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Simply Stated

Hope you are all having a relaxing weekend.

When you read this we will be away for spring break.

Say what!?

We know…we didn’t even realize that our girls in high school were even having a spring break.

Our college kids had spring break canceled so we just assumed the high schools in NC did the same thing.

So one night when we were having a game night with the husbands we found out that our girls were off for a week.

And since this is Anne’s girls senior year and possibly last spring break with the family (insert tears!) we did what any good moms would do…we immediately started searching for spring break destinations.

But don’t worry…we’ve planned ahead and scheduled some great content for you guys this coming week while we are away…so you’ll still get our emails with new blog posts!

Did you all see our laundry room reveals?

We know it seemed like it took forever to show you the final transformations. It felt like that for us too!!

We could hardly contain our excitement to show you guys but we had lots of DIY projects along the way to the final reveals that we wanted to share with you first.

AnnMarie finished her Industrial Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room and you won’t believe how much different it looks now!

view of laundry room with artwork on leff side with storage shelves on right beyon washer

And Anne’s French Country Laundry Room Makeover is just beautiful…you have to check out the transformation.

Laundry room with white cabinets with opening above holding cleaning supplies

AnnMarie also shared some affordable must-have items for any laundry room to keep it organized and uncluttered.

two canister style glass jars will lids filled with laundry powder and a scoop on top of powderr in jar

And you need to make these easy but super tasty Peanut Butter Cookie Balls! So yummy!

Gluten free, sugar free, low fat peanut butter cookie dough balls in a white glass bowl on a white marble counter with a striped napkin.

We found some more great ideas for you this week…

It’s time to start planning your summer garden…check out this post.

This super cute & affordable DIY.

We can’t wait to try this recipe!

Check out this kitchen renovation.

These great design tips.

This amazing DIY accent wall.

This pretty DIY spring wreath.

And another yummy recipe we want to try.

These great tips that we need to do now!

This pretty and budget-friendly artwork.

Have a great weekend friends! If you have ideas that you’d like us to share just let us know.