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I like to change our home decor accessories pretty often because I tend to get bored.  So I look for ways to update my spaces inexpensively.  Usually hitting stores like Home Goods or TJ Maxx.  I guess I would describe my current style as modern farmhouse.  I love light, bright & airy spaces!  Updating our accessories is much more economical than replacing furniture.  Some of our furniture is as old as our marriage (23 years!).  However, I did paint both my dining room and bedroom furniture to update those sets.  I’ll share the details of those diy projects soon.

Being a home decor enthusiast I love watching HGTV and my favorite show is Fixer Upper.  I’m so very sad that it’s over!  I love Joanna Gaines style…every remodel she does I love more than the last.  Stores have been embracing the farmhouse look and selling more of these items as the popularity of this style has grown.  Tobacco baskets are a classic farmhouse style that I really like.  I had seen several different tobacco baskets for sale in various stores but they were a bit pricey.  Then one day while in Hobby Lobby I saw a large-sized basket for 50% off the original price of $40.  Yup, that’s right I scored this tobacco basket for only $20!  Now to find the perfect place to hang it…

Fireplace Mantle

There are several spaces that I’ve wanted to update.  The first was our fireplace mantle…which is probably my absolute favorite feature in our home.  I thought I found the perfect piece last year, a round mirror, but it was too big for the space so I hung it somewhere else in our house.  Unfortunately I didn’t love the basket up there either…it blended in too much with the stone.

Media Unit

I was in the process of updating the accessories on top of our media unit.  We purchased the Logan media suite from Pottery barn several years ago.  I do still love it but now that my tastes have changed a bit I wonder if I would prefer the unit in white.  Apparently most people like the white because that’s the only color it’s available in now.  I thought I could hang the basket on the wall just slightly above the top.  But when I put it up there it was a tad too small.

Front Staircase

I had moved 3 picture frames that hung in our front staircase to my back staircase when I updated the gallery wall there.  You can read all about our new and improved gallery wall in this post.  So after moving those three pictures from this wall I thought the tobacco basket would look great there.  Despite me hanging it a bit too high I didn’t love it there either…ugh.  It stuck out too much from the wall for a staircase.  Even though we don’t use the front stairs often it felt like it was in the way when you’d walk by.  So down it came.

Rae Dunn Glassware

My sister loves Rae Dunn pottery and refuses to pay the resale prices online….plus half the fun is the hunt searching for items…right!?  Well of course now she’s got me hooked and I find myself searching for anything Rae Dunn when I’m in Home Goods or TJ Maxx.  While shopping with Anne in Home Goods one day I came across these Rae Dunn bottles that I LOVED and just had to have.

Bar Buffet

I didn’t know what I was going to do with them but then remembered yet another area I was trying to update…our bar buffet.  Having our house painted after 8 years has been a blessing and a curse.  I realized there were lots of items I didn’t love anymore.  I decided if I didn’t love it I wasn’t going to make holes in our freshly painted walls just to fill the space.  So since January I’ve been slowly redecorating our spaces.  Anyway back to the point…updating our bar buffet…oh no that tobacco basket…that was the point!  The piece of furniture is a bit traditional for my style now but it is really useful and fills the space perfectly without adding an actual wet bar.

Final Decision

To merge the classic style of the bar buffet with my love of the farmhouse style I hung the tobacco basket on the wall above.  Ta da…perfect!

And those awesome Rae Dunn glass jars…I found a galvanized tray that was just the right size during the same shopping trip at Home Goods to display them in.

For a total of $54 ($20 for the tobacco basket, $6 for each glass bottle, and $10 for the tray) I’ve updated this little nook of our house.  Now I when I walk by this space several times a day I smile!

Future Update

However, I wouldn’t be me if I weren’t already thinking of other ways to add to the space.  I’ve considered several options….painting the wall with chalkboard paint…putting up a wood planked wall and painting the bar a lighter color…moving the piece to the dining room and adding floor to ceiling chunky wood shelving.  I love the last idea.  What about you…what do you think?  Leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to see in this space.  Come back to see if we change this space again in the future.


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