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7 Simple Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look Festive for Christmas

Bring some holiday cheer and make your bedroom look festive with these 7 simple decorating ideas. From bedding to twinkling lights, it’s time to make your bedroom into a cozy retreat for Christmas.

One of the best gifts I received shortly after getting married was from my mom.

She picked up an assortment of Christmas decorations that all coordinated without being matchy-matchy to use in my new home.

When I opened the gift, she commented that they could be used together to make one room feel more decorated for Christmas. Or I could spread them out, placing a little something Christmassy in several rooms to give my entire home a holiday touch.

To this day, 28 Christmases later, I still have everything in the box, and since my mom has great taste, I still use them all when I decorate each year!

I chose to go the route of adding a little touch of Christmas in every room on the main level of the house.

Over the last 28 Christmases, the only places I’ve ever decorated are the family areas of my home.

Sure, the kids each had a small tree in their bedrooms that they got to decorate, but that was something they did, not me.

But last year, I did something brand new…

Primary bedroom with Peale Green accent wall decorated for Christmas with a pencil tree, plaid throw pillows, and red knit throw blanket.

I decorated my bedroom for Christmas.

I think I was inspired by the makeover project we started in that room. After all, that dark green accent wall (Peale Green by Benjamin Moore) is just begging for some Christmas decorations!

You don’t need to do a lot to make your bedroom feel festive.

I’m counting down 7 ways to add some Christmas decor to your bedroom this year.

Whether you choose to do one or all of them, I have a feeling you’re going to enjoy having those little touches in your bedroom too.

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7. Place Some Christmas Ornaments or Figurines on the Nightstands or Other Chests of Drawers

Christmas ornament made of plaid and burlap fabric lying on a white tray.

One simple way to add a touch of Christmas in your bedroom is to place a Christmas ornament or figurine on the nightstand.

See? I told you it doesn’t have to be complicated!

I placed a 4-inch ornament on the tray that sits on top of my nightstand.

Some other options to place on flat surfaces like a nightstand, chest of drawers, or dresser:

6. Swap Florals for Christmas Greenery

Faux hops stems in a brown basket on a wood table.

If you have baskets or vases where you place faux flowers, try swapping them with Christmas greenery.

Depending on the colors in your bedroom’s decor, you could also display poinsettias or winter berry stems.

I love these faux hops stems because they’re lightly frosted and they drape so nicely out of a basket.

5. Use Some Christmassy Ribbon Accents

Wicker vase filled with Christmas greenery with a plaid ribbon wrapped around the neck.

Try adding a bit of Christmassy ribbon to dress up your ordinary decor.

Tie a bow around a vase or lamp base.

I’ve seen some people use ribbon to make framed photos and artwork look like a gift.

4. Add a Cheerful Christmas Throw and Holiday-themed Sheets

King size bed with white bedding, Christmas plaid throw pillows, and red knit throw blanket.

Adding a little Christmas to a bedroom can be as simple as tossing a throw blanket onto the bottom of your bed or on the back of a chair.

There are so many beautiful Christmas throws with holiday motifs.

Or you can choose a Christmassy color, like the red cable knit throw I added to my bed.

I also love the idea of using cozy fur throws for Christmas since you can use them throughout winter too.

Changing your sheets to ones with Christmas colors or patterns is another whimsical way to decorate your bedroom for the holidays.

3. Place Christmas Plaid Throw Pillows on the Bed

King-sized bed with Christmas plaid throw pillows in a room painted Peale Green with gallery wall above the bed.

One of my favorite ways to add seasonal decor all over my home is definitely with throw pillows.

It’s so easy to give a space a little pop of color or add a whimsical pattern with a pillow cover!

I definitely recommend shopping for holiday pillow covers so you don’t have to store bulky pillows for the rest of the year.

2. Add a Christmas Tree with Twinkle Lights in the Bedroom

Pencil tree decorated with red, white, and plaid ornaments in a bedroom.

I’m not sure why I waited so long to add a Christmas tree with twinkle lights to my bedroom!

You know how lovely it is to sit by the light of a Christmas tree in your family room?

Imagine then, how wonderful it is to fall asleep to that soft glow every night.

Simply plug the tree into one of these timers and you can set it to turn itself off an hour or so after you go to bed if you prefer your bedroom dark when you sleep.

You don’t even need to decorate it for it to look amazing.

1. Decorate the Tree with Ornaments that Coordinate with the Other Bedroom Decorations

While you don’t need to decorate the tree, it’s definitely fun to do!

If your family’s Christmas tree is filled with sentimental ornaments like mine and AnnMarie’s, a tree in your bedroom is a great opportunity to try your hand at decorating a themed tree.

Since my bedroom lends itself to traditional red and green, I decided to have fun with that. Plus some easy DIY white wood bead ornaments AnnMarie and I made one year.

You can choose ornaments in colors that will look beautiful with the other colors in your bedroom, or you can try doing an inexpensive neutral tree like this one.

No matter what you decide, I know you’ll love having a Christmas tree in your bedroom this year! I ended up leaving mine up for an extra month after I took off the decorations.

If you decide to decorate your bedroom for Christmas, I’d love to see some pictures of what you do! You can share them with us here.

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