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You Will Love These Simple Family Birthday Traditions

Easy family birthday traditions that you can share with your family. Traditions and rituals are super important for our families.

Family traditions and rituals have always been important to me.

I grew up with many traditions and I’ve passed many of those onto my own family. 

But we’ve also created lots of other traditions for our little family! 

I feel it’s super important for our children to have these traditions as they grow up as it gives them a sense of belonging. 

We’ve had many different rituals in our family and my kids have come to depend on them. 

These traditions have become just as important to them as it is to us.

Do you have special traditions in your family?

Most kids just love their birthday! 

Am I right?!

And just like many other families, we’ve always celebrated our kids on their special day. 

Some of our simple family birthday traditions include:

  • extra attention
  • special treats
  • birthday gift
  • party with family or friends
  • homemade cake

Hang Handmade Birthday Signs Around Your Home

A tradition we started years ago that we still do today…is to make signs and hang them around our house.

We create several hand written signs on simple colored construction paper. 

Then, we hang them in different areas of the house.

A couple in the kitchen…because that’s where we all spend lots of time.

Another in the kids bathroom…so they see it as soon as they wake up.

And one on the staircase…which they can see when they come down the stairs.

I started this tradition for our three kids when they were little.

But soon everyone in our family wanted in on the fun and started making signs for each other. 

Our kids make signs not only for each other but for me and Chris on our birthdays too.

And on Mother’s & Fathers’ Day we wake up to signs hung for us to celebrate.

It’s so much fun to wake up in the morning and see these signs!!

Over the years it’s been just fun to see what they write on the signs they make for each other.

It’s so sweet!

We even bring our ritual with us we aren’t home.

If we’re away for their birthday and we happen to be spending it with their grandparents house I always make a few signs wherever we are.

Here’s Gavin when he turned 8 at my Dad’s house.

He’s so little!

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And if we’re traveling to the happiest place on earth for a birthday well a sign is brought with us from home.

We hung this sign on our door in our hotel at Disney World for Jake’s 13th birthday.

How to Celebrate with Birthday Balloons

Several years ago I saw an this idea on Pinterest and decided to start this super fun birthday tradition with my own family. 

It’s so simple and adds such a decorative element to our house for each birthday celebration. 

The night before each child’s birthday, Chris and I blow up balloons.

But the best part is we slip a dollar bill into each balloon before we blow it up and tie it off.

We hang one balloon for each year for that birthday.

Then we hang them over our kitchen island with ribbon and attached each balloon to the ceiling with tape.

So, when you turn 14…you get 14 balloons…and 14 dollars!

Our kids really love this tradition! 

Not only do they get the extra cash as part of their gift…they get to pop all those balloons.

Lots & lots of balloons the older they get!  

If you look close you can see the dollar in each balloon. 

We just roll up the dollar bill and stick it inside the balloon before blowing it up.

Of course, we’ve also taken this birthday balloon tradition on the road with us to Pop Pop’s house.

Gavin’s birthday is right before Christmas so many years were spent visiting our family for the holidays.

Buddy the elf has also come along with us on the road!

Another bonus to this simple family birthday tradition is the instant party décor added to our home with the balloons for the birthday girl or boy!

Plus, it’s a fun spot to take our family photo with the birthday kid every year!

Or cute background to catch an individual picture of the birthday boy!

Or birthday girl!

Wow…looking back at this has been so fun.

These kiddos grew up way too fast!

But I’m going to keep this tradition going for as long as I can!

Do you have any fun birthday traditions in your family?

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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