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Simply Stated

Hey friend!

I’m hijacking this week’s Simply Stated to celebrate a milestone…

You see, today’s my momiversary! (Simply Stated is coming at you from Anne this week)

What’s a momiversary, you ask?

Well, it’s a silly word I came up with a long time ago to celebrate how a mom’s life is completely changed on the day(s) she gives birth to a child.

Obviously, it’s their birthday!

And we love celebrating birthdays!

But AnnMarie and I also quietly enjoy celebrating our momiversaries.

It’s a chance to look back and remember our birth stories.

To reflect on how we felt when we held our babies in our arms for the very first time.

And to celebrate the joy of becoming a mom!

Today is milestone momiversary for me: eighteen years ago, I became a mom to fraternal twin girls.

Eighteen year old fraternal twin sisters holding bouquets of cupcakes decorated to look like flowers

So as of today, I’ve somehow managed to raise three adults.


How is that even possible?

Truly, some (okay, a lot) of the days over those years dragged, but man have the years flown by. I couldn’t be more proud of the young adults my girls have become and we’ll be celebrating this next stage of their lives all day!

Also, for our local friends, if you’re ever looking for a special cake for an event, be sure to check out Meg’s Macs and More in Denver!

She is a talented cupcake artist, and makes gorgeous “boucakes” for any celebration.

The girls are holding their personalized 7-cupcake bouquets in their college colors in the photo above.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog wrap-up…

This week, AnnMarie and I had the opportunity to travel to Madison, Indiana for a blogging conference. If you enjoy antiquing, you’ve got to visit this quaint town on the Ohio river!

We learned so much, and got to meet some amazing women who are working towards the same goals as we are.

One thing we learned is it’s important for us to share with you what this blog and you, mean to us.

In case we haven’t said it recently, we so value you being here as a member of our Simply2Moms family!

You see, this blog has become our livelihood.

It’s how we’re earning a living (and making money to send our kids to college).

And that wouldn’t be possible without you being here.

Did you know you help support our blog every time you click through to one of our blog posts from this email?

Once you’re there, you can really make a difference if you do two little things:

  1. Click one of the links to see a second blog post.
  2. Share our posts on social media, or pin one of our photos to your Pinterest account.

That’s it!

We are so grateful for your support!

On the blog this week, Anne shared an easy way to decorate for a graduation party.

Papier mache numbers with supplies to decorate them

AnnMarie spilled seven hacks for beautiful gallery walls.

woman adjusting picture frame on wall with gallery wall display on entire wall

And Anne shared her secrets for choosing what to wear for a personal branding photography session!

We hope you have a beautiful weekend!