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The Secret to Finding Affordable & Pretty Small Bathroom Storage

You’ll love these small bathroom storage ideas that are also great for other small spaces! Find affordable & stylish inspiration.

wood and metal storage bin filled with white rolled hand towels and rolls of toilet paper. candle & flowers displayed on top shelf

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Shopping is one of my favorite things to do! 

And home decor stores are my favorite places to shop. 

HomeGoods & TJ Maxx are at the top of my list because there is always something new in these stores.  But if you see something you like you better grab it quick because it most likely won’t be there the next trip you make to the store.

(This post is not sponsored by HomeGoods, I just wanted to share a few pieces I saw in the store.  But if you don’t have a HomeGoods nearby…no worries…I’ve shared a few other options here)

Do You Need Extra Bathroom Storage?

My husband also likes to shop…although he does get bored if we are in HomeGoods too long!? The other day while running errands we stopped in HomeGoods/Marshalls to make a return. While there I started looking for small bathroom storage ideas.

We have a typical powder room downstairs with a pedestal sink and toilet…which means there is NO storage. 

We used to have a basket on the floor to hold extra rolls of toilet paper. But I was “over it” being in the bathroom and repurposed it one day while looking around the house for a basket to hold all the dog toys.

Since then I’ve been storing the extra toilet paper in the hall closet just outside the half bathroom. 

But that’s not really convenient if you run out…lol!? 

Our small bathroom doesn’t have much extra floor space so there is no room for anything too large. As I browsed around HomeGoods I stumbled across a few options that could work.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas From HomeGoods

This wicker piece was cute but I’m not sure it would even hold 2 rolls per basket so then it would just look awkward for what I needed it to be used for.  One roll per basket shelf would look odd…don’t ya think?

But look at this option that’s a bit bigger so would be great in a small bathroom!

wicker basket tower displayed in home decor store

The next two were a bit modern and weren’t quite right for our powder room. 

I can see these in a bathroom where you would need extra storage to hold lotions and hair products.

I found a similar one for you here.

comparison of two baskets on display in home decor store

Shop Similiar Styles

Then I walked over to the basket section since a basket had worked in the space before so maybe I could find another one I liked. 

I loved so many of them but really wanted something taller.

Check out these great baskets here, here and here.

two baskets on display in home decor store

Spotted a few others that were more my style but too big for the bathroom…

two baskets on display in home decor store

Then decided to check out the home office area and found a couple that made more sense for our needs for small bathroom storage. 

And as a bonus, they were closer to the modern farmhouse style I love!


comparison of two baskets on display in home decor store

I decided the storage tower with the wood top would be perfect for our small bathroom. 

The basket areas were large for extra storage and the wood top would allow me to add some decorative accessories. 

My only hesitation was the color…it was black. 

Our powder room has silver hardware and a silver framed mirror above the sink. And I wasn’t sure the black color would have looked right.

The Perfect Option For Our Small Bathroom

We decided to buy it and just see what it looked like in the room. 

As we were walking out we saw the same storage piece in someone’s cart…AND it was silver/chrome/pewter…whatever color it was…it was the color I needed. 

My husband suggested I distract the other shopper and he’d switch our black tower for her silver….he was kidding…kind of!? 

Well, I decided we should just go back to the home office section to give one more look around

And guess what…we found another silver storage tower sitting right there!


comparison shot of same storage bin towers in different colors

The difference is subtle but I LOVED the lighter color.

comparison shot of same storage bin towers in different colors

We snagged it and ran to the checkout…okay maybe we walked!

I couldn’t wait to see if it would work in our small bathroom. 

wood and metal storage bin filled with white rolled hand towels and rolls of toilet paper

I filled the storage shelf with white hand towels and extra rolls of toilet paper.

The size of this little storage piece is perfect for our powder room. 

It takes no more floor space than the basket that used to sit there but holds lots of extra items for our small bathroom.

I call that a win!

close up of bins filled with white rolled hand towels and rolls of toilet paper

A simple candle and small mason jar of flowers that I had here at home placed on the top of the storage shelf are the perfect addition. 

I’m a happy girl…it’ doesn’t take much…I’m pretty simple! 

wood and metal storage bin with candle and mason jar of flower sitting on top

Shop Similiar Styles

Do you love shopping and finding the perfect item for your home at a great price?  Would you like me to share my shopping finds more often?

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me, or leave a comment! Follow us over on Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss any tips and tricks!

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Friday 3rd of December 2021

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Tuesday 7th of December 2021

Hi there! I found that storage rack at Home Goods. I did link some similar storage units in the blog post. Let us know if you'd like us to send the links directly to you.

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