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How To Decorate Your Home With Meaningful Quotes

Do you love home décor signs? Learn how to decorate your home with meaningful quotes to reflect your personality.

Signs…signs…everywhere there’s signs!


Don’t you just love that song?   

Now you’re singing, right? 

So…I LOVE quotes and I’m not gonna lie! 

Sometimes I’m not the greatest at expressing myself but I can always find a great quote for any situation. 

And it’s not hard to find quotes as wall décor these days. 

Signs with inspirational or even simple quotes can be found practically everywhere.

Recently, I realized that I may have a sign in just about every room of my house! Oops!

Do You Have a Favorite Quote?

sign with meaning quote hanging on wall next to windows behind kitchen table and chairs with light fixture hanging from ceiling

If you’ve read my story you know my favorite quote is “Enjoy the little things in life for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things”. 

Last year I made an extra-large sign with this quote on it at my local AR workshop that hangs in my kitchen as a reminder to us to slow down. 

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I found the perfect pair of rustic candle sconces to fill the space on the wall on either side of my big sign at World Market.

view of entertainment center with twinkle lights in cloche

When redecorating the top of my media center I wanted to hang something on the wall just above the furniture piece since we have a two-story family room. 

I tried a few different things but nothing looked quite right. 

Despite having a similar sign in our kitchen I decided to order another wood-framed farmhouse style sign from Smallwood Home for the family room. 

Since they were having a great sale, I took a chance in buying it online not knowing what the quality was. 

Well, I was very happy with my purchase! 

And the sign was perfect in the space!

I just love the quote…it may just be my second fave! 

view of window with wood word quote sign

I was so happy with ordering the sign from Smallwood’s, I decided to get another one for our master bathroom. 

This time I didn’t ask my husband’s opinion on which quote he liked as I wanted to surprise him with a custom sign. 

The sign was designed with the lyrics to our song “When I See You Smile” by Bad English. 

Ahh…another hair band!

Where to Include Meaningful Quotes in Bedrooms

student desk with fuzzy chair and display shelf

And because I want to inspire my tribe around here…I’ve added signs in each of our bedrooms! 

Two signs sit on my daughter’s wall shelf in her room. 

We recently redecorated her space and it looks great!

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And a small sign in my son’s room between his closet and window…he has the smallest room in the house…but it’s so cozy! 

I’ve updated this small bedroom for Gavin and you have to check out how much better it looks now!

And in my oldest son’s room, I found this wood sign at a local boutique. 

It was perfect for him while he was working hard in high school preparing for college.

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In our master bedroom, a sign I found at Home Goods several years ago hangs above our board & batten wall

I’m ready to update this sign though and found one at Smallwood Home that would be perfect for the space…just haven’t pulled the trigger to purchase it since there really isn’t anything wrong with this one.

Small Budget Friendly Signs

We do have several gallery walls in our house. 

The gallery wall in our bonus room, which is the kids hang out space, is made up of small inexpensive canvas signs with quotes on them.

gallery walls on two walls in living room loveseat coffee table in front of walls filled with photos and artwork

Our front room…as I like to call it…it’s technically our “formal living room” but we are far from formal around here has a large gallery wall that spans both walls in the room. 

The room is open to the hallway/foyer and the last wall is all windows. 

The gallery walls include both photos and yup you guessed it…signs! 

These are my favorite signs in that room.

The “5” sign is because as you may know…we are a family of 5…party of 5! 

And the last sign I made at a small shop near me that hosts craft workshops.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the signs that decorate my house. 

They are easy to find or even make to match your décor. 

Do you love inspirational quotes and signs as much as I do?

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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