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What’s On My Plate | Simple Changes

Simple changes to family favorite meals help keep you on plan with a healthy eating. Meal inspiration for a full day of meals following THM.

Does your family like tacos? What about pasta?  My family loves both!  See how I made simple changes so that I can eat these family favorites while continuing to eat healthy and stay on the THM plan.

As you may know, both Anne & I follow Trim Healthy Mama.  In case you missed it…you can read about my journey to Trim Healthy Mama here.  And check out Anne’s story here. Today I’m sharing a day of meals in our “What’s On My Plate” series! 

I usually eat a combination of S (satisfying/fat) and FP (fuel pull) meals every day adding E (energizing/carb) meals about 5 times per week. Today I enjoyed a combination of all three meal types.

Anne recently shared a day of meals with two S meals and two E meals.

Breakfast – E meal

egg white and veggie scramble with sprouted grain toast and laughing cow cheese spread

This morning I made an egg white scramble with sprouted grain toast and a laughing cow cheese wedge.  This meal comes together easily with frozen chopped spinach, green pepper, and onion.  I like to cut up fresh peppers and onions then store in a Ziploc bag in the freezer to use in my eggs.  We usually have fresh spinach on hand but I also like to freeze some to use in smoothies.  Since we didn’t have any fresh today I threw in some frozen spinach.  Then just added salt, pepper & nutritional yeast and scrambled.  So simple & so good!

Lunch – S Meal

chicken taco salad with cheese tomato and avocado

Our family had chicken tacos last night for dinner so… guess what I had for lunch?  Yup chicken taco salad! I often eat leftovers for lunch, it makes it so easy. 

Eating as a Trim Healthy Mama doesn’t have to be difficult.  I just make some changes for my own plate when eating family favorites like tacos.  While my kids enjoy their tacos in flour tortillas…my husband and I eat our tacos over a bed of romaine lettuce.  And I still get to have all my favorite toppings like Colby jack cheese and avocado.  I make the taco chicken in the crockpot so it’s moist and doesn’t need dressing but sometimes I will add a bit of sour cream or salsa. Yum!

Snack – FP meal

Oikos triple zero yogurt with strawberries

A few strawberries cut up and mixed into a chocolate triple zero yogurt was a perfect small snack to hold me over until we had dinner.  Can you see how I store my berries?  I started storing berries unwashed in mason jars and found that they keep fresher much longer.  You have to try it…it really does work!  Strawberries are kept fresh for almost 2 weeks using mason jars.  I also store cut veggies like carrots & celery in mason jars.

Dinner – S meal

chicken italian sausage with sliced sauteed zucchini

Dinner tonight was another example of how I make a simple change to my plate to stay on plan with THM.  Italian night with pasta & sausage was on the menu at our house.  Rather than having pasta with the rest of my family, I simply sauteed two small zucchini with a few spices for myself.  My husband grilled the Italian chicken sausage.  Have you noticed that I like my food cooked really well done!?!

I added the grilled sausage to the frying pan with the sauteed zucchini and topped it with a bit of parmesan cheese.  This is honestly one of my favorite meals and it’s so simple to put together.  I can even just slice the chicken Italian sausage and fry it on the stove top then add the zucchini & cheese and dinner is ready in minutes.

graphic with four meal ideas

Simple changes to family favorites are easy to do while following Trim Healthy Mama or any other healthy eating plan.  What simple changes do you make to family favorites?  Leave us a comment and share your ideas. We’d love to hear from you! 

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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