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How to Make the Easiest Fluffy Bows

Learn how to make the easiest fluffy bows in minutes. Bows are a great way to add style to wreaths, gifts and other home décor.

Are you a crafter?

I try to be.

Really I do.

I have so many ideas running through my head.

When I see things for sale in a store I think to myself…I can make that.

Always so inspired by craft projects.

But I’ll be honest with you…I’m not that creative or patient.

So, I usually just buy décor pieces instead of making them.

However, the interest is there…I really want to be more creative and maybe save some money in the process.

Because I’m kinda cheap too! LOL

I hate spending money on something that looks simple to make.

Last year I updated my Christmas window swags and added new super easy to make bows to each one.

I really loved the new look because the ribbon I used for the bows was so pretty.

It was red and black plaid, which was totally my style and looked perfect on my windows flanked with black shutters.

But if you’ve been around here for a while, you may remember that we had our house painted this past summer.

And the bows I made last year didn’t go great with the new color scheme of my home.

No worries…I just some got some new ribbon to make more bows to update the look of those window swags again this year!

Let’s see how easy it is…

What Supplies Do You Need?

product supplies to make bows on table

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To make these super simple bows you will need a few supplies that you may already have on hand.

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You can choose any ribbon pattern that you love.

Since I liked the red and black plaid ribbon that I used last year so much, I wanted to make my new ribbons with plaid again.

I found this classic tartan plaid ribbon at Walmart and knew it would be perfect for my outdoor Christmas decorations.

How to Make Fluffy Bows

two hands holding ribbon in one hand and scissors in other hand cutting ribbon

I had planned to repeat the same steps I followed last year for my easy Christmas DIY bows.

But I soon realized that the new ribbon was a bit narrower than the one I used last year.

This ribbon was 2″ wide and the old ribbon was 2 1/2″ wide.

After assembling the first bow it looked a little dinky….ugh!

So, I decided to go with plan B and beef up the new bow and make it fluffier.

I cut the 2″ wide ribbon into 16″ strips to make the loops of the bow.

Then I cut a 24″ strips for the tail of the bow.

two hands holding ribbon and stapler assembling bow

I used three 16″ pieces of ribbon and one 24″ piece of ribbon per bow.

I was making 15 bows so I cut enough ribbon to assemble all of the bows (45 – 16″ strips and 15 – 24″ strips).

Once all my ribbon was cut I stapled the ends of each 16″ ribbon together.

I find it faster to do all of one step then move to the next step rather than assembling an entire bow then putting together the next bow.

hands holding three loops of ribbon together to create bow

After all the 16″ pieces of ribbon were stapled to create a circle, I grabbed three and stack them on top of one another.

Be sure all your loops are lined up.

hands holding ribbon pieces and pipe cleaner assembling fluffy bow

Then add a 24″ strip of ribbon to the bottom of the three loops.

Be sure to center that longer piece of ribbon in the middle of your stack of three.

You can use either a pipe cleaners or floral wire to assemble your bows.

I’ve used both and they both work great, so just grab what you have available.

You will want to scrunch the three loops and the tail ribbon pieces together with your fingers, then wrap the pipe cleaner around the middle of the bow.

Be sure to wrap the pipe cleaner tightly so your ribbon is securely assembled.

I used green pipe cleaners so that they blend into my Christmas greenery.

hand holding ribbon in process of making diy bow

Next fluff out the three loops on either side of the pipe cleaner until you get a fluffy look you love.

Using wired ribbon helps in this process because you can manipulate the loops.

Wired ribbon also allows you to bend the tails of the bow.

I clipped the ends of the ribbon into a V-shape and my bow was complete.

window swag with greenery and berries adorned with plaid fluffy bow hung on outside of window

Using a full size pipe cleaner gives you extra length to adhere your new fluffy bow to your Christmas greenery.

exterior view of home with swags hung on double windows on first floor and second floor

The new bows still give me a pop of the red color I love on the outside of our home during the holidays.

But switching to the classic tartan plaid added some white to the bows and coordinates better with the freshly painted lighter color of our shutters

Plus the fluffy bow is fuller and adds more color overall to the window swags.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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I'm so not good at tying bows so this method is so much easier for me! Just saw a reel for a super easy way to make droopy bows that I may try too. Have a great weekend!