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Inexpensive Gift Wrapping Ideas | 7 Simple Ways to Use Yarn

Want your gifts to look cute without breaking the bank? Check out these simple and inexpensive gift-wrapping ideas using yarn!

I have a love/hate relationship with wrapping gifts.

On the one hand, a beautifully wrapped gift makes it feel even more special.

On the other hand, it can take a lot of time to make gifts look beautiful.

Then, on another hand, I hate spending money on something that’s going to be ripped off and thrown away.

Although, my Aunt Melanie used to wrap the top of boxes and would finish them with gorgeous bows like the ones AnnMarie shows you how to make with an amazing no-fail hack.

We would reuse “Aunt Melanie boxes” for years, passing them back and forth to one another!

But she spent a lot of time wrapping her gorgeous boxes, and time is something I seem to run short on during the holidays.

And sleep.

Last year, one of my daughters introduced me to something new…

Why not use yarn instead of ribbon?

Yarn is very affordable!

A single skein can wrap hundreds of gifts.

It could last you several years.

And there are so many different ways to use the yarn!

You can really get creative if that’s something you enjoy.

Or you can use the yarn like traditional ribbon and simply tie a bow.

If you’re a fan of brown paper packages tied up with strings, then wait until you see my simple twist on a classic!

Five Kraft paper boxes of different sizes decorated with green and white yarn tied and wrapped in different ways for Christmas.

Did you know you can buy Kraft paper boxes?

They’re reusable!

And they look fantastic without taking any time to actually wrap them.

Simply add yarn in a variety of ways and you’re done!

Let’s take a look at some simple ways to use yarn for some inexpensive gift wrapping.

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Affordable Christmas Gift Wrap Supplies

You don’t need a lot to make your gifts look amazing:

Skeins of white and green yarn, assorted Kraft paper boxes, scissors, and tape on a counter to wrap gifts.

If you can’t find Kraft paper boxes, or you’re partial to packages that are truly wrapped, then Kraft paper is a super affordable option.

I also like this reversible wrapping paper that is plain brown on one side with a plaid pattern on the other.

If you love the look of Kraft paper but want to use something that’s not quite as thick, this set of wrapping paper includes 2 rolls: one Kraft-colored and one white.

You’ll want to use either a solid paper or one with a very faint pattern if you’re trying any of the yarn techniques other than tying it into a bow.

Otherwise, the pattern of the wrapping paper will overpower the pattern of the yarn.

Simple Crochet Yarn Bow Around Small Box Top

Kraft paper box with white polka dot print bottom. Several strands of green yarn is tied around the lid into a bow.

These fun boxes from Target have a polka dot pattern on the bottom.

There are holes in the bottom part of the box where you can attach yarn, and then use it to tie the lid on top.

Use a few pieces of yarn on each side for a mroe substantial look.

Use a Pompom Instead of a Bow

Kraft paper box with white polka dot print bottom. White yarn is wrapped around the lid with a small white pompom and greenery.

Why not make a pompom and tie it on top instead of a bow?

Doesn’t that look so fun?!

You could even make several pompoms for a fluffier look.

Tuck in a bit of greenery for an organic touch.

Simple Woven Yarn Pattern with Greenery

Kraft paper shirt box with two colors of yarn wrapped vertically and horizontally in a woven pattern with greenery and a tag.

This might be my favorite option!

I attached the yarn to the inside of the upper part of the box so that the box can be used again.

Cut 5-9 lengths of yarn in one color that are long enough to go around the box vertically.

Then cut the same number of pieces of yarn in another color that are long enough to go around the box horizontally.

Always use an odd number.

Start in the middle and attach one piece of yarn vertically using tape to hold down the ends inside the box.

Then attach one piece of yarn horizontally.

Now, work your way out on each side, attaching one vertical piece, then one horizontal piece.

Kraft paper shirt box with two colors of yarn wrapped vertically and horizontally in a woven pattern with greenery and a tag.

