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Our Favorite Ways to Decorate with DIY Sweater Pumpkins

Wait until you see all the ways we decorated our homes with DIY sweater pumpkins. Simple and affordable ideas to transform your space this fall with an easy craft project.

Last year Anne shared an awesome step by step tutorial about how to make super cute no-sew sweater pumpkins.

Go check it out!

Don’t worry we’ll wait…

Oh you’re back…good!

See…aren’t they super cute!?!

Five pumpkins made from upcycled sweaters styled with jute orbs and wooden beads in an antique crate

I bet you want to run to Goodwill and whip some up for your own fall decorating now, don’t you?!

And if you’re anything like us, once we learn how to do something we go all out!

Between the two of us, we may have just a few DIY sweater pumpkins hanging around our homes.

Ok maybe we have more than a few…

Maybe more like a few bins filled with DIY sweater pumpkins.

But can you blame us? They’re just so simple to make and so easy to decorate our fall homes with!

Let’s Decorate with DIY Sweater Pumpkins

Check out our favorite ideas for decorating your home with no-sew DIY Sweater Pumpkins

1. Fireplaces

We both have fireplaces that we love to decorate each season. But our fireplaces have very different styles.

Fireplace mantel covered with assorted neutral colored pumpkins and greenery with a mirror, pitcher and candlesticks. Small bench with 2 fabric pumpkins on top and three assorted pumpkins in front. Basket filled with blankets with another sweater pumpkin.

Anne’s fireplace is a classic style with a white wood mantle and surround that she completely updated with chalk paint.

The traditional style fireplace decorated with all those amazing DIY sweater pumpkins with pops of yellow and green tie in beautifully with her colorful floral curtains.

Get all the details of how Anne created her neutral fall fireplace here.

For your convenience, I’ve included links to some items used in this post. These are affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. You can read our full disclosure policy here.

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family room with table and lamp with arm chair in forefront of photo stone fireplace beyond decorated for fall with stems and diy sweater pumpkins

AnnMarie’s fireplace is a modern farmhouse style made of stacked stone with a wood mantel.

The chunky wood mantel allows just enough space for a few small sweater pumpkins along with other farmhouse style decor pieces.

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2. Fireplace Mantels

Let’s take a closer look at both of our fireplaces mantels!

Fireplace mantel covered with assorted neutral colored pumpkins and greenery with a mirror, pitcher and candlesticks

When Anne updated her fireplace with chalk paint they also extended the depth of their mantel which allows for plenty of space to stack lots of DIY sweater pumpkins mixed with greenery for a fabulous display.

AnnMarie’s mantel isn’t very deep but grouping three small pumpkins together and adding another small one leaning against a candle holder makes them appear visually more substantial.

3. Fireplace Hearths

Don’t forget about styling the bottom of your fireplace.

Sometimes the mantel gets all the glory but the hearth is often forgotten as another perfect place to create a fall display.

sweater pumpkins on wood stool in front of fireplace with other pumpkins on hearth below stool

The beauty of making your own no-sew pumpkins is that you get to choose the size!

Small, medium or large…whatever size…you decide.

But we bet you’ll want to make a bunch in all different sizes, textures and colors!

five sweater pumpkins displayed on stone fireplace hearth one pumpkin in middle raised on wood stool

Raising one of the pumpkins up on a stool gives your grouping some interest when you vary the heights.

4. Dough Bowls filled with DIY Sweater Pumpkins

Do you have a dough bowl?

If not you may be missing out on a great decorating staple piece.

Sweater pumpkins look so pretty here piled in a dough bowl with some neutral orbs in different textures.

sweater pumpkins and other textured pumpkins in wood dough bowl on wood table

Anne has this gorgeous vintage dough bowl that she’s had for years and styles in so many different ways throughout her home.

She actually received it from her sweet mom who gave it to her for her photography business years ago.

How cute would a tiny newborn baby wrapped up in a soft cozy blanket laying in this amazing old wooden dough bowl be?

Oh so sweet!

Photography has come so far since our kids were babies.

Ok enough reminicising…back to the DIY sweater pumpkins!

Vintage dough bowl filled with white pumpkins, sweater pumpkins, greenery, and grapevine orbs sitting on a burlap table runner on a kitchen table. In the background you can see built in entertainment center decorated for fall in a family room with coffered ceilings.

The dough bowl styled with pumpkins and greenery paired with a beautiful textured table runner creates a gorgeous table centerpiece.

wood dough bowl filled with small sweater pumpkins on wood coffee table in living room with arm chair beyond table and gallery walls

Shop the Look

AnnMarie’s dough bowl is far from vintage.

She actually just bought it a couple of weeks ago and this is the first time she’s styled it.

Using different sweater styles and colors when you make your no-sew pumpkins creates different textures.

