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Simply Stated or Keeping it Simple

Happy Halloween, friends!

We’re starting something new this week that we’re pretty excited about! A round-up of all the fun things we’ve found over the past week.

You see, we love reading other people’s blogs, and there’s a good chance we’ve found some ideas from other bloggers you’d enjoy too!

Plus, we’re always finding great bargains and sales, but haven’t had an easy way to share them with you.

Until now!

Welcome to Simply Stated or Keeping it Simple. We can’t decide which one we like better? Be sure to vote to help us choose our name!

A few random thoughts for you to start things off.

1. We’ve seen a debate recently about what age should kids stop trick or treating. We’re both in the “any age can trick or treat as long as they’re respectful and wearing a costume” camp!

Especially this year when our teens are already missing out on so much. Plus, we’d rather see teens out trick or treating than at a party, y’know?

Honestly, even if you’re 80 years old, if you show up on our doorsteps in a costume we’ll be giving you some candy!

2. Christmas is less than two months away! We’re both pretty excited about that one!

In fact, we’re both planning on starting to decorate for the holidays this week!

Now don’t think that means you need to start decorating that early if that’s not your thing. But as bloggers we wanna be sure you have time to pick up something new you might see us share when you decorate your homes!

3. We’ve both managed to keep our mums alive since Labor Day! It’s been such a mild fall around here which has definitely helped. Plus Anne remembered to water hers regularly. For a change…

4. We shared some fun ideas with you this week on the blog!

Like this recipe for a delicious, healthy, crunchy snack.

bowl filled with pumpkin spice air fryer chickpeas and a few scattered around the bowl

And Anne’s simple fireplace makeover. Some simple, spooky ideas to decorate for Halloween with dollar store finds.

Traditional fireplace mantel with erosion control cloth and Halloween decor with large round mirror

And easy tips for decorating with natural elements.

close up of natural elements including pinecones and grapevine orbs on wood tray in middle of table

Now, here are some of our favorite finds this week

These simple tips for propagating plants.

This simple but stunning kitchen transformation.

This THM-friendly meal plan for November.

This Pumpkin Dump Cake recipe.

These keto Chick-Fil-A copycat nuggets (we make them in our air fryers!)

This chemical-free cleaning tip!

This beautiful centerpiece.

And here are some deals you may like!

This section contains some affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. You can read our full disclosure policy here.

Have you ever ordered from Chewy? Anne’s husband loves ordering cat food and litter from them! They’re offering a 20% discount on any order over $60 right now!

We both love shopping at Kohls! Especially when there’s a sale (and there’s always a sale, right?!) Use the code TREAT20 to get an extra 20% off your order at Kohls.

We discovered Grove Collaborative when we first started blogging. They sell a huge variety of eco-friendly cleaning, health, and beauty products at a great discount compared to what you’d spend at a store. You can join Grove Collaborative here and get a great Mrs. Meyers gift set!

That’s it for this week!

Happy weekend, friends!