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Happy Weekend!

And Happy FALL!

Are you someone who holds on to summer or are you ready for fall?

Although I really love summer, this year I’ve been looking forward to the cooler weather in autumn since it’s been such a hot summer here in North Carolina (this is AnnMarie writing to you this week).

It’s been so hot and humid here then storms rolled through for two days this week.

Then bam…we woke up and it was fall.

Sunny & beautiful the last few days and even a bit chilly at night.

Hope you’re enjoying the beginning of fall wherever you are this weekend.

If you follow us on social media you may have seen a few videos I shared this week.

Our mini golden doodle Chloe passed away on Monday night and my family is heartbroken.

I spent all day Tuesday and most of the day Wednesday going through old photos and making a “Chloe” album.

Going through thousands of photos on my computer to find any picture with her in it…I’m not sure why…but I felt I just had to go through each and every picture for the past 14 years and find the ones with our family pet.

Once I found the 366 photos, I narrowed them down to my favorites.

Ok, here is where I may of failed because I was only able to narrow the 366 down to 196.

I know it’s a lot but it was FOURTEEN years of memories!

So, I uploaded all 196 to my light room app and edited them.

Then, I created a few videos and photo collages that I shared with my family.

And I posted a videos on IG and TikTok.

Guess what after doing this I actually felt a little better.

I think it was therapeutic for me to go through all those photos of my family over the years with our sweet Chloe and remember all the happy times we had with her.

Thanks to all of you who reached out to us via social media.

We are so blessed to have so many wonderful friends following our blog.

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Hope you have an amazing week!