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5 of the Best Affordable Laundry Room Essentials You Need

Do you need more storage in your laundry room? Today I’m sharing the best affordable farmhouse-style laundry room essentials.

I recently updated my boring laundry room and transformed it into a pretty modern industrial farmhouse space.

Our laundry room is the first room you see when you come into our home through the garage.

And we always come into our house this way and so do most of our guests.

So it was time for an update!

I’m just thrilled with my new industrial farmhouse laundry room now!!

It almost makes me want to do laundry…or at least go in there and stare at the room. Haha!!

Do you want to see the transformation?

Before & After Laundry Room Makeover

side by side comparison photo of old and new laundry room

Wow…just wow! Right!?

I know I LOVE it too!

Be sure to check out this post for the BIG reveal and all the links to the other projects I did along the way with this laundry room makeover.

Now let’s get down to business and talk about laundry room essentials!

Do you see all that wire shelving over the washer and dryer and along the back wall?

Well, we ditched all of the basic wire wall shelving and replaced it with those beautiful DIY wood and black iron plumbing pipe shelves.

And we added a hanging clothes rod at the back of the room to hang dry clothes which is the first essential in a laundry room.

Where Do You Hang Dry Clothes?

washer and dryer in room with wood and industrial pipe shelving clothes hanging from rod and lockers in front corner of room

Having a space to hang dry my clothes is essential in my laundry room and probably for most others too.

Anne built a gorgeous beadboard pull-down wood drying rack in her french country laundry room makeover.

There are many different styles of drying racks.

If DIY isn’t your thing we’ve found some great options for you below.

This post includes some affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. You can read our full disclosure policy here.

Shop Drying Racks

Click on any of the images below to buy

Closed Organized Storage Ideas

school locker set on left side of laundry room with washing maching and dryer nest to lockers with wood shelves above

Remember the before picture I showed you? There was that tall wire shelf unit that was overfilled with stuff.

Plastic bins helped contain some of the clutter but it was just too easy to toss things on the shelf. And before long it looked messy and disorganized.

I wanted to be able to hide some of those things I was storing on that shelf. Having closed storage in my new laundry room was another essential to keeping the space neat and organized.

We considered unfinished pantry cabinets and other closed storage ideas but ultimately decided to buy a set of lockers.

The lockers hold a ton of stuff in our laundry room…from cleaning rags to dog treats to extra laundry supplies.

We bought our set of school lockers from a local distributor in Charlotte, N.C. But I bet you can find vintage lockers at antique stores or garage sales. Check out Facebook market place too.

Here are some other places to shop for closed storage in your laundry room.

Shop Closed Storage

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Hampers to Hold Dirty Items Waiting to be Cleaned

rolling wire laundry hamper with label that reads laundry and fabric liner

Everyone in our family keeps a laundry basket in their room for their dirty clothes.

But what about those dirty dish towels from the kitchen, hand towels from the powder room, or cleaning rags?

Before I transformed our laundry room I used to just throw those dirty items that needed to be cleaned on top of the washer and dryer.

And you know what? It looked messy all of the time because there was always a towel waiting for more towels to make a big enough load to throw in the wash.

So the third essential I needed in my new laundry room was this super cute hamper. Now I have somewhere to toss those dirty dish towels every night.

Shop Hampers

Click on any image to shop

How to Store Laundry Room Detergents

glass beverage dispenser filled with liquid laundry soap on wood shelf

You can’t do laundry without detergent!

But I wanted to make my laundry room detergents pretty since they would be sitting out on my lower wood shelf above the appliances.

Our laundry soap is stored in this budget-friendly glass beverage dispenser which looks so much better than a big plastic orange bottle.

I’m going to need to get a mini bucket to hang from the spout because it does drip a little after each use.

two canister style glass jars will lids filled with laundry powder and a scoop on top of powderr in jar

These affordable glass canisters from Walmart hold baking soda and stain remover powder.

Did you know adding a scoop of baking soda when washing your towels will help keep that musty smell away?

Shop Laundry Detergent Storage

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Organize Laundry Room Essentials with Baskets

Baskets are so versatile to use in a laundry room space. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and textures to fit your needs.

I found this cute little wire basket that was the perfect size to hold my dryer sheets. So much nicer to look at than the box just sitting on the shelf.

Do you think I should change that No. 2 label and rename it dryer sheets?

The other small seagrass basket stores my small lingerie bag and a spray bottle.

baskets and glass containers on shelves above appliances

The vintage locker basket on the top shelf I found at a local antique store holds clean towels.

And the larger wicker basket is empty for now but I plan to store pool towels up there. I have the same basket on top of the lockers that is also empty.

So I have plenty of storage options for the future.

Shop the Baskets

Click on any image to find the perfect storage option

What’s an essential in your laundry room that you can’t live without?

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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