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How to Display Meaningful Keepsake Letters

Do you have keepsake letters from a loved one that you are saving?  Are those notes, cards or keepsake letters tucked away in a drawer somewhere?  I hope you’ll be inspired to display those memories after reading this post.

Why I Display Keepsake Letters

woman sitting on couch reading letter

Shortly after my mom died I found a letter in a drawer of her nightstand that she had written to me when I was 4 years old. 

This letter is absolutely the most meaningful thing I have from her. 

I have many special things from my mom…pieces from her china collection, photo albums, jewelry, and even her wedding rings. 

But they are all just things…beautiful sentimental things…but still just things. 

This letter is the most precious piece of her she left me. 

She poured out her heart through her words as she wrote that letter as a young mother. 

I’ve read it many times over the years since she’s been gone. 

My mom had cancer and lost her battle when she was 43…I had just turned 23 and my sister was only 8 years old.   

Photos, letters, notes & cards are all we have left of her. 

You don’t realize how important those things are until that’s all you have left. 

We missed out on having her by our sides as we got married.. her guidance as we had our children…and so many countless big and small events in our lives! 

Losing our mom so young has shaped both my sister and me into the mothers we are today. 

And because of that loss preserving memories is so important for me to give my children because one day all they will have are the memories and traditions I’ve given them.

My Sister’s Keepsake Letter Box

glass box filled with postcards and pitcher filled with flowers sitting on wood table

My sister has several postcards that my mom sent her when our parents were on vacation. 

She found this awesome glass box one day while shopping at Target and decided to use it to display those special postcards. 

They look perfect in that glass box! 

She added a few other special mementos after this picture was taken.

And the best part she now gets to enjoy seeing them every day rather than having them tucked away in a drawer somewhere.

My Keepsake Letter Box

glass box with letters displayed on mantel with faux plant

The special letters and items I had from my mom were kept in our fireproof safe for years. 

But I decided it was time to take them out and be able to see them every day. 

Since I had a few different-shaped items to display I decided to go with a slightly different box than my sisters. 

That way I wasn’t doing the exact same thing as she did…right?! lol! 

I bought this house glass box from Target to display the letters, postcards, and mementos from my mom.  

In my glass box, I have that amazing letter my mom wrote to me when I was only four years old. 

I also have a letter that she wrote to me while I was getting ready to make my confirmation. 

All confirmation students attended a retreat as part of the preparation for this sacrament. 

Parents give their children letters of affirmation to read during the retreat. 

It was a meaningful and special time of reflection. 

I’ve since written letters for each of my three children as they were preparing for their own confirmations.

I hope they save those letters because there could be a day when looking back at the words I wrote will be all they have.

photo of my three kids standing outside

In addition to the letters, I have a postcard she sent me when I first moved away to college.   

She wrote, “just when our children become people we really enjoy, they move away”.   

Wow…did this sentiment ever hit home for me! 

I experienced the same feelings she must have been having when I left home for college as I had when my own son started college. 

I wish she had been here to talk to me when I was going through this transition time in my life.  

Write a Keepsake Letter Today

close up woman holding glass display box in hands

These glass boxes were so inexpensive but they hold priceless gifts my mother left both my sister and I.

And for that, we are eternally grateful to have these precious letters and cards. 

Preserving memories for those left behind is so important.

My advice to you…write a letter to your loved ones…do it today…don’t wait until you have the perfect words to write. 

Just let them know how you feel about them…let your words be perfectly imperfect because someday they will find those letters and have your words to hold onto forever! 

Give your family a piece of your heart!

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