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Wait Until You See My Front Entryway Makeover Reveal

A traditional space is transformed into a welcoming modern farmhouse-style foyer. Check out the reveal of my front entryway makeover.

Our foyer entryway was definitely decorated in a traditional style.

It’s a wide-open space without many walls for furniture but that’s not a good excuse because I didn’t really decorate the space at all.

I bought a classic demi round table and mirror put it on the small blank wall. Then I added a basket in the opposite corner to throw the dog towel in and that’s about all I did to decorate our front entryway.

But last Christmas I went all out decorating the entryway with Anne’s help and it looked AMAZING!

After that, I fell in love with my cozy farmhouse Christmas foyer and knew I needed to do more with the space to make it great not just for the holidays but every day!

Do you struggle with what your style is?

I like modern farmhouse…

a little bit of industrial…

even a touch of boho…

I like a mix of many different styles.

I guess I just like what I like and don’t worry too much if it fits into a specific style.

So are you ready to see how I transformed our traditional foyer into a modern farmhouse industrial boho front entryway?

Let’s just say it went from classic to casual with just a few decor changes in this no demo reno!

But before I can show you the reveal let’s look at where we started…

Before Front Entryway Makeover

foyer view looking at front door with table and mirror on right side of photo and floor basket and lanterns on left side of photo large area rug in front of door

My front entryway wasn’t terrible…it just wasn’t very welcoming.

And it kind of felt a little underwhelming.

I wasn’t sure what to put on the walls on either side of the door. Or on the narrow wall opposite the table and mirror.

It couldn’t be too busy since this foyer space opens to our living room that has a huge gallery wall that spans two walls.

So I had to figure out how to decorate the front entryway to create a cozy welcoming space without having it look too crowded.

demi round table against wall in entryway next to front door with rectangular mirror hung above table. faux stems and plants decorate table and shelf on bottom of table. lamp also on table

The first thing I wanted to change was the table and mirror.

Replacing the traditional styled table with a bench would help me create the welcoming vibe I wanted for our guests and us.

And a bench would be a great spot to add throw pillows and blankets to add texture and amp up the cozy factor.

There were a few bench, pillow and blanket options I was considering. Check them out here.

How to Create a Casual Entryway

foyer makeover with round area run on hardwood floors and lanterns and basket on floor beside bench with throw pillow row of hooks on wall above bench with hat, tote bag and wreath hanging on hooks

A simple modern farmhouse-style spindle backbench in black was just what this wall needed to bring in a more casual feeling to the entryway.

The perfect spot to sit when taking your shoes on and off.

Do you allow shoes to be worn in your house? We’d prefer no shoes inside for our family.

round entryway sisal rug by front door and bench with foyer decor

But we don’t ask our guests to take their shoes off when they come into our home.

So this round jute rug is good for wiping wet shoes off.

Plus I really like how the round rug softens the lines in the front entryway and even makes the space seem larger.

close up of candle lanterns smaller one sitting on small wood stool larger one on floor beside stool front door to left of lantern and bench to right of photo

Between the rug and bench, I added two candle lanterns.

They have a bit more of a modern style with their straight lines. But lifting the smaller one up on a distressed farmhouse stool gives them a more casual feel.

throw blanket hanging out of basket with handles on floor in front of bench

Nothing looks more casual than tossing a comfy throw blanket in large oval seagrass floor basket.

It’s easy to grab the blanket for some porch sitting on a cool night.

If You Can’t Find What You Want…Make it!

diy barn wood row of hooks with hat, back and wreath hanging from hooks

After shopping for a row of hooks I was unable to find exactly what I wanted because I was looking for a super long one.

I made a farmhouse-style coat rack for my son’s bedroom that I really liked so I knew I could make another for the front entryway makeover.

While Anne and I were shopping in our local antique store I found this awesome piece of barnwood.

And knew it would be perfect for my foyer DIY row of hooks.

When I got it home and held it up against the wall it was exactly the right length. I wanted something that would go from one end of the wall to the other and this did.

tote back and straw hat hanging on row of hooks

It was a super easy DIY project.

I just attached these cool black metal wall hooks to the barnwood then hung the new row of hooks above the bench.

Although the coat rack is a functional place for hanging coats it’s also going to be fun to style it with seasonal decor.

For spring and summer I hung my favorite tote bag and straw hat.

close up of faux wreath on row of hooks in front entryway

And of course no casual modern farmhouse row of hooks would be complete without a faux wreath!

The greenery looks so pretty against the rustic distressed board of the coat rack.

How to Fill an Empty Corner

tall faux olive tree in floor wicker basket in corner next to front door

Do you remember I had this basket sitting in this corner in the before photo?

Go ahead and scroll back up and check it out again…I’ll wait.

Did you see it…looked kind of small in this space, didn’t it? We used the basket to hold a towel that we’d dry off the dogs paws when they came back inside if they were wet.

I tried to make it seem more “decorated” by putting two lanterns beside the basket but it still looked unfinished.

The area needed something for height but since the door swings that way it couldn’t be too big.

faux olive tree in wicker basket on floor in foyer with mirror hanging on wall behind

I showed the space to our friends on Instagram and several people suggested adding an olive tree to the basket.

Well, I just happened to have bought this 82″ olive tree a couple of weeks ago and had planned to use it in our family room.

But it looks sooo much better in the front entryway than it did the the family room!

And using the basket for the olive tree looks so much prettier than a dog towel tossed in there. LOL!

close up of metal round mirror with wood bead hanger on wall in entryway

I found this gold framed mirror at HomeGoods but I found one very similiar for you so be sure to scroll to the end to shop this post.

Mirrors are always a good idea on a wall where you want to reflect more light into your home.

Although we can’t really use this mirror since it’s behind the faux tree it does bounce light into the front entryway.

And it’s just so beautiful with the elegant gold frame made more casual with the wood bead hanger.

Alternative to a Traditional Front Door Wreath

front door basket hanging on door in foyer with bench and row of hooks shown behind basket

Rather than hanging a classic wreath on the inside of our front door I hung a door basket.

The seagrass basket is a more casual look than a traditional wreath.

close up of wicker door basket hanging on front door filled with faux lavendar

Although this basket is often sold out at Target I did find some other options for you below.

And the neutral basket filled with faux lavender stems brings some subtle color to the front door.

After Front Entryway Makeover

view of entryway from hallway staircase to left of photo door straight ahead with bench to right side and faux olive tree to left side of photo

So what do you think?

I love this casual and welcoming feeling view when I walk into our front entryway.

And because we all love a good side by side comparison…

side by side comparison of the before and after photos of the entryway makeover

I’m still considering adding something on the wall next to the door over the light switch but I’m just not sure what yet.

We do miss having a lamp in the entryway. So maybe a light fixture?

Give me your ideas below!

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