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How to Style a China Cabinet for Spring In 5 Easy Steps

Let’s style a china cabinet for spring in 5 easy steps. White stoneware mixed with greenery creates a spring vibe in this dining room.

In North Carolina, spring comes early here.

And to be honest with you it’s one of the reasons we moved south 13 years ago. I’m not a big fan of being cold!

So as soon as the holidays are over and the Christmas decor is put away I’m ready for warmer weather.

And spring!

Are you ready for spring too?

I don’t do too much decorating for spring but I do like to add some greenery around our home to give us some spring vibes.

In my dining room china cabinet, I display my collection of Rae Dunn pottery.

And I love the look of the white stoneware against the back of the hutch which I painted black a few years ago.

It’s fun to add some greenery to brighten up the cabinet.

How to Decorate a China Cabinet with Greenery

view of china cabinet over corner of dining room table with snake plant in galvanized container on top of wood stool next to china cabinet

Styling the dining room china cabinet for spring with greenery is a super easy way to bring in some early spring color to our home.

I love how the greenery looks mixed in with the white stoneware.

Even if you don’t collect Rae Dunn you could replicate this look with ironstone or any white stoneware pieces you may have.

Adding a faux grass plant to the top of the hutch draws your eye up to the pretty display of architectural pieces and candles.

And placing my real snake plant in a galvanized bucket on the stool next to the china cabinet adds some more visual interest to the space.

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china cabinet hutch decorated for spring with stoneware and greenery

More greenery placed in between the pottery with one faux plant on each of the three shelves and another just outside looks so pretty.

Don’t you think so too?

Since we don’t use this room often I’m able to leave the doors open on the hutch to have a clear view of the gorgeous spring decor.

5 Steps to Style a Spring China Cabinet

There are a few staples that I always use when styling my china cabinet and a few extras I add for spring.

Let’s take a look at the 5 must-have items I use when styling a simple spring china cabinet.

1. Use Risers

three ceramic candle or mug risers on table with a string of prayer beads laying around them

The first thing I always use when styling my china cabinet are risers which come in a variety of styles and heights.

I often use wood risers around my home for candles and other decor items.

Adding a bit of height when decorating an area adds some interest to a vignette.

The small matching risers are a score from the dollar spot in Target. They are the perfect size to hold a Rae Dunn mug.

Rae Dunn collection in china hutch with large moss sphere on glass shelf

And the larger riser is actually a jar candle holder from Bath and Body Works that I’ve had for years. The bigger surface size perfectly holds my small “Gather” canister.

Adding different heights with some of my pottery collection adds visual interest to the china cabinet.

2. Add Faux Plants

three small faux plants all different variities on dining room table

I love these little faux plants and use them in many areas of my home.

But I especially like to use them when decorating my china cabinet for spring. Heck…I’ll leave them in the hutch all summer long.

The size is perfect to fit between the white stoneware pieces and the height works for any of the shelves in the hutch.

close up of one shelf in china cabinet with stoneware collection displayed on glass shelf and faux plant behind tea pot

I like the mix of styles but the size is all the same so they coordinate beautifully throughout the spring china cabinet.

Look how great the leaves on that faux plant look falling over the teapot…so pretty!

3. Spheres…Spheres…and More Spheres

large and small moss spheres with boxwood spheres laying together on table

These amazing spheres come in all different sizes and styles just like faux plants.

And aren’t the different textures just as amazing too?

I’m not sure which is my favorite.

Do I have to pick just one?

Actually, I choose all of them! Mixing the different sizes and textures creates so much interest in the spring china cabinet.

Rae Dunn pottery displayed in spring china cabinet with boxwood spheres in planters

The boxwood spheres are a staple in the Rae Dunn trio planter on the bottom shelf of the hutch.

And I think those large moss-covered spheres are just so realistic looking!

The tiny moss balls have a different surface and even a different color but look great blended in with the larger spheres and faux plants.

All the various shades of green work so well together!

4. Use Contrasting Textures

wire basket with braided wicker top edge with small wood cutting board in basket on table

The wire & wicker-edged basket holds a bunch of mugs on the bottom of the hutch and is a staple in the china cabinet year-round.

And the small wood cutting board is another decor item that’s always in the cupboard.

Amish Furniture Factory offers solid wood cutting boards in different textures.

Both the basket and cutting board add different materials to the china cabinet that contrast with the white pottery.

close up of wire basket filled with 5 mugs and faux plant and tiny moss ball in front of basket

A basket is a simple way to style a group of the same pieces.

Here I added a bunch of mugs. But a stack of plates or bowls would look great too.

And the design of the wire basket allows you to see whatever is being contained in there.

5. Mix in a String of Wood Beads or Two

one faux plant with string of wood beads and tassels on both ends wrapped around bottom of plant on table

I’ve talked a lot about texture because I just think it’s so important to add different pieces to create visual interest when styling a space like this.

One of the easiest ways to add some texture to any vignette is with a string of wood beads.

They come in all sorts of colors, sizes, and styles.

close up of china hutch decorated with spring greenery and string of beads

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And you could even make them if you’re crafty.

Anne actually made this strand of beads…aren’t they great?!

When you make your own string of beads you get to choose the color, style, and length of your project.

china cabinet with both hutch doors open and plant on stool in front of one door stoneware and greenery with faux plants and moss spheres styled on glass shelves

I hope you found some easy ways to bring spring into your home!

Just go green!!

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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