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How To Decorate a French Country Laundry Room

Want to give your builder basic laundry room a more custom feel? Check out these ideas for decorating a French country laundry room.

Today is the day!

I’ve finally shared all the projects that went into transforming my laundry room, and it’s time to show you the final results.

No more teasers.

No more glimpses at parts of the whole.


Today, I get to share the whole enchilada!

Speaking of, did you see how AnnMarie’s modern farmhouse laundry room turned out yet?!

So good, right?

We’ve had so much fun motivating each other to get our rooms done!

So you can truly appreciate just how far my laundry room has come, let’s take a look at my Before picture…

Laundry room with blue walls, white cabinets, and a window

Cornflower blue walls.

Mats covering the sheet linoleum flooring (to hide the discoloration from an old rubber-backed rug).

Laminate cabinets with junk on top.

The lovely litter box.

And a plastic accordion-style drying rack with the rubber coating peeling off the metal rods.

Lovely, isn’t it?!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful to even have a laundry room!

But it was time to turn it into a space I enjoyed working in.

And walking past!

Since my laundry room is the first thing I see when I walk out of my bedroom each morning.

So without further ado…


Woman standing inside a top-loading washing machine with arms raised and happy face showing off newly renovated French country farmhouse laundry room with painted green laminated cabinets, ceramic tile floors, and custom window valance.

My daughter made me take this picture. LOL

Quite a difference, wouldn’t you say!?

I’ve included a list of all the projects that went into transforming my French country laundry room at the end of the post.

But let’s take a closer look around.

Just let me hop on out of the washer…

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Transforming My Laundry Room

It all started with a mood board.

I’ve found when I’m redoing the entire look of a room, having an inspiration board really helps.

But, if you take a look at my inspiration board, you’ll see that I ended up making some pretty significant changes once I got started.

Farmhouse laundry room with painted cabinets and ceramic tile floors

One of the biggest changes was the flooring.

We decided to install peel and stick vinyl tiles instead of wood-looking ceramic tile.

Our hallway has hardwood flooring, and I couldn’t find a tile that transitioned well.

We created a feature wall using base cap moulding to make picture boxes.

My original plan was to fill the picture boxes with a wallpaper from Magnolia Home.

But since the tile has such a busy pattern, I opted to skip the wallpaper altogether.

Laundry room with French doors and picture box moulding on the walls and peel and stick tiles with a hand painted ceramic tile look on the floor

I really love the simplicity of the wall treatment!

At some point, I may hang some artwork in the boxes, but for now I’m keeping it just like this.

One feature that I’m so in love with is my custom French door from Woodgrain!

It allows so much light to spill into my dark upstairs hallway.

Laundry room with French doors and picture box moulding on the walls and peel and stick tiles with a hand painted ceramic tile look on the floor

That dark hallway is another project on my to do list for this year…

I tried something new for me (although my childhood home is painted this way) and painted the walls white while giving the trim and door a color.

The walls and ceiling are White Dove (OC-17) from Benjamin Moore.

The baseboard trim, window frame, and doors are all Revere Pewter (HC-172), also by Benjamin Moore.

Laundry room with French doors and picture box moulding on the walls and painted green laminate cabinets

We ended up not changing out the light fixture.


The one I wanted is no longer available, so I’m living with the fluorescent light for now.

We were lucky that the builder at least framed out our fixture so it’s somewhat decorative looking.

We built a custom wood valance as a window treatment.

Lafayette green painted laminate cabinets with gold bar handles in a laundry room with a window.

I love how it adds architectural detail to the entire window wall, but will be super easy to maintain.

The litter box still lives in the laundry room, but it’s been moved to the other side of the window so it’s not the first thing you see when you look in the room!

We enclosed the space above the cabinets to give them the look of being custom builtins.

Laundry room with painted laminate cabinets over the washer and dryer and a shelf over washer and dryer with laundry room essentials and faux plants and baskets.

Then I painted the laminate cabinets and the enclosure Lafayette Green (HC-135) by Benjamin Moore.

I absolutely love this shade of green!

The new gold hardware on the cabinets is another change from the original mood board.

Small Details Add Up to Make an Impact

We removed one of the sections of cabinets and relocated it to the garage.

That left room for a gorgeous custom beadboard drying rack!

This project was so easy to make, and cost so much less than buying a similar one from Ballard Designs.

French country laundry room with a beadboard drying rack and painted laminate cabinets and a beadboard box to cover the washer hookup box that hides all hoses, plugs, and the hookup box.

We used some wood left over from other projects to cover up the ugly washer hookup box.

And to build a simple shelf above the washer and dryer.

I got a set of canisters from Kirkland Home to hold my wool dryer balls and some scented laundry beads.

Shelf over washer and dryer with laundry room essentials and faux plants

Then I shopped my home for some faux plants, and a basket to hold the random things that end up in the laundry room (socks without a mate, sports bra inserts, etc.).

Shelf over washer and dryer with laundry room essentials and faux plants

I also added a gold paper towel holder to keep them handy for cleaning up cat box messes.

A large wicker hamper with a lid helps keep the room looking neat by holding dish towels and other cleaning cloths that need to be washed.

Woman standing in farmhouse-style laundry room looking at painted cabinets

I often find myself walking into the room and just staring at how it all turned out!

I love it so much!

What detail is your favorite?

And since everyone loves a good before and after, here’s mine:

Side by side comparison of a laundry room before and after a makeover

List of Laundry Room Projects

Click on any image below to shop the look

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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