5. Centerpiece Trays

Having kitchen decor grouped together in a tray not only looks pretty but is super functional as well.

When it comes time for family dinners and you need more space you can easily move the tray of your seasonal decor items out of the way.

A round metal tray with handles painted with chipping paint holds a handmade sweater pumpkin, a burning Antique Candle Co candle, and three pieces of vintage amber glass: a small bottle with a vintage label, a large jar with rusting metal lid, and a large square shouldered bottle. The two bottles have small sprigs of fall leaves, dried flowers, and a piece of dried wheat in them.

A larger cream colored DIY sweater pumpkin grouped with vintage amber bottles and a candle on a white metal tray makes a pretty fall centerpiece.

We both fell in love with the neutral but rich color in decorating with vintage amber bottles this year. And we each started a collection of our own after visiting a local antique mall in our area a few months ago.

Check out this post for more inspiration to see how we’re decorating with amber bottles in our fall decor.

A chippy white metal round tray sitting on a dark granite counter in a kitchen with a tile backsplash and cherry wood cabinets. The tray holds a white pitcher filled with dried fall flowers, a sweater pumpkin, and a lit candle in a mason jar.

Want an easy way to change up a moveable centerpiece?

Here is the same tray…

the same super cute sweater pumpkin

same yummy smelling candle…


just swap out the amber bottles for a simple white pitcher & fill with pretty fall flowers.

wood tray with candle plants monogram and two small diy sweater pumpkins on wood kitchen table

If you like natural elements like plants then this tray is perfect for you.

All the items on the tray remain the same most of the year but just swapping out one or two seasonal decor pieces makes for easy fall decorating.

6. Tiered Trays

Another decor styling staple is a tiered tray.

Not only are tiered trays a great way to incorporate seasonal decor to your home…they are functional too…

store fruit & veggies on a tiered tray in your kitchen…

tolietries in a bathroom…

or desk supplies in an office.

three tiered tray decorated with no sew pumpkins greenery orbs and bead garland on corner of side table

Anne styled her vintage inspired 3 tiered tray with a variety of small sweater pumpkins, natural orbs, wood beaded garland and greenery.

Even though we both used gray & cream colored mini sweater pumpkins look how differently we styled our tiered trays.

tiered tray with sweater pumpkins neutral orbs wood bead garland and small hello fall wood sign gather canister

AnnMarie’s galvanized metal tray includes grey and cream sweater pumpkins, neutral orbs, wood beads just like Anne’s but adding a few different farmhouse style pieces gives it a completely different feel.

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7. Vignettes featuring No-Sew Sweater Pumpkins

Vignette is just a fancy name for a group of decor pieces styled together to tell a story.

When grouping pieces together to create a vignette you want to stick with a theme, add depth, and vary the height and textures of your objects.

sweater pumpkin styled on shelf in built in entertainment center next to dried foliage in wood box with wicker charger leaning behind display photo frame with pumpkin and vase displayed on shelf above

Anne displayed a single sweater pumpkin on a shelf next to an arrangement of dried wheat.

Adding the wicker charger behind and the distressed corbel gives this vignette lots of texture.

fall stems in flower bucket on wood slice with sweater pumpkin and jar candle with tobacco basket hanging on wall above

In this simple vignette, a single DIY sweater pumpkin is grouped on a wood charger with a candle and flower bucket of fall grass stems.

three sweater pumpkins on foyer table beside rae dunn stems vase in front of mirror

A trio of different sized sweater pumpkins beside a farmhouse style vase of yellow fall stems creates a simple entryway table display.

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large bottleneck jar vase filled with fall grass stems with a pile of six diy sweater pumpkins next to vase on top of pottery barn entertainment center with basket and photo frame on shelves below and farmhouse sign on wall behind vignette

Did anyone grow up with these jugs in their home?

AnnMarie’s dad used them for spare change. Every day he would come home and empty his pockets. Pennies would go in one jug and silver change in the other.

Well years later and now these jugs are stylish decor pieces! Who knew?!

And large furniture pieces call for large vignettes!

The giant bottle neck glass jar vase is filled with fall stems on top of a large media center.

Piling a bunch of DIY sweater pumpkins in all sizes next to the glass jar creates a large vignette perfect for your neutral fall home!

An assortment of five sweater pumpkins on a built in book shelf in assorted sizes and neutral colors. An antique round wooden lid is leaning on the back of the shelf.

And talking about a pile ‘o pumpkins!

This vignette of sweater pumpkins anchored with a gorgeous wood cutting board fills an entire shelf on Anne’s huge family room built-ins.

Well, we sure hope you got some inspiration for how to decorate your home with super cute no-sew DIY sweater pumpkins!!

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us or leave a comment! We’d love for you to follow us over on Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss any of our tips, tricks, or stories!

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