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Friday Favorites: Business Travel Must Have Items

Do you travel for work? Whether you’re flying or driving to your destination you don’t want to miss this list of business travel must have items!

Since launching our blog several years ago we’ve traveled for conferences, retreats, and design jobs.

We’ve been traveling more each year and even applied for TSA pre-check so we don’t have to wait in those long security lines anymore.


It’s been so much fun going to conferences and networking with other content creators from all around the country.

Not only do we attend these events and get the opportunity to learn more about growing our business, but we also have the opportunity to speak at some of these conferences.

Some travel is close enough to our homes in North Carolina that we are able to drive.

But we’ve also taken a flight from the east coast to the west for business.

Whether we fly or drive there are several things we both like to use when we travel for Simply2Moms.

Now let’s check out our faves & be sure to leave us a comment at the end and tell us what you can’t live without when you travel for work.

We’re always looking for new tips!

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Packing Cubes

packing cubes filled with clothing in carry on suitcase

Not having to check a bag saves us time at the airport so we both try to fit in carry-on suitcases.

But sometimes it’s hard to fit everything we want to take with us in a small suitcase.

I mean seriously, the struggle is real.

How will we know which outfit we want to wear each day?

AnnMarie was skeptical about packing cubes at first but she trusted Anne’s advice since she had been using cubes for years and ordered this set for herself.

Boy was she shocked to see just how much fits in each and how much neater everything looked.

This set of five packing cubes has different sizes and a laundry bag to keep everything in your suitcase organized.

Portable Clothes Steamer

blogger holding black dress while using clothes steamer to press it

When traveling for work you want to look your absolute best, are we right?!

Although hotels usually have irons and ironing boards, we always worry about their condition.

No one wants to wind up with a stain on their nice work clothes from an old iron.

Tuck a small portable steamer in your bag so that you can easily get rid of any wrinkles that may happen in those packing cubes.

And we think steaming is so much easier than ironing anyway!

Toiletry Bag with Hanging Hook

hanging toiletry back on back of hotel bathroom door

Using an all-in-one toiletry bag rather than several small bags is more efficient and saves space.

AnnMarie loves this water-resistant bag from Amazon she got several years ago because it holds everything needed for several days in one place.

And it has a super cool hanging hook so she can hang it in the hotel and all her toiletries are easily accessible.

If you need something bigger this BagSmart is a best-seller with fantastic reviews too!

Travel Size Body Pouf

small white body pouf hanging on towel bar in hotel room

Why do hotels have towel bars in the shower?

Don’t you think your towel would get wet hanging in there when you shower?

At least it’s a good spot to hang your loofah!

Small body poufs are perfect to take along with a travel-size bottle of body wash when away from home.

Small Portable Charger

compact portable charger

You never know if there will be an outlet nearby so don’t get stuck with a dead phone!

This portable charger is great because it’s so small it can easily fit in a purse, briefcase, or even your pocket.

The best part is that it plugs directly into your phone…no cord needed!

Laptop Sleeve Bag

gray padded laptop case with blue laptop slide in

We always bring our laptops when we go away because after all, they are business trips.

A padded laptop sleeve bag will protect your device when traveling.

This case has a slim design with an outside pocket to hold headphones, pens, or a notebook.

Stanley Insulated Tumbler

blogger holding up a large insulated Stanley cup with handle

Have you heard of the hot water challenge?

Anne started the challenge a few weeks ago and AnnMarie quickly joined in.

But even if you don’t drink hot water bringing an insulated water bottle or cup is a good idea when you’re away from home.

We don’t know about you but we both experience some swelling when we travel.

Ahhh…the beauty of aging! LOL!

Anyway since we drink lots of water, both cold and hot, we never leave home without a big cup to refill throughout the day.

This giant insulated handled cup by Stanely holds 40 ouncesnow that’s a whole lotta water!

Atlas Protein Bars

blogger holding two atlas bars vanilla almond chai and lemon blueberry

Both of us follow Trim Healthy Mama so we bring a few snacks with us in case we get hungry between meals.

These Atlas bars are not only a great snack but can also be a good meal replacement in a pinch.

We’ve been known to have one for lunch when we’re working together and don’t want to take a break to eat.

Wine…wine…and more wine or maybe a wine glass

Yeti wine tumbler on table in front of bottle of wine

If you’ve been around Simply2Moms for a while you may already know that we like a glass or two of wine on occasion.

There’s nothing better than relaxing with a glass of wine at the end of a long day of learning and teaching.

I know we could use the plastic cups left in hotel rooms but it feels nice to drink our wine out of our own glass, so we always pack an unbreakable cup.

The Yeti-insulated wine tumbler keeps our white wine chilled and comes with a lid so no more spills.

Anne and AnnMarie bloggers at Haven conference in Atlanta

What have you been shopping for this week? Have you found anything amazing?

We’d love to hear about it….just leave a comment below!

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