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The Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Families with Teens

Are you looking for some fun things to stuff those stockings this year? We have you covered with our amazing list of stocking stuffer ideas.

Did you ever get coal in your stocking?


Us either!

But when we were kids, we may have been warned a time or two by our parents, that Santa Claus was going to leave us coal if we weren’t good.

We don’t think we’ve ever said that to our own kids…although that Elf on the Shelf has kept them on their best behavior at this time of year.

As you know, our kids aren’t little anymore.

They’re all teens and young adults ranging from 18 to 25 years old.

But no matter how old they get we still love making Christmas extra special and giving them gifts.

We shared both a teen girl gift guide and a teen boy gift guide earlier this week.

Did you see them?

More than 25 amazing gift ideas that they are sure to love this year!

Be sure to check it out & share it with anyone you know that has teens.

Now that you’ve got the presents covered, we came up with some awesome stocking stuffer ideas.

Because we don’t know about you, but we really have fun filling everyone’s stockings.

And not only do our kids get fun stockings.

Our husbands and we do too!

The first thing both of our families do on Christmas morning is peek in their stockings to see what’s inside.

Do you open presents or stockings first in your family?

We’ve divided our ideas into four lists.

One for mom, another for dad, then teen girls and teen boys.

But don’t let those categories stop you from looking at all of them because many of the ideas can be used for anyone on your list!

Now, let’s get started with over 70 of the best stocking stuffer ideas for moms, dads & teens!

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Mom

collage of 18 product images showing ideas for stocking stuffers for moms

Hey dads and teenage children…listen up…it’s your turn to fill moms stocking this year!

We’re tired of filling our own stockings.

Let’s surprise mom this year and give her what she wants in her stocking on Christmas morning.

We had so much fun coming up with a list of fun stocking stuffers any mom would love!

Skin Care & Beauty

product image of jade roller leaning on box

Fill mom’s stocking with her favorite skincare and beauty products.

We love this facial beauty roller tool.

These reusable eye patches are a great solution to the occasional dark circle’s mom may have after a late night.

Tula eye balm will give mom a dewy glow while hydrating & cooling.

She’ll love this energy boosting tinted moisturizer by Origins that will last her all day long.

And with a high SPF protection, she’ll have daily protection from harmful sun rays.

Help Mom Relax

product image of scented coasters with a mug on top of one

These unique scented coasters are the perfect spot for mom to set her hot drink and fill the room with the wonderful aroma of cinnamon & clove, or coffee.

Everyone loves the volcano candles from Anthropologie and this mini size will fit right into mom’s stocking this year.

A Yeti wine tumbler is a great stocking stuffer for the wine-loving mama.

Does she like to play a game on her phone or iPad to relax?

Then these blue-blocking glasses are a must this year.

When it’s time for bed she’ll appreciate the luxury of a satin pillowcase.

More Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Mom

This beautiful bracelet.

An essential cord case to keep her organized.

Keep her warm and cozy with this super cute hat and these comfy Bomba socks.

This kitchen bar is a must-have for washing away strong food odors like onion and garlic from her hands.

These are awesome stainless steel straws.

The Tile will help mom find her lost keys or phone.

Mom always has her hands full so with this bangle bracelet key chain, she’ll be able to keep her keys on her wrist when she’s carrying a full load in her arms.

These cute leather keychains hold a small bottle of hand sanitizer to keep in her bag.

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Dad

collage of 18 product images showing ideas for stocking stuffers for dads

We checked in with a few special dads in our lives to figure out exactly what they’d love to find in their stockings on Christmas morning.

There’s something for every dad!

Tech, Tools & Gadgets

product image of magnetic car phone holder

Keep dad safe while driving with this magnetic car phone holder that pops right into the air vent in his vehicle.

And when he’s home he can charge his phone with this wireless charger.

If he has other electrical wires to keep organized put these reusable rubber twist ties in his stocking.

He can keep all those electronics not only organized but clean with this universal dust cleaner.

A digital tire pressure gauge is a useful stocking stuffer idea.

This silicone cover will keep dad’s Air Pods clean and you can get it in his favorite color too.

A pack of carabiner side locks comes in three different sizes.

This multi-tool is the size of a credit card so dad can keep it right in his wallet to have close by whenever needed.

Help keep dad’s grill clean with this BBQ grill scraper.

Snacks & Drinks for Dad

product image of record coasters

How neat are these record coasters made from upcycled vinyl records?

Yeti tumblers are a great cup to keep your drink hot or cold for hours.

If dad drinks beer this pop-the-top bottle opener is automatic and there’s no damage to the bottle top.

These large sphere ice cube molds are perfect to keep whiskey cold without melting in the drink.

