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Simple BBQ Dinner Party Menu Ideas You and Your Guests Will Love

Summer is a great time for a cookout! You can’t go wrong when you serve these delicious BBQ dinner party menu ideas!

One of my favorite ways to entertain during the summer is a cookout.

Or is it a barbecue?



No matter what you call it, it’s a chance to get together with friends!

There’s nothing like some amazing grilled meat with some delicious side dishes when the temperature is climbing.

This month our dinner club is sharing our favorite cookout recipes for your next backyard barbecue.

Woman holding a bowl of pasta salad outside for a cookout side dish

Welcome to our Virtual Dinner Club!

We joined up with four of our blogging friends to create a virtual dinner club back at the beginning of 2021.

Each month we also invite a guest host to join in our fun!

This month our friend Kim from Shiplap and Shells is sharing some amazing ideas.

Kim lives in a gorgeous cottage in the Pacific Northwest.

On the water.

The views out her windows are stunning!

Probably because she’s such a talented gardener? We know you’re going to love her and her blog!

Every month our dinner club has a new theme.

On the last Thursday of each month, we all share ideas for creating a tablescape for that theme. AnnMarie is the tablescape queen over here at Simply2Moms!

Then on Saturday, we each share a recipe for the theme to create an entire menu.

I’m usually the recipe creator here, and it’s so fun coming up with new ideas each month.

Think of our club as a virtual progressive dinner.

We include recipes for a signature cocktail, appetizer, main dish, side dishes, and dessert.

It’s so much fun!

Be sure to check out all of our virtual dinner club tablescapes and menus!

This month our theme is a Backyard BBQ Dinner Party

If you’re new around here, we’re Anne and AnnMarie, two moms who are lucky enough to be besties and neighbors.

Simply2Moms standing next table outside holding wine glasses

We work together to share simple and budget-friendly ideas for decoratingrecipesDIY projects, and tips for life with older teens (and beyond!).

You can read more about us and our families over here.

And we would love to learn more about you! Be sure to say “hi” in the comments below and tell us where you’re visiting from.

But that’s enough about us!

Let’s take a look at this tempting barbecue dinner party menu.

Collage of photos to serve at a summer cookout or barbecue dinner party

We’re starting things off with a signature cocktail.

Easy Blueberry Mojitos | Stacy Ling Blog

Mason jar filled with a blueberry mojito from Stacy Ling blog

We’re big fans of mojitos here at Simply2Moms!

Have you seen our Keto Mojito recipe or our Watermelon Blueberry Mojito?

Our friend Stacy is sharing a new delicious version with her Blueberry Mojito!

You can follow our instructions for a keto blueberry simple syrup to make a low-carb version.

Heavenly Potato Salad Cups | Vintage Home Designs

6 small mason jars of potato salad on a rectangular plate from Vintage Home Designs

A true staple at any cookout is potato salad.

Our friend Michele is sharing a delicious and easy version we think you’re gonna love!

Serving it up in little mason jars is the perfect way to do some portion control too.

Colorful Grilled Steak and Vegetable Kebabs | Midwest Life and Style

Wood board with steak and pepper kebabs from Midwest Life and Style

If you’re hosting an adult barbecue, it’s a great opportunity to serve something a little fancier than hamburgers and hot dogs.

Our friend Jen has an amazing recipe for steak kebabs with lots of grilled veggies.

Don’t they look delicious?!

Healthy Greek Pasta Salad | Simply2Moms

Bowl filled with a healthy Greek pasta salad with lots of fresh vegetables

We’ve got one of our family favorites: pasta salad for you this month.

But with a healthy twist!

Because that’s what we do here at Simply2Moms.

This salad is bursting with Mediterranean flavors and lots of veggies.

It’s great as a side dish, or serve it over lettuce with grilled chicken for a healthy main dish!

Crunchy and Healthy Coleslaw | Shiplap and Shells

Bowl of crunchy coleslaw from Shiplap and Shells blog

Our guest host, Kim, is sharing her recipe for a healthy and crunchy coleslaw.

I can’t wait to give her recipe a try because it doesn’t have any mayonnaise in it!

If you’ve been around Simply2Moms for a while, you know we love a vinaigrette coleslaw around here.

Kim adds some seeds for a fun crunch and a new kind of dressing for a whole new flavor!

Dreamy Peaches and Cream Parfaits | The Ponds Farmhouse

Vintage dessert glass with peach crumble cheesecake from The Ponds Farmhouse

What summer cookout is complete without a decadent dessert?

Our friend Rachel is sharing a mouthwatering peaches and cream parfait.

It’s easy to use almond flour to make the crust and substitute a low-carb sweetener when making this tempting recipe!

It may not be keto, but if you’re a Trim Healthy Mama it can be a delicious crossover.

I don’t know about you, but my mouth is watering and I’m ready to start cooking!

Do you have a favorite recipe for a summer barbecue dinner party? Tell me about it in the comment section below!

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment.

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