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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Need an amazing gift for this year for Mother’s Day? We’ve got you covered with our list of over 40 Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Looking for the perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day?

Or maybe you’re looking for ideas that you want to pass along to your kids for yourself? LOL

When we sat down to look for ideas for our Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide, we probably were searching for ideas that we’d love to receive more than for ideas we wanted to give.

Just being honest!

We totally were shopping without a budget, looking for gifts that we’d love to receive.

And we think came up with a list of amazing ideas for all budgets and styles if we do say so ourselves.

Hopefully our children will read this blog post and tuck some ideas away for next month…

Actually, come to think of it, they better order something now so we get one of our awesome ideas!

Can someone forward this blog post to them?


But seriously though, this list includes “Simply2Moms approved” ideas for all moms!

And of course, we saved our favorite gift idea for last…

simply2moms AnnMarie and Anne Spring 2021

How to Choose the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

First thing is to save this post!

Pin any of the images to Pinterest so you can find it easily later.

When the children are little, it’s always fun to give homemade Mother’s Day gifts.

We both have a collection of treasures featuring tiny handprints!

But when the kids are older, the key to finding the perfect gift is thinking about what the person loves…do they like jewelry…or maybe something personal…do they love to entertain…or are they sentimental?

Try to match the gift to their personality.

What is something they would love to have, but would never buy for themselves?

That makes a perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

Does Your Mama Like Bling? Affordable and Meaningful Jewelry Gift Ideas

If mom loves jewelry, we have some great options for you.

And just so you know, great jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive!

We promise!

You can find pretty pieces for any style…for any budget.

These two pieces fall into the budget-friendly category.

We both love beaded bracelets…they’re so fun to stack together.

This pretty pink morse code bracelet can be personalized with your unique message for mom! How sweet!

Have you seen those large monogram necklaces that are so popular? They’re super fun but we also love this delicate monogram necklace.

A few years ago Kendra Scott jewelry became popular with their Elisa pendant necklaces that come with any color stone you can imagine. We both got one for Mother’s Day a while back and love them!

But how about these gorgeous drop earrings that we’d also love! Aren’t they great?

Both the earrings and necklace come in silver, gold or rose gold so you can choose your mom’s fave!

If budget isn’t a concern and your mom loves technology, an Apple watch would be an amazing Mother’s Day gift idea for that someone special.

If mom is a bit sentimental like many of us moms are, we think a personalized bracelet would be a perfect gift.

This charm bracelet can be customized with a child’s name or initial and birthdate engraved on each disc is a popular style.

And it comes in gold, silver or rose gold.

Or how about a special laser engraved cuff bracelet with words in your actual handwriting? Such a meaningful Mother’s Day gift idea for a mom or a grandmother!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Around the Home

If jewelry isn’t mom’s thing, we found some great Mother’s Day gift ideas for around the home.

Think about her hobbies.

What would she really appreciate and enjoy using?

Does she love to garden?

This wood seed and bulb dibble set are a great gift for helping her garden grow!

Anne would love this set to start a garden in her yard.

If your mom is a bird lover like AnnMarie, this wool nest starter is a fun way to help mama birds build their nests.

You can add more wool and even dryer lint to refill it as the mama birds use it up making their nests!

Or maybe mom enjoys DIY projects like we do?

Well, this cordless electric screwdriver is an awesome tool that anyone would appreciate!

It’s small enough to fit in your junk drawer.

We both have this tool and find ourselves grabbing it to use over and over around our homes.

And if you don’t already have a Dremel multi tool in your house, this cordless option is a must have for the DIY mom.

Candles and diffusers also make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts.

AnnMarie received a Nest candle for a Christmas gift a couple of years ago and was impressed with the quality of these beautiful candles.

The full moon diffuser is a beautiful addition to any room around the house as it sits on a neutral wood stand.

It illuminates in three different color options as it diffuses your favorite essential oils.

Kitchen Gift Ideas Your Mom Will Love!

Neither of us are coffee drinkers…gasp!

We know…we know…it’s practically a sin to not love coffee, right?

But we both really enjoy tea, so it seemed only fitting to include this stylish electric kettle.

It heats water to the exact temperature for the tea you’re making so quickly.

If the special mom in your life does love coffee, then treat her to what is said to be the best coffee ever with this pour over brewing system from Chemex.

In fact, these two items work perfectly together!

Product photo of a white Kitchenaid Stand Mixer with a stainless steel bowl


We know this is a total splurge.

