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How to Style 1 Tiered Tray Different 7 Ways

Grab your favorite tiered tray and see how you can style the same tray 7 different ways for holidays, seasons or parties.

I recently styled my tiered tray with a football theme and honestly, I debated even pulling that old tray out again.

Not sure if this trend had passed or if it was still around.

But I’m sure glad I did decorate it for football season because it came out super cute and I really had fun putting it together.

Over the past couple of years I’ve thought about getting a new tiered tray in a different style tray…

maybe three tiers instead of two…

or maybe a different material like wood instead of metal!

But I just keep grabbing my same 2-tiered galvanized tray every time!

And when I look back at the photos of each tiered tray I’ve put together it’s kind of cool that they look similar because each one is styled in the same exact tray.

Yet, they each have a unique personality and look different depending on the theme.

Do you know what I mean?

Why You Need A Tiered Tray In Your Life

Tiered trays are so versatile!

You can literally put them anywhere in your home.

Tiered trays come in so many different styles, you’re sure to find the perfect tray to coordinate with you home décor style.

When I need an extra décor piece in my home for a holiday, party or new season a tiered tray is a great option.

Everyone seems to have a different style when decorating tiered trays just like when you decorate your home.

I tend to keep my home a bit simple and not too cluttered so you’ll notice that’s how I decorate my tiered tray.

Just go with what you love and you’ll love the results!

How I Styled 1 Tiered Tray 7 Ways

Let’s take a look at how I styled the same tiered tray SEVEN different ways.

Just click the title above each picture to go to the blog post for more details about that tiered tray styling.

Be sure to check out my favorite tip at the end of this post!

1. Hello Fall

tiered tray with sweater pumpkins neutral orbs wood bead garland and small hello fall wood sign gather canister

A couple years ago Anne taught me how to make no-sew sweater pumpkins and I was hooked on how easy they were to make.

You have to check out her tutorial and grab a friend and make a few like we did…or maybe more than a few! LOL

Can you ever have too many pumpkins?

We had so much fun making them and we’ve both decorated our homes using our DIY sweater pumpkins over the last couple of years.

So, of course I had to style a tiered tray for fall filled with three of my little cuties.

2. Trick or Treat

Halloween tiered tray filled with fabric pumpkins, signs, mug, wood beads and orb

I usually don’t do too much decorating for Halloween now that my kids are older.

I’m more of a fall gal…ya know warm cozy colors.

But I was walking by the Target dollar spot and spied these cute black and white pumpkins and just knew they’d look great in a Halloween inspired tiered tray.

It had to be a cute tray though certainly nothing creepy.

The sign that reads ghosts and goblins is as scary as I get.

Well, no I take that back, I did decorate my front porch for Halloween two years ago but it wasn’t too scary.

3. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

pinecones mini bottle brush trees and ceramic houses fill this tiered tray

Christmas is my absolutely favorite holiday!

I love everything about it…spending time with family, baking cookies, buying and wrapping gifts, decking the halls!

Oh yes…especially the Christmas decorating!

I started collecting little Christmas trees several years ago.

You know how it goes you get one or two then all of a sudden you’ve got 105!

Ok…maybe not that many but you get what I’m saying! LOL

I think mini Christmas trees are kinda like pumpkins you can never have too many!

The little bottle brush trees look great in my simple natural holiday tiered tray.

4. Will You Be Mine

two tiered galvanized tray with Valentine decor including wood word blocks faux plants decorative spheres wood beads and gnome

I’ll be honest with you, I usually don’t decorate for Valentine’s day, but when I was gifted these awesome word blocks from 12 Timbers I just knew I had to pull out my trusty tiered tray.

And isn’t that gnome just adorable!

You can get all the details of how I put this tray together for Valentine’s day here.

5. Spring is in the Air

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This spring inspired tiered tray was my very first one I assembled.

It came out pretty good for a newbie tray designer don’t you think?

I really like the natural vibe of this Easter tray with the all the greenery and twine eggs.

6. Stars and Stripes

galvanized tiered tray decorated with American flags and other patriotic decor items

This patriotic styled tiered tray can be displayed on Memorial Day, Flag Day or The 4th of July.

Why not leave it out as part of your home décor all summer long?

Did you notice the same orbs from the fall tray?

And the plants I’ve used in several different trays too.

I’m all about using what I have around the house when creating a new display.

7. Are You Ready for Some Football?

fall football themed two tiered tray with chalkboard sign, twine orbs, faux plants, a mug and wood beads on table

There are those fun neutral orbs again and a few more plants in this football inspired tiered tray!

I’m not sure about your house but with two college aged boys and a husband there’s a lot of football talk around here.

On Saturday’s in the fall, it’s all about college game day & Sunday’s the NFL…but really they talk football All.The.Time!

So, this year I created an awesome football themed tablescape and threw a super fun game day party!

My Favorite Tip for Styling Tiered Trays

grid of 7 photos of tiered trays

Well, have you figured out what my favorite tip is yet?

This photo may have given it away but it’s…


What’s so great about them?

Well…they’re inexpensive…

available in so many different styles & colors…

and the best thing…a string of wood beads looks amazing hanging down from the top tier of my galvanized tray!

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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