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How to Use Vintage Amber Bottles in Your Fall Decor

Wait until you see all these ideas to use vintage amber bottles in your fall decor! The rich amber color adds instant warmth to your home.

Pottery Barn entertainment unit decorated for fall. Shelves are filled with baskets, photo frames, books, and vintage corbels. The top of the entertainment center has a large smoky glass vase filled with autumn branches. A textured wood pumpkin is next to the vase. A farmhouse style wood cake stand holds three vintage amber glass bottles and a strand of farmhouse wood beads. Two wood lanterns are at the end of the cabinet. A large sign that reads "family isn't an important thing, it's everything" is centered over the shelves.

Are you excited for fall?

So are we!

In fact, this past weekend actually started to feel like fall in the evenings.

It was heavenly.

One evening we got together with our husbands at Anne’s house. We sat outside and watched some college football.

In sweatshirts.


In the beginning of September.

In North Carolina!

And while the guys talked about sports and de-thatching, and aerating, and whether it was gonna be cool enough to plant grass seed soon, we talked about decorating our houses for fall.

We both have some fun ideas planned!

A few weeks ago we met up with some friends we made on Instagram at an amazing antique mall near us: The Depot at Gibson Mill.


We’ve been to antique malls before, but this place? Was like nowhere we’d ever seen.

It was huge!


And we both brought home some beautiful vintage amber bottles and jars.

With all kinds of visions of how to use our new pretties to decorate for fall this year!

Check out these ideas for adding some antique amber glass and bottles in your home for fall.

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1. On a Cake Stand or Pedestal

Close up view of the top of an entertainment center has a large smoky glass vase filled with autumn branches. A textured wood pumpkin is next to the vase. A farmhouse style wood cake stand holds three vintage amber glass bottles and a strand of farmhouse wood beads.

The top of AnnMarie’s entertainment center is a fantastic place to make a big fall statement!

Since the furniture is large, she grouped three bottles together on a wood pedestal cake stand.

The amber bottles may have gotten lost individually. But elevating them on the stand helps the grouping make a bigger statement!

Pottery Barn entertainment unit decorated for fall. Shelves are filClose up view of the top of an entertainment center has a larA textured pumpkin made of coir sits next to a wood pedestal stand. The farmhouse style wood cake stand holds three vintage amber glass bottles and a strand of farmhouse wood beads.

Here’s a closeup so you can really see all the little details.

Shop the look:

2. Make a Fall Vignette

Shelf of entertainment center with a white sweater pumpkin, small amber glass bottle holding a sprig of dried fall flowers, and a distressed farmhouse style picture frame holding a photo of a teenage girl standing in a field of dried grass

A smaller amber glass bottle is super cute as a bud vase.

Don’t you just love that pretty floral stem?

We both bought some of them from The Depot.

They’re faux flowers.

That look like dried flowers.

But without the crunchy dry bits that break off and make a mess!

So basically they’re perfect.

3. Grouped on a Fireplace Mantel

A close up view of a painted traditional fireplace mantel. Two antique books are on the far corner with two vintage amber glass bottles on top. Three more brown antique glass containers sit right in front and to the side. An old Clorox amber glass bottle, a brown glass jar with metal lid, and a small amber glass bottle with a peeling vintage label is in the foreground. The bottles all have sprigs of dried fall flowers.

Heading across the street, Anne created a simple grouping with her amber bottles on her mantel.

That mantel never would have been able to fit all of those bottles before it got its budget makeover!

Four of the bottles were similar in height.

Two stacked vintage books lifted two of the bottles a little higher.

And how cute is that little guy with the peeling antique label?

4. Make a Moveable Centerpiece

A round metal tray with handles painted with chipping paint holds a handmade sweater pumpkin, a burning Antique Candle Co candle, and three pieces of vintage amber glass: a small bottle with a vintage label, a large jar with rusting metal lid, and a large square shouldered bottle. The two bottles have small sprigs of fall leaves, dried flowers, and a piece of dried wheat in them.

Handled trays are our favorite hack for an easy kitchen centerpiece!

The handles make it super easy to move the entire thing out of the way when serving dinner.

Be sure to use varied heights, colors, and texture.

We love using no sew sweater pumpkins throughout our homes all fall!

They’re so easy to make.

They’re really inexpensive!

And hello, texture in spades.

By the way, if you’re ever looking for amazing candles, the soy candles by Antique Candle Co. are amazing!

They aren’t paying us to say that.

We just love the company.

Plus their scents are fantastic: especially the fall and Christmas ones!

5. Pair Vintage Amber Bottles with Modern Farmhouse Items

A close up view of the top of a serving buffet decorated for fall. Two distressed wood pillar candleholders topped with large pillar candles, a small amber glass bottle holding dried fall flowers, and a sign that reads "harvest hot cider hay rides corn mazes apples flannels pies pumpkins scarecrows chilly nights hoodies family gold trees toasty campfires pumpkin spice leaves falling in all uppercase letters. A large tobacco basket hangs on the wall.

Did you know that AnnMarie loves Rae Dunn pottery? You have to check out her fantastic display in her china cabinet!

You’ll also find all kinds of meaningful signs throughout her home.

So it’s no surprise that a fall sign with Rae Dunn-styled lettering made it into her house!

Doesn’t this amber glass bud vase look pretty with all the modern farmhouse touches?

Shop the Look

6. Lined Up On a Windowsill

Five large vintage amber glass jars and bottles sit on a windowsill over a kitchen sink. Three of the bottles hold small twigs and dried leaves.

Don’t you love how the amber glass bottles have such a warm glow when the light shines through them?

We do too!

A windowsill is a fantastic place to display your collection.

You can even add some twigs and leaves from your yard for a seasonal (and budget-friendly) fall touch.

7. Add Warm Colors to Built-in Shelves

A large custom built-in entertainment center in a room with a coffered ceiling. The shelves are filled with baskets, antique copper containers, vintage textile spools, wooden firkens, handmade pumpkins made from old sweaters,nd vintage amber glass bottles. The top of the until has a tall metal vase filled with faux fall grasses and flowers, a wood bucket filled with vintage spools, an old wooden cheese mold, and an assortment of white pumpkins. A leather recliner with a throw pillow sits in front of the built in shelves.

This built-in entertainment center is where the bottles finally ended up at Anne’s. These shelves are a great place to bring in seasonal colors and decor!

Can you find all seven bottles?

We’ll give you a hint for the bottles: they’re spread out on three different shelves…

Speaking of three shelves, did you know, when you’re decorating, making triangles with the same color or element helps move the eye through a display?

By the way, while you were playing I Spy to find the bottles, did you also find someone who didn’t realize she was in this picture…


So which idea did you like the best? Drop us a comment and let us know!


We almost forgot.

We purchased our vintage amber glass bottles from a local antique mall.

But if you don’t have somewhere to shop for antiques near you, here’s a few amber bottles you can buy online:

After all, we wouldn’t want to make you to fall in love with amber bottles and not be able to get some of your very own!

What kind of friends would we be?

So go get yourself some pretty amber glass beauties and get your fall on!

And then email us your pictures so we can see how you used them too.

We sure would love for you to follow us over on Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss any of our tips, tricks, or stories!

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