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How to Style a Pretty Fall Basket in 5 Simple Steps

Learn how to style a fall basket in 5 simple steps to decorate your home in beautiful autumn colors this year.

We’re super excited about today’s blog post…just wait until you read about our newest adventure!

We both love scrolling through our Pinterest feed for inspiration.

Whether it’s for home decorating, DIY, or recipes we always seem to find something we want to recreate.

Do you love Pinterest as much as we do?

So many times we pin ideas that we love, and then never actually do anything with those pins…

This month we joined some of our decorating blog friends to do a Pinterest challenge.

What’s a Pinterest challenge? We all start with the same image found on Pinterest and then we each use it as inspiration to create something unique!

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Pinterest Challenge Inspiration Photo

janelle trinette photograph of fall basket filled with pumpkins
photo credit: Janelle Trinnette

Isn’t this fall basket from Janelle Trinette just gorgeous?

I love all the textures and neutral colors.

And that antique door the display is sitting in front of…gah…just beautiful!

To recreate this fall basket I’m planning to use decorative wood slices, a throw blanket, and fall faux stems as Janelle did.

But I’ll be adding a few different pieces as well.

What Supplies Do I Need to Style a Harvest Basket for Fall?

décor items on floor to style basket for fall

Not only is this our first month with the Pinterest challenge group but I also challenged myself to only use items I had at home to recreate the photo.

I wanted to see if I could get the look without spending any money because isn’t that more fun?!

What You Need to Create a Decorative Fall Basket Like Mine

If you want to get the same look as me, here are links to similar items to make it easy for you!

How to Choose the Perfect Container for a Fall Display

basket with handles on raised stone fireplace hearth

The first step to create this fall display is to find the perfect basket.

It’s a good thing I love baskets so I had a few to choose from.

The design of this one is great and the size was just right at 12″ high and 13″ wide for my fireplace hearth.

It’s from Home Goods so I don’t have an exact link for you but you can find baskets at Target, thrift stores, or even on Amazon.

Check out the one I found for you below (shop this post).

What Should I Use to Fill a Large Basket?

Next, you’ll need something to fill up that big ‘ol basket otherwise you’d be using a ton of pumpkins, flowers, or whatever fall decor you’re adding.

And since you’re only able to see the decor that’s on the top of the basket filling it up underneath is a necessary step.

I chose a rust-colored knit blanket that adds lots of fun texture and has a pretty fringe detail that looks great hanging over the top edge of the basket.

This blanket is really thick & chunky so it filled the basket up nicely.

If you want to use burlap or a thinner blanket like the inspiration photo, you could fill your basket with empty water bottles, grocery bags, or newspapers to take up space.

How to Add Autumn Decorating Pieces to a Basket

blogger holding faux leaf stem over basket with blanket

Now that you’ve taken up some space with the blanket, it’s time to add some fall vibes.

I love to add faux greenery to most of the decorated spaces in my home…think flowers, stems, grasses, and plants.

Outside I’m all about real plants and flowers but inside that black thumb of mine is more obvious so I go the artificial route.

I found these gorgeous faux leaf and berry stems at Pottery Barn on clearance a few years ago.

You can check out how I styled them on top of my entertainment center and on the fireplace hearth.

Since these stems are super long I bent them so they wouldn’t be too tall in the basket.

I tucked the three artificial leaf stems along the back edge of the basket adjusting the blanket to hold them in place near the bottom.

Then I pulled the throw over to fill in the space at the top so the stems weren’t visible.

AnnMarie from Simply2Moms adding dried gourd to top of basket

Instead of adding pumpkins, I decided to use dried gourds that I bought at our local antique mall last fall.

They were only a few dollars each and well worth the investment because apparently, gourds aren’t so easy to dry yourself.

I tried to leave fresh gourds in my garage to dry out but they started to rot and smelled after about 5 months, so if you have any helpful tricks let me know!

overhead view of harvest basket filled with gourds for fall

All the different sizes, colors, and shapes are so interesting and fun to use in your fall home decor.

Last year used these gourds with amber bottles and wheat for my centerpiece when I styled a beautiful rustic Thanksgiving tablescape.

You can see I dropped one and it cracked so I tried to glue it back together since it was my favorite.

And our dog may have eaten another one after I took these pictures for this post so I’m thinking I need to get a few more.

completed basket filled with blanket, gourds and fall leaf and berry stems

So what do you think?

I’m really loving the rich fall color combinations on our stone fireplace.

But I think this fall display can be a little better!

How to Create a Fall Vignette on a Fireplace

stack of three wood slices on fireplace hearth

The final step is to create a vignette with the decorated fall basket.

I bought a set of wood slices from Amazon for my daughter’s graduation party in June for table centerpieces.

When I saw the inspiration photo, I knew I could use them again.

I placed three gourds on top of the wood slices and leaned a larger gourd against the stack.

It’s the perfect natural rustic compliment to the fall basket.

fall harvest basket vignette displayed on fireplace

Thanks for stopping by the blog, I hope you got some helpful ideas to decorate for fall using things you may already have at home, but if you don’t have everything you need check out the items below.

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More Fall Basket Inspiration

Welcome to the Pinterest Challenge group hosted by our friend Cindy from County Road 507.

Each month Cindy chooses a photo she finds on Pinterest and challenges the group to recreate it in our own style.

If you’re joining us from Marty at A Stroll Through Life, wasn’t her version of the fall basket so pretty? I love all the texture she used with the woven pumpkins and wheat!

Next up is Cindy from DIY Beautify wait until you see her pretty basket with sunflowers. Then be sure to check out all the other fall baskets for even more inspiration!

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