Board and batten wall treatment gives this master bedroom makeover a bright modern farmhouse feel. Simple steps to install board and batten.

There are so many options to add character to your walls….shiplap, barn wood, wallpaper, wainscoting…oh my! 

We decided to go with board and batten in our master bedroom makeover.

And today I’m sharing all the details of how we installed board and batten wall treatment.

completed master bedroom makeover image of bed night stand and faux plant

Have you been following our Master Bedroom Makeover series? 

This is Part 3 and the final post in the series. 

If you missed Part 1 you can find that here with all the details and the before & after pictures of our bedroom.

And in Part 2  of the series we shared how to paint furniture, you can check that out here.

Here is where we started…

before shot of master bedroom with wood night stand and sleigh bed

Oh boy!

Such a drab room right!?

I love the look of crisp white board and batten wall treatments. 

So when I was looking for ideas for our bedroom update I decided it would be the perfect way to add some modern farmhouse charm to our project.  

I enlisted my husband to help me with this one since it was a big project.

Our bedroom is a good size with an attached sitting room so we decided to do both rooms since they open up to each other. 

And that’s a whole lot of wall to cover so with two of us working together the job would get done faster.

woman sitting on bed with laptop open

Step 1 – Measure (twice!)

We took lots of measurements and then with our notes in hand Chris and I headed to the store. 

We wanted to keep the costs down and had heard that home improvement stores will “rip” (or cut) the plywood down for you into the exact sized boards you need.

This saved us a major step in our project!

Unfortunately, our local store was not able to cut the plywood for us. 

But I was not about to give up so we went a little farther down the highway to another home improvement store and found a willing employee to help our worthy cause little project.

As the very kind man continued to cut & stack our boards Chris began frantically double checking our calculations. 

Apparently, we were really off with our measurements and now had more than enough wood for our project. 

But not to worry…after seeing the room completed our neighbors were inspired to do the same wall treatment in their laundry room.

And guess what?

They had all the wood they needed sitting in our garage. Haha!

Step 2 – Sand & Prime

We used 3/4″ thick plywood cut down to 4″ wide strips for the horizontal boards (the top board going around the room). 

The vertical pieces were each cut to 3″ wide out of 1/2″ thick plywood boards.

close up showing where vertical boards meet horizontal board

I sanded & primed all the boards in my garage using a simple palm sander to sand the plywood so it was a bit smoother. 

Then I primed all the boards with a basic white paint primer.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of these steps. Sorry!

But I’m sure you can imagine me in my garage painting away right? LOL

Step 3 – Installing the Boards

There wasn’t much exact measuring involved here. 

We were lazy eager and didn’t want to waste time with a lot of cutting around outlets and light switches. 

So we just lined the boards along each wall to determine the spacing we needed for each wall.

And honestly our easy method worked out great!

view of board and batten before painting

We used liquid nails on each board then followed up with nailing the pieces in with our nail gun.

Using both liquid nails and our brad nailer helped be sure that all the boards were securely attached to the walls.

view of room in process of board and batten installation with furniture and ladders pushed to middle of room

Step 4 – Caulking

The next step was caulking all those pesky seams.

Not all the boards lined up perfectly…

close up of corner of molding before caulking

…but a little wood putty & caulk helped with that.

Ahhh…so much better!

It’s amazing what a little caulk can hid.

close up of corner of molding after caulking

Once all the boards were up. 

I was ready to paint and get it done! 

But my husband insisted that we caulk all the seams. 


On both sides of each & every board…not just the corners?

Yup…that’s exactly what he meant.

I wanted to just be done at that point but he was right…it looked so much more finished with the caulking.

Hopefully, he won’t read this post…because I’ll never admit he was right.

Step 5 – Painting

Once all the boards were up & caulked I painted with white semi-gloss paint. 

And the final results? 

WE LOVE it!!! 

It was a bit of work but it brightened the room and gave it a lot of character.

Between painting the furniture black & adding the board and batten it feels like a different space, don’t you think so?

veiw of room after makeover completed showing bed and night stands bewteen windows

Although this project took several weeks to complete it was so worth the effort! 

Chris and I are so excited about the final outcome of our room. 

It’s a light and bright space with a modern farmhouse feel that we love to relax in.

Resources used for board & batten:

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10 Comments on How to Install Board and Batten

  1. I love what you all did with the room. What size are your baseboards? Do the 3/4″ thick plywood boards hang off of the baseboards?

    • Hi there! Thanks for reaching out. Our baseboards are a standard size and unfortunately, the vertical board & batten pieces do stick out a bit over the baseboards. At first, it bothered me but it was the easiest option because I’m kinda lazy like that. LOL And now I don’t notice it much.

      • Hi, love this! I’m going to attempt it this weekend!

        How high up on the wall is the horizontal piece? About 5-6ft?

        • Hi Joe! Thanks for taking the time to read our blog. I’m so glad you liked the Board & Batten DIY project and are going to do it in your home. We’d love to see your photos! I have 8 ft ceilings and the top of the horizontal piece is 68″ from the floor. Hope this helps!

  2. Your horizontal and vertical boards are different thicknesses – is the wider board a wider thickness (opposite to what you said in the instructions) or do the vertical boards protrude out from the horizontal board at the top?
    Do you think there is any point to putting particle board against the wall first?
    How many inches are between the boards?
    Did you mitre the corners?
    Did you angle the edge at that door shown in the photo where your things are in the middle of the room mid-project?

    • Hi Cindy – Thanks for reaching out with your questions I’ll try to answer them in order of how you asked.
      1. I did switch the dimensions of the boards in my post and have now corrected it…thanks for pointing that out! 🙂 As you can see in the close-up photo the horizontal board is a bit thicker than the vertical board.
      2. I didn’t see a reason to add particle board against the wall first as it would have made the boards come out even farther over our baseboards which I did not remove.
      3. I didn’t measure between the boards. In the post, I explained that I was lazy…lol and just lined up the boards and eyeballed the placement of each vertical board. We didn’t want to have to cut around light switches and outlets so this was the easiest way to do it and came out great.
      4. I did not miter the corners. At the time we had no fancy tools. We did this project with just a circular saw.
      5. Nope, we didn’t angle that edge.
      I’m sure it would look more professional if we did all the things you had inquired about but we didn’t have the tools or much of the diy skills to try those things. But we are super happy with the results and I don’t notice all the little details I just love looking at the light bright space we’ve created. Hope this helps! Good luck with your project…we’d love to see how your space turns out!

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