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This week with Simply2Moms we’re talking wallpaper, college, anniversaries, graduation, gardening, weddings, and more!

Good morning (or afternoon or evening depending on when you’re reading)!

AnnMarie and I have been spending this week doing something pretty new for us: picking out wallpaper.

We’ve been selected by Walls By Me to choose our favorites from their patterns in a variety of different colors for five different rooms in a house.

Altogether, we’re creating 55 bundles that will be shared on their website.

They only chose three designers to work on this project so we’re pretty humbled to be one of them!

Their peel-and-stick wallpapers are great quality, and we’ll be hanging some in our homes soon too.

It’s been an interesting process going through hundreds of selections and narrowing them down to our top three for each room and category.

We can’t wait to share more with you when they add our picks to their website!

When we work together, we typically work at AnnMarie’s house because her dogs are needier than my cats.

They get lonely and need to be let outside to take care of their business!

We’ve had gorgeous weather this week so AnnMarie was able to leave the door to her deck open while we worked.

It’s still a little unseasonably chilly for NC, but we’re not complaining.

Usually we’ve had our air conditioners cranking by this time of the year!

AnnMarie’s Week

We moved Emma home from college yesterday.

It’s awesome that her university is so close and we were able to pack her up and move out on a weekend rather than having to do it during the week when she’s done with finals.

I can’t believe she’s almost finished with her freshman year…just two more final exams to take next week and she’s done.

It feels like we just moved her into the dorm and now she’s closing the door on her first year.

girl closing dorm room door after moving out

Gavin also has finals this week and then will be home from school at the end of the week for the summer.

Chris and I are looking forward to having a full house again.

I’m thinking I better get my office cleaned up so I can work upstairs rather than at the kitchen table.

I’ll probably be more productive with everyone at home if I work in a room where I can close the door.

Anne’s Week

When May rolls around, I love to plant some annuals to add a little color around the house.

Before moving to North Carolina, planting annuals was part of my Mother’s Day tradition, and I guess old habits die hard!

I’m thinking it’s time for some red geraniums on my front porch?

Then I’ll probably stick with lantana in the back yard by the pool.

I love that lantana doesn’t require any effort on my part: no dead heading, no extra watering.

Just plant it, add a little plant food, and forget about it.

It thrives even when it’s crazy hot and through our dry summers.

My husband and I need to decide what to do about our three palm trees by our pool.

They look like they’re dead thanks to a brutally cold week last December.

But, there’s still some green in the centers of the trees.

According to what we’ve read, that means they may still survive!

We’re hoping they’ll pull through, but we won’t know for sure for another year.

Yesterday, we celebrated our 28th anniversary!

Anne from Simply2Moms with her husband taking a selfie on their anniversary.

We decided to spend the afternoon in Charlotte acting like tourists.

Then we had an amazing dinner at Church and Union.

They have a 3-course meal option (with dessert!) at a fixed price and it was so delicious!

And rich.

We considered hanging out a little longer downtown, but we ended up going home and watching the Orioles game.

I actually may have watched the inside of my eyelids… LOL

Today we’re headed to a bridal show with Livy and Cam because November of 2024 is going to be here before we know it!

I’ll be sure to share more about it with you next week.

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