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Quick & Easy Last Minute Gift Idea

Do you need a gift? Or have someone who’s hard to buy for every year? Check out this quick and easy last minute gift idea.

Have you finished shopping and checked your list twice?

Me too!

Well at least I thought I did!

All my shopping was done.

The gifts were all wrapped.

Today I had a hair appointment and I was looking forward to enjoying some time for me.

But then it hit me…

I forgot to get my hairstylist a Christmas gift.

OH NO!!!

I always like to get her a little something.

In years past I’ve given her one of these simple last minute Christmas gift ideas.

I wanted to do something different this year.

But I was out of time.

Or was I?

Before & After Work Gift Idea

last minue gift idea bottle of wine in front of wine bag with gift card and tags hanging with ribbon

I’ve seen those super cute before & after work gifts including a coffee mug and wine glass with the coordinating labels.

So I thought it would be fun to come up with something similiar.

And as a hairstylist who’s on their feet All.The.Time what’s better than a little caffine to get through your day and some wine to wind down and relax at the end of a long work shift?

But really this gift would be great for anyone!

Don’t you think so?

What Supplies Do You Need

supplies laying on table including cardstock labels pen ribbon hole puncher and scissors

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To make the “before work” and “after work” tags I used some simple supplies I already had here at home.

Remember I was doing this quick this morning.

But you can totally get as creative or as easy as you want with your tags!

I have been using these scalloped chalkboard labels this year for Christmas gift tags when wrapping.

So since they were laying out I grabbed them to create a handmade tag.

I bought these awesome metallic gel pens that Anne recommended in her Advent Calendar post to jot the quote on the tags.

And let me tell ya…go get these pens they are awesome!

starbucks gift card with before work gift tag

Wish my handwriting was better but it is what it is.

Maybe one day I’ll have time to take a lettering class.

But until then this is as good as it gets. LOL

close up of after work gift tag hanging on bottle of wine

To create a gift tag I just stuck the label to a piece of gold metallic card stock.

Then I punched a hole in my handmade gift tag and used a piece of sheer gold ribbon to attach it to the bottle of wine and the handle of the fabric wine bag.

Assembling Your Gift

starbucks gift card hanging with ribbon from plaid wine bag

A cute plaid fabric wine tote with leather handles was the perfect option for this quick and easy Christmas gift idea.

I found this one last year at HomeGoods.

LOVE the classic plaid and faux leather handles!

When I find cute affordable wine bags I always grab one to have on hand for last minute gifts.

Since we have a couple Starbucks coffee houses within a few miles of the salon I thought that would be the best option for a gift card for my hair stylist.

bottle of wine outside in front of holly bush with gift tag hanging around neck

Don’t know what kind of wine your gift receiptant would like?

No worries!

I’ve got you covered.

Pinot Grigio is a nice light white wine that most people who enjoy wine would like.

It’s my go wine for gift giving or to bring as a hostess gift.

last minue gift idea bottle of wine in front of wine bag with gift card and tags hanging with ribbon

Do know someone that would love this gift?

I think it’s a great last minute idea for any time of year not just Christmas.

It could be a perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, appreciation days or any other occasion!

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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