I made a few years ago.

But this year, I wanted to switch it up and create a little bit of a different look.

Buying all new ornaments can get super expensive…am I right?

And to be honest with you…I’m a little bit cheap.

Well, maybe not so much cheap…let’s just say frugal.

Since I had bought some other new pieces this holiday season, I didn’t want to purchase all new ornaments.

So, I challenged myself to come up with another simple DIY ornament that would look great on my skinny tree.

What Supplies Do I Need To Make Wood Bead Ornaments

craft supplies to make DIY ornaments laying on table including chalk paint, wood beads, twine, and paint brush

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The extra large beads I used were 38mm or 1.5″ natural unfinished wood beads for crafting.

The other three sizes were 25mm, 20mm, 16mm wood beads and came in a package together.

I used a tray to keep the beads from rolling off the table while I was working.

How to Make Painted Wood Bead Ornaments

hand stirring chalk paint and water in glass bowl with wood stick

The first thing you will do is mix white chalk paint with water in a large glass bowl.

I used about a 50-50 ratio of water to paint.

Diluting the chalk paint down with water will make the paint thinner and create more of a washed finish.

Stir paint and water with a dowel, paint stick, or spoon until it’s smooth.

glass bowl filled with chalk paint and wood beads with hand holding paint brush

Next, gently drop several wood beads into your paint and water mixture.

Using an inexpensive chip brush to make sure each bead is covered completely with paint.

The wood dowel was super helpful to get the beads out of the bowl of paint too.

hands wiping excess paint off painted wood bead ornaments

After removing the painted wood beads, I wiped them with a clean paper towel while letting them roll on parchment paper.

I wanted a little bit more of a distressed look and wiping some of the extra paint off gave me exactly what I wanted.

Once the beads are completely dry, lay out the pattern you want to make your ornaments.

I used two small, two medium, two large and one extra large wood bead.

The pattern of the ornament was from smallest to largest in the middle and back down to smallest.

Start by creating a knot at the end of your twine.

Then string the a small bead followed by a medium, then a large, and the extra large in the middle.

Next add a large, then medium followed by a small bead.

hand holding DIY painted wood ornament above table with painted wood beads spread across table

After all seven beads are strung in the proper order create a loop at the top of your ornament with natural jute twine.

The loop can be used as a hanger for your DIY painted wood ornament.

close up of painted wood DIY wood bead ornament hanging on Christmas tree

Get creative when making these painted wood bead ornaments.

Use different color chalk paint.

Red, green or even a mix of the two would be really pretty!

Or what about silver or gold?

Ohh…now that’s an idea I have to remember for next year!!

Instead of twine, try using ribbon to string your wood beads to create a beautiful and unique ornament.

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How to Make Stained Wood Bead Ornaments

two hands holding tray of stain stirring with wood dowel and wood beads with can of stain sitting beside container on table

After Anne and I made the painted wood ornaments, they were so pretty we wanted to make more.

We thought staining the wood beads could be fabulous!

Anne grabbed a can of stain from her garage they had leftover from a previous project and we started creating a different ornament style.

hands wearing kitchen rubber gloves stirring wood beads in container filled with stain

I followed the same steps as painting the wood beads, except we used a little precaution when staining.

First, be sure to wear gloves when working with stain.

And instead of using a glass bowl, we mixed the stain in a disposable aluminum container.

hands wearing rubber gloves holding wood bead wiping stain off with rag

After covering the wood beads with the stain, I removed them immediately from the aluminum bowl.

Then, I wiped them with a clean rag because I didn’t want the beads to soak up too much of the color.

I wanted the stained DIY wood bead ornament to have a bit of a distressed look like the painted ornaments.

hands stringing wood stained beads on twine

I followed the same pattern stringing the beads as the painted beads to make these handmade stained ornaments.

Using the same pattern and twine with both the painted and stained ornaments created a cohesive look to decorate my cashmere pencil Christmas tree.

stained DIY wood ornament hanging on Christmas tree

I love how easy these ornaments were to make.

Staining and painting a bunch of beads at one time allowed Anne and I enough beads to make a several of each style ornament to decorate our trees.

For very little investment, I was able to update the look of my pencil tree this year.

slim Christmas tree next to staircase decorated with handmade wood ornaments

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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