If you already have a KitchenAid stand mixer, we’re totally jealous!

Neither one of us are big bakers, but that’s not really the point of one of these is it?

How cool would one of these look on our kitchen counters? And they come in so many different colors.

Be sure mom is getting her daily intake of water with this awesome Corkcicle water bottle. It’s sure to keep her water cold for hours.

And sometimes, moms need some wine…

These stemless wine glasses are great for the end of a long work day, and we both love ours! The sparkle unicorn color so pretty.

This amazing champagne stopper will prevent mom’s Prosecco from ever going flat!

And our last Mother’s Day gift idea for around the home is this gorgeous cookbook or iPad holder. It’s handmade from 19th-century reclaimed wood! How cool is that?

Let’s Get Personal with Personalized Gifts for Mom

Personal gifts are sometimes hard to pick out for someone else.

But we have a few great ideas that almost every mom is sure to love!

Pottery Barn

Does mom ever travel?

Then this Leather Watch and Jewelry Organizer is a fantastic gift idea!

She’ll be able to pack her earrings, necklaces, and bracelets and not have to worry about anything getting tangled.

Want to hear a funny story?

AnnMarie’s husband bought her this teddy bear robe two years ago, but she returned it because it was a long robe and she prefers short robes.

Well look what she found…a cozy teddy bear SHORT robe! Hint hint, Chris….

There’s also nothing quite like a pretty pair of pajamas that are buttery soft too.

Tote bags are another useful gift for mom this year and we found a great selection she will love.

Anne has a straw tote that she uses as a purse that’s so cute! It goes with any outfit and is perfect for this time of year.

Both the oversized ribbon straw tote and the palm leaf tote with leather handles can be personalized.

If mom loves to work out, this cute drawstring bag is perfect to grab and take to the gym.

AnnMarie loves her canvas totes from Lands End and has several sizes in different colors. The medium size is perfect to carry her laptop and other work supplies to Anne’s house when they work together! And the monogram option is so fun.

Sentimental Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

We’re both pretty sentimental, and this may be our favorite category of Mother’s Day gift ideas.

If you want to pull at mom’s heartstrings this year, one of these gifts may be exactly what you need!

AnnMarie has several word art pieces throughout her house. If mom likes to decorate with meaningful word art too, the “Home Is Where Your Mom Is” rustic sign could be the perfect option.

The Loved One Lettering project is so special, featuring a note printed in mom’s own handwriting. We think it would be especially meaningful for a mom who’s lost her own mom.

If you don’t live close to your mom then this customized art may be something she’d love.

Or maybe she loves photos? Then either this heart photo collage or this hanging photo option are great.

Maps are such a popular home decor trend, so mom might love this personalized star map for Mother’s Day.

And how cute is this custom frame with 10 Reasons Why I Love You engraved on personalized pieces? Mom is sure to shed a tear when she opens this present.

We both love the idea of capturing a loved ones handwriting on a personalized gift.

A kitchen towel with a handwritten family recipe or a pillow for grandma are both meaningful gift ideas.

Gorgeous wood cutting boards are another big trend in home decorating right now. How about getting mom a laser-engraved cutting board?

Get mom or grandma’s favorite recipe engraved in their own handwriting on this beautiful wood cutting board. Or how cute is this one to get children involved in the gift-giving with their handprints!

Anne likes binder recipe books to get those old recipe cards out of a bulky box. This book is available in a wide variety of pretty designs so you can find one your mom would love.

AnnMarie & her daughter kept a journal that they would write to each other in and pass back and forth. This “You and Me Mom” journal would help create that dialogue and special bond. Not to mention a true heirloom when it’s full!

Everyone has a set of keys! Isn’t this personalized key chain for a grandmother so sweet?

And finally, let’s get a little nostalgic.

Who had a view finder as a kid?

Well this one features reels with personal photos that you choose for your mom. How fun is that?!

The Best Gift Idea, Hands Down…

So we’ve shared all kinds of gift ideas you can buy for your mom.

But there’s something special that absolutely every mom wants: time with you!

If you can get together in person, that’s always the best.

Make her a special meal, go and do something that she enjoys doing together, look through old photo albums. You get the idea!

And if you can’t be together, schedule a Zoom call or Facetime: maybe share a meal over a video call?

Just be sure to take some time to let your mom know how special she is to you.

You won’t go wrong with any of these Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Happy Mother’s Day!

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us or leave a comment!

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