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The Secret to a Cozy and Practical Fall Home

Take a stroll through this cozy and practical fall home tour. Filled with lots of simple ideas for your autumn home.

Although summer is my favorite season fall is a close runner up!

Fall comes a bit later here in North Carolina so we look forward to the warm days and cooler nights. And when those cool nights finally hit us I just love pulling out sweaters & hoodies.

Because I’m all about being cozy!

Not only do I love dressing cozy but I love to create a cozy home for my family.

Wait until the end of this post when you find out how my fall home is not only cozy but practical too!

Welcome to My Cozy Fall Home

woman leaning against door frame of open front door decorated with cornstalks, flowers and pumpkins

Hey there!

Here’s a little peek at my fall front porch. Just click that link there to go check out all details of my porch.

Anne and I had so much fun styling our front porches this fall together.

It’s always fun to bounce ideas off a friend, isn’t it?! And then one of you can step back and take a look and direct the other to move a piece.

We are good at bossing eachother around that way. LOL!

But seriously we were part of a fun blog hop and even wrote a post together about our secret to fantastic fall porch decorating!

Simple Fall Foyer

foyer area with table and mirror above basket with pillows next to table and large bottleneck jar with pampas grass on floor jute run in front of door with hanging basket filled with fall stems

My foyer is open to a living room to the left and the dining room to the right and I always have such a hard time styling it.

There isn’t anything on the walls so in photos it looks pretty empty unless I get in close for the shot. But I have some fun plans to transform this space so stay tuned!

Did you notice that my fall stems hanging basket is inside the front door now?

Yup, I moved it and hung my old fall wreath on the door outside. The hanging basket just too darn pretty to risk getting ruined out there!

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Shop the Foyer

Adding some mini faux white pumpkins that were a simple DIY craft project from years ago in a basket to the table gives me some instant fall vibes.

And nothing says cozy more than a lit candle!

Cozy Gallery Wall Living Room

living room with gallery walls spanning two walls

Our front living room is wide open to the foyer and hallway to the back of our house.

I created a huge wrap-around gallery wall on both blank walls filled with family photos and home decor signs.

This space is my favorite to sit in while I’m chatting on the phone or engaging on our S2M social media accounts.

wood dough bowl filled with small sweater pumpkins on wood coffee table in living room with arm chair beyond table and gallery walls

For fall I just added a bunch of the DIY sweater pumpkins I made last year to a wood dough bowl. Anne taught me how to make them and even shared a step by step tutorial for you.

We both went a little crazy making them but now we have them to use around our cozy fall homes year after year.

Shop the Living Room

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You will want to check out this blog post to see all the ways we’ve decorated with DIY sweater pumpkins around both of our homes.

How would you use them?

Natural Autumn Dining Room

dining table with chairs styled for fall with pampas grass centerpieces and china cabinet to left side of room

In our dining room, I added a few natural elements to create a beautiful neutral tablescape for autumn.

The pampas grass is the star of the show in this room!

Isn’t it so pretty?

Shop the Dining Room

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Pampas grass is so simple to dry and free if you have a plant in your yard. Or maybe a friend has a pampas grass plant and will share it with you.

Cozy Family Room

family room view looking into room from behind couch at media entertainment center with tv and fall decor on shelf chandilier hanging above in vaulted ceiling stone fireplace to right of room with window on side of fireplace

Our family room is our cozy space!

It’s where we all gather together as a family.

And comfort is key in this room.

From the comfy throw pillows on the couch to the basket of throw blankets in the corner ready to grab for a night of watching tv.

It’s all about feeling cozy in here!

close up of amber bottles and fall decor on top of wood entertainment center

The fall decor on the top of our entertainment center in warm autumn colors fits right in with the cozy vibe of this room.

Can you believe I found those amazing enormous fall stems on clearance at Pottery Barn?

I walked in and they were on display in a vase right in the front of the store and I instantly fell in love but knowing most items in PB are out of my frugal price range I kept on walking.

But Chris looked at the price tag and grabbed them out of the vase. Only $8 each! Whoo-hoo!!

They make such a gorgeouos impact in our fall family room!

family room view with stone fireplace decorated for fall leather chair in corner in front of window gallery wall with lighting above

Do you have a fireplace?

It’s my favorite place to style each season in our home.

I shopped my house this year and didn’t spend a dime on decorating our fall fireplace.

Shop the Family Room

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On a side note…what do you think about the windows?

I used to have curtains up there but they blocked half the light because the window is so close to the fireplace. I’ve considered hanging a single panel just on the outside of the window.

But between the fireplace and the canvas gallery wall, I’m not sure so they’ve been bare for several years. But curtains would help cozy up the room even more.

Help a girl out and let me know what you think in comments below!

Fall Decor in a Hallway

wood console table on hardwood floors two lamps on either side of table and round mirror in middle hung on wall baskets on bottom shelf of table

Just behind the open concept family room is a hallway with the popular Everett console table. I see this table all over social media and I still love it!

Some pretty floral stems in a vase I’ve had for years with a candle and wood pumpkin creates the perfect fall vignette.

Just down the hall we have a little nook between our kitchen and dining room which is the perfect place for this bar cabinet we bought after moving in 12 years ago.

bar cabinet with glass doors displaying glassware and wine bottles in middle top of furniture is decorated with fall stems pumpkins and candles above furniture is tobacco basket with fall wreath and light above

The top of the furniture piece is a great spot to add seasonal decor. The pumpkins, candles, stems, and wreath are all old fall decorating items.

Shop the Hallway

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So have you figured out why my fall home is not only cozy but practical too?

If you guessed that I shop my home and reuse fall decor items year after year…you’re right!

It is possible to create a new look each year for your fall home. Just look through your tubs of fall decor and think of ways to reuse it differently this year than last year.

So simple!

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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