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How to Decorate a Farmhouse Style Vignette You’ll Love

Learn how to decorate a farmhouse-style vignette. Updating my home decor with a new tobacco basket and Rae Dunn glassware.

Do you love to buy new home decor items when you find something you love?

Or maybe you get excited about a great deal on something?

I can definitely answer a loud yes to both of those!

But once I buy something I love or scored for a fantastic price, I don’t always know where to actually use these things once I bring them back home.

Sometimes while I’m shopping I find decor pieces I just love and have to have.

Follow along today as I search for the perfect place for some new pretty finds to create a neutral farmhouse-style vignette!

How to Update Home Decor on a Budget

Do you get bored with a room in our house sometimes or maybe even more than one room? 

We can’t always change an entire room including the furniture but we can update some of the decorating elements like throw pillows, table accents, or wall decor.

Updating your home decor is much more economical than replacing furniture, don’t ya think?

I’m always looking for ways to affordably update my spaces, usually shopping in stores like Home Goods or TJ Maxx for terrific deals on home decorating items.

Changing some of your decor pieces seasonally is an easy way to change the feel of a room.

I love light, bright & airy spaces and I would probably describe my style as modern farmhouse. 

So of course I really like using baskets around my house and I especially like the look of basket wall displays and tobacco baskets. 

I had seen several different tobacco baskets for sale in various stores but they were a bit pricey. 

Then one day while in Hobby Lobby I saw a large-sized basket for 50% off the original price of $40. 

Yup, that’s right I scored this tobacco basket for only $20! 

But it’s been sitting here for weeks and I’m not sure where to hang it.

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How to Add Farmhouse Style to a Fireplace Mantel

tobacco basket leaning on fireplace mantle

There are several spaces that I’ve wanted to update in my home. 

The first one was our fireplace mantle, which is probably my absolute favorite feature in our home. 

I thought I found the perfect decor piece last year for over the mantle.

It’s a beautiful large round mirror but unfortunately, it was too big for above the fireplace mantel so I used it over a console table.

I set the tobacco basket on the chunky wood mantel to see how it looked.


The basket looked blah against the stone fireplace because it just blended in too much.

How to Decorate above a Large Furniture Piece

tobacco basket on top of media unit furniture

Another space I wanted to update was the decor items on top of our media unit. 

We purchased the Logan media suite from Pottery barn years ago in a dark wood tone. 

I do still love it but as my style has changed a bit over the years and I wonder if I would prefer this large furniture piece in white. 

Apparently, most people like white because that’s the only color it’s available in now. 

I thought maybe I could hang the basket on the wall just slightly above the top of the piece of furniture. 

But when I put it up there it was a tad too small, don’t you think so too?

How to Style Tall Walls in a Stairway

tobacco basket hanging on wall in stairwell

I used to have three photos of my kids hanging on this wall but I moved them into the staircase gallery wall on the other side of the double stairway leading to our kitchen.

So after moving those three pictures from this wall, I thought the tobacco basket would look great in that spot on the wall going up the stairs. 

Ugh…I didn’t love it there either because it stuck out too much from the wall for a narrow space that we go up and down daily. 

How to Use Rae Dunn Glass Serving Bottles

three Rae Dunn glass bottles laying in shopping cart

Okay so I’m going to get off track for a minute but bare with me I promise there’s a point to this story.

My sister loves Rae Dunn pottery but doesn’t have a lot of time to hit up her local stores to search for pieces with a full-time job and two little boys.

She also refuses to pay the expensive resale prices online, which I can’t blame her for because I wouldn’t either.

And really isn’t the best part of collecting something the hunt to find them and not paying an overpriced amount just to get it?

So she’s asked me to let her know if I see any Rae Dunn pottery while I’m in Home Goods or TJ Maxx.

Well now that I’ve been keeping my eyes out for her, she got me hooked and I’m a collector too.

While shopping with Anne in Home Goods one day, I came across these Rae Dunn bottles that I loved and just had to have.

How to Create a Farmhouse Style Vignette

tobacco basket hanging on wall above buffet wine cabinet

I didn’t know what I was going to do with the Rae Dunn glassware.

But then remembered yet another area I was trying to update.

This traditional furniture piece.

Having our house painted after 8 years has been a blessing and a curse.

I realized there were lots of home decor wall pieces I didn’t really love anymore. 

And if I didn’t really love it I wasn’t going to make holes in our freshly painted walls just to fill the space. 

So since January, I’ve been slowly redecorating our wall decor in some of our spaces. 

Anyway back to the point…updating our bar buffet…oh no that tobacco basket…that was the point! 

This wine bar liquor cabinet buffet or whatever you want to call it is more of a traditional style.

It’s a really useful piece and fills this space between our kitchen and dining rooms perfectly without adding an actual wet bar.

But since I tend to like a casual vibe around here I wanted to create a neutral vignette in a farmhouse style with the Rae Dunn glass bottles and tobacco basket.

large basket on wall above furniture top styled with candles, glassware and wine corks

To merge the classic style of the bar buffet with my love of the farmhouse style I hung the tobacco basket on the wall above. 

I think it looks pretty good there!

Finally, this affordable tobacco basket found a home on our walls.

three Rae Dunn glass bottles in galvanized tray on bar cabinet top

I found a fun galvanized tray that was just the right size to display the glass bottles.

So for just over $50, I’ve updated this little nook of our house. 

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