Wait until you see how easy it is to transform an ugly Dollarstore pumpkin! Follow these 5 simple steps to create a super cute rustic burlap pumpkin for your fall home decor.

You guys I have the easiest and most affordable fall craft for you today!

I’m so excited to share it with you!

You’re going to want to go to the Dollarstore today!


burlap wrapped dollar store pumpkin on wood riser next to distressed jug vase filled with fall flowers on wood table

See…I told you…

So cute right!?!

And so easy to make!

You don’t even have to burn your fingers using a glue gun.

What Supplies Do You Need to Transform a Dollarstore Pumpkin?

craft supplies on wood table including styrofoam pumpkin roll of burlap two small containers of craft paint with chip paint brush and pair of scissors and small broken stick

You may have some of these supplies already on hand. The only thing I purchased for this DIY project was the actual carvable styrofoam pumpkin at the Dollarstore.

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So now that you have all your supplies let’s transform this Dollarstore pumpkin!

Step 1: Remove Styrofoam Pumpkin Stem

The green pumpkin stem is easy to pull out of the carvable styrofoam pumpkin.

It’s just attached with a toothpick so go ahead and pull it out because we are going to replace it something even better later!

hands holding pumpkin taking stem out paper plate under pumpkin on wood table

You will need to create a larger opening so you can use your scissors to create a bigger hole where you just removed the green stem.

Step 2: Paint Pumpkin

I decided to paint the pumpkin so that the bright orange didn’t show through the burlap because I wanted a more neutral end result.

If orange is your jam and you want a peek of that color through the open weave of the burlap then you can totally skip painting it first.

person holding pumpkin in  one hand and paint brush in other painting styrofoam pumpkin paper plate with paint on it sitting on wood table

Since I was using paint that I already had in my craft supplies I added a little white to brown craft paint to create a color closer to the burlap. But this color is probably a better match if you need to buy some.

two small bottles of craft paint with chip paint brush laying on table next to painted pumpkin on paper plate

This took all of 5 minutes to cover the pumpkin with one coat of paint.

The trickest part was not getting it all over my hands. LOL

Step 3: Cut Burlap into Strips

I used this 5″ burlap garland ribbon that I already had in my craft supply stash.

Yay for another free item on the supply list!

Actually I always have this burlap on hand for various craft projects and gift wrapping.

But I especially love this burlap size as garland on my Christmas tree.

view of persons hands holding roll of burlap in one hand and scissors in the other cutting into burlap on wood table

Cut 2 – 18″ lengths of the burlap garland.

Then cut those 2 strips in half lenghwise.

Now you have 4 strips of burlap.

Step 4: Wrap Pumpkin in Burlap

Layout burlap strips on table and place painted Dollarstore pumpkin in the middle.

painted pumpkin with strips of burlap spread out around on wood table

Then pull each side of the burlap up to the middle of the pumpkin and push the end of the burlap into the larger hole you made earlier.

If your burlap is doesn’t feel secure in the hole you can grab your glue gun and attach the top of the burlap to the pumpkin.

persons hands wrapping burlap ribbon into dollar store pumpkin on wood table

Repeat for each strip of the burlap until the pumpkin is covered and all the ends are pushed into the hole on top of pumpkin.

Step 5: Add Pumpkin Stem

I grabbed a small fallen tree branch from the woods behind my house and broke a piece off for the stem.

holding burlap pumpkin in one hand with other hand pushing broken tree branch in hole at top of pumpkin

Then just firmly pushed the stick into the hole on top of the newly transformed Dollarstore burlap pumpkin.

The new stem will hold the ends of your burlap strips in place!

Again if you want to be sure your stick will stay in place you can add a bit of glue with a glue gun.


completed diy burlap pumpkin with branch stem on wood table

Where Should You Display your Transformed Dollarstore Pumpkin?

Well I’m glad you asked!

I had fun styling my new super cute DIY burlap pumpkin.

Why not sit the cute little guy on a stack of books.

Here he is the center of attention on a side table!

diy burlap pumpkin on stack of books on wicker side table next to couch

Or you can add your new burlap Dollarstore pumpkin to a vignette.

Giving the little guy some height by placing him on a wood riser lets him shine on a console table beside a vase of beautiful fall stems.

Do you have any other ideas of how we can transform Dollarstore pumpkins?

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment! We’d love for you to follow us over on Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss any of our tips, tricks, or stories!

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