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How to Use Natural Elements in Your Fall Dining Room Décor

Learn how to use natural elements in your fall dining room decor. Simple and budget-friendly ideas to create a beautiful tablescape.

I jumped on the pampas grass trend recently. I kept seeing it all over and I thought it just looked so pretty.

But then I thought…”Hey AnnMarie…you’ve got a pampas grass plant in your backyard”.

So I went back there and cut some down for my dining room.

Be sure to check out my post on how to dry pampas grass in 3 easy steps.

And I can’t wait to share my favorite view of my dining room with you at the end of this post!

dining room table with pampas grass in 2 glass bottleneck vases

Creating Your Fall Tablescape

This long wood tray with metal handles has been a staple on my dining room table since last year.

It was a super inexpensive Home Goods find.

Like only 12 bucks! Score!

If you can’t find one I bet you could make something just like it.

All you’d need is a piece of scrape wood and a couple of metal cabinet handles.

I used my long wood tray for my Christmas tablescape last year with a string of beautiful silver mercury ornaments.

And in the spring I styled the dining room table with the tray and these awesome bottle neck jars.

I love the versatility of these jars used as vases on my dining room table.

1. Dried Pampas Grass Plumes

fall tablescape in dining room with pampas grasses filled in glass jar vases and grapevine wreaths and pinecones

Pampas grass plumes are definitely the focal point of the table and the first natural element in my fall dining room decor.

The glass bottleneck jars have a definite blue tint to them which usually isn’t a traditional fall color.

But filled with neutral-colored dry pampas grasses they look perfect in our dining room.

What do you think?

2. Grapevine Orbs

close up of natural elements including pinecones and grapevine orbs on wood tray in middle of table

Another way to add a natural element to my fall dining room decor is with grapevine orbs.

I got these grapevine orbs at Hobby Lobby but I’ve seen similar orbs in lots of different home decor or craft stores.

They are another versatile decoring item that I use in many ways throughout my home.

The first time I bought a set of these orbs it was to use as ornaments on my Christmas tree.

Yup I just lay them in the branches throughout the tree to add a natural vibe to my Christmas tree!

The orbs are also great fillers for bowls, vases and tiered trays.

3. Pinecones

close up of table place setting with charger and two plates with pinecone on top of plate and folded napkin between plates

Pinecones are the third way to add a natural element.

I mixed pinecones in with the grapevine orbs and placed them in groups between the glass jars on the tray.

Even though the pinecones and grapevine orbs are a similar color to the wood tray they provide great texture to the centerpiece.

Adding a single pinecone to the center of each place setting ties it back to the fall dining room centerpiece.

And isn’t he just so cute sitting there in the middle of the plate?

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How Many Pampas Grass Plumes Should You Use?

After getting my pampas grass ready for indoor use I put one piece in each of the jars and it looked pretty.

And simple.

I mean I’m a simple girl so I kinda liked it.

Less is more right?!

dining room table decorated for fall with six place settings and pampas grass centerpiece. China cabinet to against wall next to table. Windows beyond table

But then…

I decided to throw another plume to each bottleneck jar.

And it just gives it a little bit of…

Hmmm I don’t know…


Is that the right way to describe it?

It’s just so much fuller and lush.

I think I LOVE it even more now!

dining table with chairs styled for fall with pampas grass centerpieces and china cabinet to left side of room

And now are you ready for my favorite view?

So if you’ve been around the blog for a while you’ll notice I usually photograph my dining room from this side with the china cabinet in view because it has the best light.

But my absolute favorite view is from the opposite side looking out through the foyer to our living room with the wrap-around gallery walls.

corner of dining table and chairs decorated for fall with view out of dining room into foyer and living room with gallery walls

So which is your favorite? One pampas grass plume or two?

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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