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How to Make an Easy Christmas Bow in 5 Minutes

Grab your favorite wired ribbon and learn how to make an easy Christmas bow in minutes with our step-by-step directions.

Do you love the look of ribbons & bows on your Christmas home decor?

Me too!

Especially on my greenery like wreaths and garlands.

Both Anne & I love to decorate our homes with greenery during the holidays.

I like to change up the bows on some of my Christmas decorations every couple of years but buying new pre-made bows can get super expensive.

So…what’s a girl to do?

Well, just grab a roll of your favorite wired ribbon and follow my simple steps to make a super easy Christmas bow.

And if you’re looking for a bit more oompf to your bow then you’ll want to check out my other tutorial for a fluffy bow.

The fluffy bow is just as easy as this simple single-loop bow with a couple of extra steps.

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What Supplies Do You Need to Make a Simple Bow

supplies on table to make bows spool of ribbon stapler scissors floral wire ruler

There are just a few craft supplies you will need to make these simple single-loop Christmas bows.

And most of these items you may already have on hand at home.

How to Make a Large Single Loop Bow

hand cutting using scissors to cut ribbon

Using your ruler measure your choice of 2.5″ wide wired ribbon and cut it into a 16″ length.

This will be the loop of your bow.

Then do the same in a 24″ length for the tails of your bow.

hand using stapler to attach ends of a piece of ribbon together to make loop

Next, you will want to create the loop of your bow.

To do this just staple the two ends of your 16″ piece of ribbon together.

Yup, that’s it…told you it was easy.

Like super easy…right?!

hand holding ribbon folded in half between fingers with scissors laying on table

Then, fold the end of the 24″ ribbon and cut on an angle to create a notched-out finished end to your ribbon tails.

Do this on both ends of your 24″ ribbon.

several pieces of ribbon stacked together on wood table

You could also just cut the end of your ribbon on an angle without folding to create a different edge.

Since I was making several bows, I completed the above steps over and over to prepare for putting together a bunch of these Christmas bows.

ribbon on wood table with floral wire and a pair of scissors

Once I had all my long ribbons cut to make finished ends and my short ribbons stapled together, I got my floral wire and scissors ready.

Next, take your stapled short 16″ loop and place it in the middle of your long 24″ ribbon.

hand holding looped ribbon and straight ribbon in hand pinched in middle between fingers

Then, just pinch the middle of both the loop and straight ribbon pieces together between your fingers.

hand holding christmas bow with floral ribbon wrapped around middle

Cut a piece of your floral wire and wrap it around the middle of the ribbon several times to create a bow.

I like to cut the wire extra long so that I have plenty to attach to whatever Christmas decoration I’m using the bow on.

hand holding christmas bow on table

Once it’s all put together just twist the long ends of your ribbon down and fluff your super easy-to-make Christmas bow.

Using a wired ribbon allows you to get the exact look you want with your bow.

You can keep the tails straight or curl them a bit if you’d like.

These simple and plain bows are a beautiful addition to any holiday decor.

But if you want a fluffier bow you can add a couple of extra loops.

Where to Style a Large Bow in your Holiday Home

completed plaid christmas bow laying on wood table

Now I’m all ready to update my old holiday décor with brand new Christmas bows.


close up of plain ribbon on window garland

I used these ribbons to update my outdoor window swags and they look terrific now.

And all it cost me was $10 for 2 spools of wired ribbon to make 15 bows.

I love finding an affordable way to makeover old decorations.

pile of completed holiday bows on table

I also really love a super easy DIY project!

Don’t you?

Now all my outdoor Christmas decorations have a fresh new look.

I added bows on the front porch so that the greenery on my vintage sled and my door wreath have the same new bow as the window swags.

Now it all coordinates perfectly!

Where will you use your new easy-to-make Christmas bows?

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