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Simply Stated 28

Happy 4th of July!

Do you have any fun plans for the holiday weekend?

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend here in North Carolina and we are hanging around home.

Anne’s son is home for the weekend so she’s thrilled to have everyone under one roof for a change.

It’s hard for us moms with older kiddos who are all going in different directions. So we are grateful for any chance we get when the whole family can spend time together.

Did you catch our stories on social media yesterday?

We’ve been busy making some updates to our website that we’re pretty excited about so stay tuned!

Some random thoughts for you this Fourth of July weekend:

  1. I’m proud to be an American! Although our country feels so divided lately I feel grateful to live here.
  2. Anne & I went shopping for some new “business casual” clothes for the Haven conference we’re attending and teaching at in a little over a week. We got some really cute things but we may have spent waaaay more than we normally do on clothes for ourselves. At least we’re going to look fab!
  3. We’ve been grilling our dinner a lot this summer. These copper mats that Anne recommended have been awesome for grilling veggies!
  4. I went this week for my annual skin check from the dermatologist. If you don’t go…you need to. My mom was diagnoised with melanoma at the age of 24 so it’s not just something that affects older people. I got the all clear again this year and I’ve been luckly that I’ve never had any issues. So wear that sunscreen and get those skin checks. And that’s my PSA for this week! 😉

On the blog:

Need some quick patriotic ideas to decorate this weekend?

Are you having a cookout this weekend? Here are some great recipes perfect for the holiday weekend!

Or maybe you’re like Anne hitting up the sales getting her girls ready for college? Then you need to print our list of essentials for college dorm rooms.

And I’ll be looking for some deals for Gavin’s move off campus this year and using our 1st college apartment checklist.

Hope you have an amazing Fourth of July weekend. Have a blast & stay safe!.

Now, I’m going to make this delicious cocktail for later. Cheers!