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How to Style a Tiered Tray for Valentine’s Day

Tiered trays are a simple way to add some holiday decor to your home. Learn how to style a tiered tray for Valentine’s day.

Do you decorate for Valentine’s day?

I usually don’t but I’ve found that having a tiered tray is a super easy way to add a bit of holiday decor to your home without going overboard.

Not that you can’t go crazy for every holiday if that’s your jam.

Seriously…you do you!

I just LOVE to decorate during the fall and of course at Christmas but the other holidays I like to go a bit more simple.

Red or pink isn’t in my home’s regular neutral color scheme. But it’s almost Valentine’s day…and red is such a fun color for this time of year!

So I grabbed my galvanized tiered tray decorated it and now my home is ready for Valentine’s day!

two tiered galvanized tray with Valentine decor including wood word blocks faux plants decorative spheres wood beads and gnome

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Isn’t it so cute!

I love the pops of red.

You can see the “rules” I created and follow when I style my tiered trays here and here.

Go check them out…I’ll wait. LOL

So now let’s see how I put this Valentine’s tiered tray together…

How to Add Some Fun & Color

gnome with striped hat with heart on hat sitting in tiered tray

The cute gnome is super fun!

And it’s a good size so visually it takes up a lot of space.

I’d consider the gnome my anchor piece for this tiered tray because of the size.

Plus he has an adorable red & white striped hat…what’s more fun than stripes?

I found this little guy at Hobby Lobby and he’s attached to a clear plastic jar. Wouldn’t that be so great to fill with candy as a little gift?

Create Meaning with Valentines Word Blocks

close up of word block that reads be mine in front of valentines tiered tray on top of table

A set of three red word blocks from 12 Timbers give me the pretty pop of color needed for this Valentine’s vignette.

The handcrafted quality is awesome!

These word block are also available in black.

How to Use Neutral Design Elements

top tier of tray with gnome on left side mason jar of flower stems on right side distressed orb and string of wood beads in front of tray

Filling in the top of the tiered tray with neutral white elements balances the red.

Little white flowers in a glass mason jar fill the space opposite the gnome.

A distressed white sphere brings in some texture and contrast.

And the string of white wood beads hanging from the middle of the tray down the side adds interest.

Where Can I Use Faux Plants

bottom of tiered tray with word block and metal sphere with faux plants behind and in front of decor items

I like to repeat elements like faux plants or flowers on both the top and bottom tiers of the tray.

You can see I used the same white flower stems that were in the mason jar on the bottom of the tray too.

Then filling in behind the XOXO word block is a larger faux plant. And a small succulent on the side of the block.

Farmhouse Style Valentines Display

valentine tiered tray styled on top of table with word block to right of tray and wood distressed orb to left of tray

My farmhouse style galvanized tiered tray creates a simple but pretty display for Valentine’s day.

I’m really happy with how this tiered tray gives us a bit of holiday decor without it being too much in our home.

Breaking up the pops of red with the neutrals in the white decor pieces is a good compromise.

And the natural elements of the faux plants and stems add a bit of texture and contrast to the holiday items.

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Tell us how you decorate for Valentine’s day below in the comments. If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me!

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