You’ll end up with a slightly woven pattern.

If you’re more patient than me, you could take the time to make each piece overlap properly for a true woven look.

Tie on a tag and add some greenery and you’re done.

Easy Criss Crossed Wrapped Yarn

If you have family members who like to sneak peeks before Christmas morning, then this is the technique for you!

Kraft paper shirt box with white and green yarn wrapped around multiple times and crisscrossing.

Simply wrap yarn around and around and around in one color 10-15 times.

Then tie on another color, and wrap some more.

Be sure to space out your wraps and do some crisscrossing.

You could add even more colors of yarn if you want!

Kraft paper shirt box with white and green yarn wrapped around multiple times and crisscrossing with gold star ornament.

I love attaching an ornament as the name tag on gifts.

Simply write the person’s name on the back of the ornament.

You can even include a special note to them!

Don’t forget to include the year.

This type of gift tag is one that will become a memento instead of trash.

Make a Yarn Tree on the Package

If you want to get a little more creative, why not make a Christmas tree on the front of the package?

Kraft paper box with green yarn attached to look like a large Christmas tree with a mini pompom at the top.

Depending on the size of the box, you’ll need 12-20 strands of yarn long enough to wrap around the box top.

If you’re taking the time to make this type of display, you’ll definitely want to be able to reuse the box!

Tie one end of the strings together and tape it inside the box securely.

You might need 2 or 3 pieces of tape.

Inside of a Kraft paper box lid showing how yarn is attached inside.

Then space the pieces of yarn out to create the shape of a Christmas tree.

Some more tape at the other end of the box will hold the yarn in place.

Now it’s time to give the tree a topper!

Choose a color of yarn, and make a mini pompom.

Green yarn wrapped around tines of a dinner fork to make a mini pompom.

A dinner fork is the perfect size to make a mini pompom!

Cut 1 12-inch piece of yarn and center it through the middle tines (this will tie off your pompom).

Now, wrap yarn around the tines of the fork 35-40 times.

Bring up both ends of the yarn you started with and pull them tight to tie a knot.

Pull the yarn off the fork.

Then use sharp scissors to cut through the loops.

Don’t worry if your pompom looks misshapen!

The magic happens when you give all the ends a trim and shape the pompom into a sphere.

Mini pompom attached to the top of a yarn tree on a Kraft paper gift package.

Now, tie the pompom to the top of the tree.


A super adorable Christmas gift for pennies.

Make a Fluffy Bow with Ultra Fine Yarn

Package wrapped with white paper with small tree pattern. Extra fine yarn is used to make a wide fluffy bow.

My daughter is partial to using ultra-fine yarn.

She likes to use lots of pieces to create inexpensive fluffy bows.

My other daughter often enlists her to help wrap her gifts too since they always end up looking so cute!

Make Reusable Gift Tags

While I like using ornaments on gifts to friends and extended family, they really aren’t practical for our kids’ gifts.

For years my husband would write their names on the bottom.

Or he’d assign a certain wrapping paper pattern to each kid.

Did I mention that there was a long time when he was the wrapper of our gifts?

As a family portrait photographer, I was generally slammed from October through December!

He’s a super efficient wrapper, but his packages were very utilitarian…

I’ve taken the role of chief wrapper back in recent years and I had fun making reusable gift tags.

Kraft paper tags with a variety of border styles hand drawn with white gel ink. White eyelets are attached to make the holes sturdy.

This white gel pen is the best one out there.

I got creative and gave each tag a unique border and wrote their names.

Then, I attached white eyelets to the holes to make them super sturdy.

We’re going on year four of using these tags and they still look great!

You can find eyelets in all kinds of colors and metallic finishes to coordinate with your style, and an eyelet setting tool attaches them so easily.


Are you ready to give yarn a try on your Christmas packages this year?

I’d love to see how yours turn out.

Be sure to send me some pictures!

Hope you have a joyful holiday.

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