More Cool Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Dad

Our husbands both love beef jerky and this sampler pack gives them a variety of flavors.

These funny dress socks are sure to make dad chuckle on Christmas morning.

Help dad look his best with this nose and ear hair trimmer.

And if his hands are a little rough from work O’Keeffe’s working hands are our favorite remedy for dry, cracked hands.

A leather magnetic bookmark is a perfect size to put in his stocking.

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teen Girls

collage of 18 product images showing ideas for stocking stuffers for teen girls

Our teen girls love to get their everyday skincare and makeup in their stockings so you’ll notice we have lots of that category covered with these ideas.

Christmas is a great time to give them something a little special that they wouldn’t normally splurge their earnings from a part-time job on.

Beauty, Hair & Skin Care

product image of four facial brushes

This set of super soft silicone manual face brushes is great for cleansing and massaging.

If your girl would prefer a battery-operated facial cleansing brush this one is very affordable and comes with two replacement heads.

All she has to do is wet the original makeup eraser with water to remove her makeup and then your white towels will stay white.

Our girls love both Mario Badescu drying lotion and the pimple patch set for on-the-spot solutions.

Tarte double beauty shape tape contour concealer is another favorite around here…even Anne uses this one from time to time.

And this beauty blender is a perfect companion for the Tarte concealer.

product image of holiday set of burt's bees wax lip balm

Lip balm is always a good option to toss into a Christmas stocking and any teen girl would love this Burt’s Bees Wax Holiday gift set.

Keep her makeup brushes clean with this two-pack cleaner sponge.

No more puffy eyes with this cooling reusable gel mask.

Help her relax after a long day at school or work with a bath bomb from Anthropologie.

Teenage girls love long nails and this set of press-on nails is so pretty.

These silk scrunchies are a luxurious gift she’d absolutely love to find in her stocking on Christmas morning.

More Stocking Ideas for Teenage Girls

This set of tin-thinking putty may help relieve some stress while she’s studying for that next test in school.

Poppers have become all the rage with kids but we know some teens that love them too! These fidget pop spinners would be another fun surprise in their stockings.

What young girl wouldn’t love this pair of cozy chenille UGG socks?

A Hydro flask water bottle will keep her water ice cold throughout the school day and practice after school.

This pretty manifestation charm bracelet from Pure Vida is tiny enough to fit a couple in her stocking this year.

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Stocking Stuffers for Teenage Boys

collage of 18 product images showing ideas for stocking stuffers for teen boys

Once boys outgrow matchbox cars and baseball cards you have to get more creative with ideas to fill their Christmas stockings.

There may have been some items on the lists above that would work for teen boys but we also have a bunch more for you.

Small Tech Gifts

product image of anker charging cords

We don’t know if this happens in your home but somehow phone charging cords disappear and no one ever seems to know where they go.

So, every year our kids get this set of two Anker lightning cables for their chargers.

A portable charger is also a handy idea to add to a teen boy’s Christmas stocking.

Does he love streaming shows? Then this Fire TV stick would be a great idea this year.

He can bring his favorite tunes into the bathroom with this waterproof shower Bluetooth speaker.

Something to Wear

Product image six pair of nike socks

Teen boys always need new socks and Christmas is a perfect time to give them a few new pairs.

You may need to squeeze this set of Nike socks in his stocking but he will definitely get lots of use from this idea.

These fun socks are appropriate for your favorite gaming teenage boy.

And these socks can be personalized with your dog’s photo…teens will get a kick out of this stocking stuffer!

This Carhartt hat comes in a variety of colors so you can pick its perfect shade.

Fun, Games, and More

product image of toliet basketball game

He will certainly laugh when he pulls this toilet slam dunk basketball game from his Christmas stocking. LOL

Everyone can join in and play a classic with this Mad Libs Christmas edition.

Just because they are hysterical, these Chop Sabers light up chopstick light sabers!

These squishy stress balls will be helpful when he’s preparing for his next exam.

Keep his hat collection off the floor with this over-the-door cap organizer.

And your house stays fresh when he uses these sneaker ball shoe fresheners.

This card holder sticks right to the back of his phone so he will always have his id with him because we all know teens don’t go anywhere without their phones.

Teen guys also need some self-care items, so adding them to his Christmas stocking will be appreciated.

These charcoal organic face sponges are perfect for gentle exfoliating daily use.

Lip balm will be needed during the upcoming winter months Burt’s Bees or Jack Black Ultamint lip duo are both great options for him.

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We hope you’ve found some ideas to make your holiday season brighter for your family.

Don’t forget to check out our gift guide for teen girls and our teen boy gift guide.

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Do you have some other great stocking stuff ideas?

Tell us about them in the comment section at the end of the post!

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